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Donald Trump - The Change Obama Talked About

Most hate while some see the light

Hatred runs deep for him or for you? That is what I thought. It is not possible to have it both ways. Your platform of love and acceptance disintegrates with your desire for the destruction of our country. Do not continue down this road. Open your minds to something different. Otherwise, you will propel the current financial crisis that is happening in the United States of America.
Donald J. Trump, the "other" type of politician. A man that has said some awful words, treated groups as a negative whole when they need to be split into good and bad, and actioned like a bore when it came to his initial week in office. At least he is a man of action, not backing down from what he said he would do. Most pansy politicians lie to our face for the vote and then back-off. Just look at Justin Trudeau and his commitments to the environment while at the same time he opens the door to massive Kinder-Morgan pipelines. You cannot have it both ways. Thankfully Donald moves forward with the initiatives that he planned during his campaign run. Now that everyone's head is spinning, it is time to sit back and breathe. What more did you expect from the man that won the Presidency on a platform of sweeping change. The voice of the left is online strong, but meaningfully weak. Your Tweets are just that. Your protests fade. And your constant bickering amongst yourselves is not healthy. There is not a person in this room that would admit they like anything about the man. Most people will not say anything nice about the man because they feel safety within numbers. How is it possible that Donald J. Trump actually won the election, yet the venomous attacks be so ominous? Let's take a peak at some of the stories, quotes and ambitions of Donald J. Trump to weave through the crap, revealing what is actually happening.

The reality is, he is here to stay for four years, and we better start working to improve the situation rather than wine like babies that can't talk or walk. The time to make a difference in the matter is now.

What doesn't help this situation?

  • Using this moment to send Tweets to Donald J. Trump about why you hate him. Honestly, get a life. You are wasting your life on this. Do not spend up to 10% of your life tweeting this man and living in denial of the fact he is your President.

Spreading lies about our President that have not been proven

When he made his comment about grabbing women by there P%&*^, he did not actually say it was without their acceptance. I would think that every man has gone down there looking to see if it was ok, then instantly pulling away if she said no or moved your hand away. The question is, did Donald make the move on the women he is speaking of, with their approval? When they said no, did he try again, or did he move away? What would the rest of that sentence sound like, if he continued his chatter with "Bushy" in the bus? Would he have said how the instance he was specifically referencing progressed and that the woman he was speaking of liked it? Again, if you are in a moment, and you feel like you can get to second base, you go for it after all right? I don't think his handshake was a P%&*^ grab, but I do think he tried something very quickly.

I don't understand some of the allegations - especially Jessica Leeds' accusation that Trump groped her for 15 minutes while on a plane. Never in her discussion with Anderson Cooper did she say that she said no. It all just sounded like a girl that was being flirted with and then touched by a man making a move on her. Who cares if he sat beside her randomly. He was looking to join the "mile-high-club" with a young woman. Did anyone else get the impression that there was something wrong with Jessica Leeds' accusation?

Some startling accusations too

There are clearly some very unsettling accusations as well, which could prove Trump to be a groper which is 100% not acceptable. I don't know if they are true, as nobody is wanting to press charges against him. There are some very unsettling claims that are coming to light against him, where he is aggressively grabbing butts, kissing women, and in one case even fondling a woman's vagina unexpectedly. If you ask me, it is the last one that I have issues with. It seems that he would back down from other attempts at foreplay if the woman said no, and most of these moments were at a time when butt grabbing and slapping was actually acceptable. It is true, some people would do that regularly, although now, it is consider sexual assault and rightfully so. I don't know what Trump would say to that allegation of fondling the woman through her underwear at the club. It is very disturbing, and not acceptable. I think we are dealing with the class of celebrity where they feel they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Can you imagine how many people actually throw themselves at this man for his money? You would probably start to think that you can get away with anything. I still do want to hear from Trump on the allegations that he randomly grabbed a woman's vagina in a club. Women do matter, and we need to know if this is something he still believes is ok. I feel that while he was in this club, standing beside the accuser, he saw a smile and that smile is all he needs to make his move. Sorry Mr. Trump, that does not allow for any man to grab a woman's genitals. There must be more expressed willingness to participate in the act. The weird thing is I think we have all been groped at one point in our lives, and everything turned out to be O.K. I am not saying it is cool to do it, but I am saying that the girl that groped me unexpectedly under the table 5 years ago shouldn't lose her job and be charged with sexual assault because she did so. I don't think there are too many people out there who have not been groped. Sadly, it is a part of our daily life. On one last note, when the accuser speaks of him fondling her through her underwear, did she move away? Again, he may be quick to put his hand in the wrong place, but I do think that someone can motion away from the movement as soon as they feel something. The problem is, nobody moves away from Trump's hands so he feels he can get away with it. Mr. Trump, if this is all true, it seems these women are giving you a pass. You better learn from it.

Tim McGraw is groped, too

What about the woman that grabbed Tim McGraw's crotch without permission? Is she to be seen as a rapist, sexual assault maniac? Hardly, she comes off as a weirdo and her social sentence is much lighter. Yes, I get it, she is not the President of the United States, but she sure as heck came out unscathed. What about the reaction we would have had if it was the other way around, and the woman hit a man grabbing her? She would have been a hero, although in Tim's case, he was subjected to abusive slander even though he was protecting himself. Rights just aren't the same when the tables turn. We have some serious issues with lopsided sexual misconduct in this country. These sorts of things should never happen! Men and women should be able to be free from aggressive touching. Let's just hope that the accusations are blown out of proportion as they somewhat seem to be, and that Mr. Trump has some serious sexual needs that need to be checked at the door.

Let's find solace in what Oprah Winfrey said upon his election victory:

“I could sense from Donald Trump’s body language even when he came out for the acceptance speech, that brotha has been humbled by this whole thing. I think it’s a humbling process that now you literally have the weight of the world on your shoulders.” - Oprah Winfrey

Wasting your time getting involved in a text battle

Don't do it! Get out in the world and do something productive. There is no chance for you win the battle of text with Donald Trump. He doesn't care about what you have to say. Focus more on being a better mom or dad. Give your kids the tools they need to be better. Don't let Hillary's loss become the turning point for your family. Can you imagine what your kids will be like if you constantly tell them how awful the President is? "How did he get to power then mommy?" This is what you will hear, and it will create a cyclone of confusion for kids that are just trying to understand the most basic functions of this world.
The world needs to pay attention to some of the work this man is attempting to do. As you all stand/sit there hating, there are millions of Americans cheering his successes. He is going to protect
the wealth of America instead of spending it blindly. Do you really think his moves are only decided upon by him? No, he has some of the most prolific business man right beside him.
His policies coming to life. Look, the reality is, he is showing that he will do what he campaigned for. Much more than what Hillary would have done with her lies that have been proven while in office. Yes Hillary, you did delete 30,000 emails and lie about it. Build the wall! We should support this initiative! There are millions of people breaking the law every year. How is it possible to protect a border without a wall nowadays? The issue I see with a wall it that they will just dig going forward. The illegal drug trade is killing our kids! It is killing our families. Build the damn wall! That may not stop it, but it will help. We don't make laws for them to be easily broken by anyone.

The world is a very dangerous place

Wake up people: the world is going through hell right now. You do not get to condemn the immigrant criminal acts in France and Germany and then tout your hatred for the temporary ban on immigrants from some countries. It all started way before Bush decided to avenge his father's retreat in Iraq. All of this comes down to the Caliphate and the State. The Caliphate became so greedy, that a sect was born and they have set out to destroy the sunnies one by one. That sect does not believe in separating politics from religion. We know the consequences of a religious state. Look at the history of slaughter in Europe from that political structure. It just so happens that the Imams that harbour this disastrous belief are abetting the carnage we are seeing today. ISIS is a political tool being used to spread extremist Islam. Extremist religion is killing our world. Where do the bombs explode? Where is it unsafe for you to travel? These pieces of S#%& need to die. The Middle East is a ticking time bomb, just waiting for the next attack.

You don't think something needs to be done to immigration in the West? Think again. Look at Germany. Women are being raped by new immigrants and crime is steadily increasing because of the open borders. Look at the statistics for crime in Germany:

The report, whose release was delayed from July, and again in September, was finally published in November. It records a total of 436,387 crimes over the past year – a dramatic 31.6 per cent increase on the year before, reports Die Welt. -

These are a group of savages that need to be sent back to where they came from! Look at France! We have youth that were born there, or that came from Northern Africa and other parts of the world, that are now killing innocent people. These people are coming into other countries legally and are then killing the innocent. This cannot happen anymore. I think it is fair for Trump to ban immigration from certain countries for 4 months until a plan is devised. This does not mean that people will be deported. It does mean that a pause will be had until a system is created. Wake the F&*% up people. This world ain't pretty in some areas, and I sure as hell am not playing the leftist game of let's wait and see. These scumbags are out there, and they are trying to kill us all to earn their right to go to "Paradise."

Here is a direct quote from Trump's Facebook page:

"We will keep it free and keep it safe, as the media knows, but refuses to say. My policy is similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months. The seven countries named in the Executive Order are the same countries previously identified by the Obama administration as sources of terror. To be clear, this is not a Muslim ban, as the media is falsely reporting."

"This is not about religion - this is about terror and keeping our country safe."

Jason Juno Lee's Facebook Post: Not taking refugees and closing our borders doesn't mean we are "heartless" or "mean". I lock my doors every night. I don't lock them because I "hate" the people outside. I lock them because I LOVE the people INSIDE! Yes Good job Mr. President!

Let's move forward with security quickly so that we can then focus on the other problem...Economics in America!

Women must have the right, but we also need change

When it comes to abortion, there are a few things that I am very uneasy about. The right for a woman to make decisions and the need to protect life. We cannot go through life thinking we can just hit the abort button whenever needed, yet when something happens, we need to able secure a woman's right to decide. It is very odd to me that so many men and women are ok with the risk of unprotected sex, because it feels feels good? No matter where you are in this world, you can have enough education to make the right choice to not have a baby. We need more funding on education and more strict implications for fathers that think they can produce and then leave. There should always be a right to make decisions, but does that right exist for every situation? I think we need to ensure that all women can make these choices, and for certain circumstances like rape, spinal bifida and other illness, the choice should always be there. But, it must be done as early as possible and we need to weave out the abortion from partying as much as possible. This one overall saddens me, as it seems the impact across the world is a big one. But, does America really need to spend $600,000,000 yearly to give abortions in other countries? Maybe those countries should start building their own programs, funding it with their own money. As tough as that is when corruption runs so deep in Africa, I do think we could remove some of the spending, allowing sovereign governments to step in and make their own choices. Also, lets note that this order is tossed around like a ping-pong ball from administration to administration. Not much has changed here.

Thankful for someone that makes decisions

I am thankful that we finally have someone in power that will actually make a decision that is against the grain. We do not always have to do what is right for our image. Obama is the perfect example of this. So much waiting that it then became too late. Look at what happened when he withdrew the troops from Iraq just so he could align with his platform of change. There is a bloodbath over there now. The sentiment will always be to leave a war as nobody likes to see soldiers die. Presidents' will continue to be voted in during times of war simply because their message if for peace. That does not mean it makes the world a safer place. Our political achievement of ascension to President may woefully change the course of history because of our promises. Will Mosul ever be won back? Did ISIS become this powerful because of the withdrawal from Iraq? It is a shame to see that over $6 Trillion has been spent in the Middle East by the United States of America, and all that is to show is the killing of two regimes' leaders - Hussein and Gaddafi. The time has come to stop spending on wars that America cannot afford.

Here is some startling information for you: 

    The American economy is rough shape. We cannot even balance our books. In fact, we are 500 billion dollars in the hole each and every year! It will get to the point where drastic decisions will need to be made simply to pay-off the interest on debt that has been accumulated since the 1960's. From 1962 to 2008, the debt increased to nearly 11 trillion dollars. In the last 8 years alone, it has increased by almost 10 more trillion dollars. Here is a quote to see just how bad it is.

    "Based on quarterly data released by the US Treasury, the debt at the end of 2008 — just before Obama took office — stood at roughly $10,699,805,000,000. As of the third quarter of 2016, the most recent data available, the debt as Obama is set to leave office stood at $19,573,445,000,000."

    I do not think this is something that can be sustained. Let's say that Trump is worth $3 Billion dollars. You would need 6,666 Donald Trump's to repay that debt if they were to be nice enough to give all of their net worth to their government as a generous gift.
    What will Trump do when the next round of signatures are needed to lift the debt limit? Does he confront the problem head-on, and dare to wipe the debt off the books? You never know. Perhaps Trump wants make a strong stance on the creation of debt. If you really think that Obama was the right President for your children's future, I think you should look at the money management first. The debt has doubled since Obama was sworn in for the first time! That is a scary fact. Is Trump the right person in power to help us reduce the debt? I think he will make some broad changes to ensure the indebtedness of this country is improved. We do not need the banks to rip us off anymore. Let's focus on producing incomes, and clearing our debt so that Mr. Donald J. Trump can be remembered as someone that did something to benefit the world. A defunct American economy is the worst thing that can happen to this world.

    Thank you for ready my article. I hope it inspires you to look at things differently. We need to hold Trump accountable for his ills, and we need to press for more information on things, but for the most part, this man is not the beast some say he is. I see his desire to progress out economy. I feel his passion for the people of this country. I know he is the right one to make the decisions. Let's give him a chance to succeed now, so that we do not suffer later.


    Premier Kathleen Wynne - Political Corruption

    The Key Players

    Kathleen Wynne: The magnet of corruption
    Glenn Thibeault: The winner of the Sudbury byelection - the puppet to win Liberal power
    Andrew Olivier: Independent, running in byelection - Liberals allegedly bribed him to step away 
    Joe Cimino: Surprise resignation in November (NDP that won 5 months before his resignation_
    Pat Sorbara: Wynne's Deputy Chief of Staff: Being asked to step aside for allegations of corruption in Sudbury byelection

    What happened in Sudbury in November?

    The first point to wonder is, what is it that Joe Cimino felt was so pressing, that he had to resign only 5 months after winning the election.  How could an NDP'er do this to their party which so desperately needs to build upon any momentum?  We only have questions for this individual, as it clearly makes no sense.  Not only that, but we then have a series of events where the Liberal Party clearly tries to capitalize by ensuring they have the right people in the election, and the right people out of the election.  When will the BS end?  I feel like it will never die down as long as we have Wynne in power.  

    Are you not sick of the way you are treated as a voting citizen in the Province of Ontario?  Do you not feel the corruption bursting at the seams of politics?  Premier Kathleen Wynne is the leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario, and she needs to be stopped in her tracks before another wash of information happens, where deception leads the way in investigations.

    The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Promote This

    The OPP came out saying that there will be no charges or investigation into the matter, originally.  This allowed the vote to happen unscathed by corruption allegations, and paved the way for the Liberals to win the Sudbury byelection.  There is so much that stinks about this, that we must start to realize how crippling the Liberals truly are to our values in this Province.  The criminal code strictly forbids offering positions in government as a trade-off for other actions.  This is exactly what the Liberal's Sorbara offered in to get Glenn Thibeault MP status in Sudbury.  

    Here is the proof that Sorbara is guilty of corruption charges.  This is extract from an audio tape that was recorded between Olivier and Sorbara: “We should have the broader discussion about what it is that you’d be most interested in doing . . . whether it’s a full-time or part-time job in a constit (MPP’s constituency) office, whether it is appointments, supports or commissions, whether it is also going on the exec (party executive), there are lots . . . .”

    What is it going to take in order for us to realize that the corruption is against what we stand for.  We are always talking about being law-abiding citizens, but it is hard to imagine following guidelines when the ones that must follow them are stepping outside of the rules.  It is sickening to see what Kathleen Wynne stands for, and I hope that we kick the Liberals to the curb forever.