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Chris Skinner Murder - Free Yourself From Guilt & Tell What You Know

This page has been opened for Taryn to post her insight on any leads.  The murder of Chris Skinner is eating away at us, and "them."

We are the people that wish to show our love for life.  "They" are the ones who have allowed this murder to live in silence.  We will do what we can to show the men that were in that car, that they have a choice right now.  A choice to bring closure for a family that has seen a reminder of their brother or son, everyday.  Yet, those close to Chris Skinner are unable to live through those memories to create new reminders of what Chris means to them.  To have a date that is the last day of new memories, is an end in time for these wonderful people.  They deserve to have a new date in their minds.  A date where closure for this heinous act occurred.

The guilt is rotting in your mind, and the only way for you to overcome guilt, is to meet the judgement that holds you accountable.  You are clearly in an imprisoned state right now.  The walls surround you, with nobody to confide in.  There must be a parent, or a friend who has their suspicions.  It is simple, you too are guilty if you do not submit what you know.  You may say to yourself, "no, not my boy", he would never do that.  But, the reality is, someone committed that crime, and if you know of someone with a Black Durango 1998, then you really should bring those facts to light.

How can these men live on with decency?
How is it possible for them to live everyday knowing that they can bring justice with their words?

In reading and watching many videos, we can only put our efforts to help the fight in locating the driver.

The Quebec theory is:

It is possible there is no license plate on the front of the car.  It is acceptable in Quebec to only have a plate on the back of a vehicle.  Since it was the weekend, it is possible that these people came to Toronto to have a good time, staying in a hotel, only to go home, back in Quebec.

Due to the silence that is culminating around the perpetrators, I feel as though two brothers were a part of the group in the car.  People are more likely to stay silent when a family member's life is at stake.

- It would be fair to say that the perpetrators were between 19 and 25 years of age
- Black Durango 1998
- Quebec Car
- Ontario car

Actions to Take:
- We must look into records of all Black Durango's 1998 that were registered to people aged 19-25 in QB
- Get media coverage in Quebec with a plea for people to remember anyone of that age group that had access to a Black Durango 1998 in the year 2009, who may have driven to Toronto.
- Perhaps he needed to sell the vehicle soon after to get rid of the evidence, and the murder weapon.  Does someone have a way of looking into registration records?  If so, is it possible to search that database for Black Durango's 1998 to find out which of them have been sold and re-registered under a different name?
- Get IP Addresses for anyone in Quebec who has watched the Police video

We cannot make the assumption that they are Quebec plates simply because it may appear that there is no front plate.
Even if it was an Ontario car, how many 19-25 year olds would be driving a Black Durango 1998 in 2009?  There must be a way to pull a list and then try to match the driver license photo to someone with a short military style haircut, with light skin.  That search should considerably lower the pool of suspects.
We could then take it one step further and assume that, if it is an Ontario vehicle, that they were trying to get to the DVP in order to get to their home outside of the city.  Perhaps in Durham?  We no for sure that there are people who did not want the person to be run over.  As there were up to four people in the car, the 3 non-drivers, undoubtedly wish they could take that moment back.  The driver, maybe not.   For him to even do this action, he may be too cold to even understand the pain he has caused.  One thing is for sure, there are people that were present in that car who are suffering right now.  They laugh less.  Love less.  Hate more.  Have more anger.  And, they surely know that they hold the key to Taryn's only hope.

Wake up!  Give your two two cents.  Begin a conversation, and be sure to think back to that era.  Did you know someone that had access to a Black Dodge Durango 1998?  Do you feel that there was a difference in the character of someone you know with that vehicle?


Nighisti Semret - A Psycho Lives Near

I think it is awful to know that nobody has been able to give a solid lead in the case of Nighisti Semret. This was a mother, wife, and she freshly came to this country in order to pave a path for her family.

The problem rests with communication of the events and what the witnesses said to police.  The scumbag who claimed to have been chasing the assailant, yet got his scooter wheels stuck in the tracks while in pursuit, is pathetic.  He caused mixed signals early on, and with his need to be a fake hero, he set the stage for misinformation to be in the hands of citizens.

Not only did that witness lie about chasing him, he also lied about the direction the killer ran in, as the surveillance footage clearly shows him running the opposite direction.  The witness also claims that the killer was "Mulatto", yet the police were not willing to change their description of the suspect from "white".  This is a serious problem, as those who may have had an idea of who the killer could be, are now left with disinformation, and no chance of being able to clearly characterize the suspect.

This killer is most likely in need of medication, or drugs on a regular basis.  My true feeling is that he would have ultimately robbed Nighisti Semret, but had to run away.  His need for drugs was too powerful for him to realize the veracity of his crime.  Also, this killer was ready to commit this act.  He was wearing dark clothing, and had a long kitchen knife.  Of course he had premeditated the act, but not the victim.  He knew there would be noway for someone to stop him from his need.

It is now December, and all news outlets have seemingly stopped reporting the crime, as their releases are only as interesting as the information they receive.  Rest assured, if an update came, they would be all over it.  The question is, why do we not keep pressuring these killers?  There should be non-stop questions, pressure from the media, interrogations at the local level, and bloggers putting the pieces together to help in any way they can.

This killer is still out there...He could be doing this to more people soon...It pisses me off that those witnesses who said they had tried to chase him were in fact lying.  They sidetracked the investigation, and all in the name of lies.  The time has come to make sure that people speak of this crime.  It blows my mind that there is no footage within the area of someone doing something suspicious, which could create a lead.  He probably lives in subsidized housing around the neighbourhood, and must be acting extremely out of character at this very moment.  Nobody could do that, then easily continue on in life.

I challenge The Toronto Star, Sun Media, CTV, CityTV, and the other major players to start to put the pressure on.  Talk about it!  Get in the face of local citizens.  This killer is walking past people everyday with a huge secret.  That secret could be unearthed by paying attention to details.

If The Toronto Police would release an update that confirms more of the description, we would have something more concrete.  I am surprised that they do not have the equations to be able to pinpoint the assailants height from the video.  Nighisti Semret's height is known, and walks the same path as her, we should be able to pin his height based on the shadows moving in the video clips.


Please help us, and put your two cents in through comments below.  In our hearts you have made an impact Nikki.  We love you for what you represented.  What a shameful act for someone to have committed, and we will be here to help you find justice in your eternal sleep.

Here is my previous article

The Toronto Star


Mayor Rob Ford Versus Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler / Paul Magder

Judge Hackland has not served the people with his decision, although he is victim to a law which is clearly irrelevant when it comes to fairness.  I have updated this article to account for Mayor Ford not losing the Mayoral seat.  It is a blessing to all of us that he is able to remain in office.  I agree that he has committed acts which are not of a Mayor's qualities, but his devotions are clear, and not once has he ever tried to personally gain from any of his actions.  He truly has the heart and integrity of no other Mayor we have witnessed.

This is a man who is willing to stand up for the need for our city to take bids from contractors.  Why allow the mafia to rollover us through every infrastructure decision?  Did you ever wonder why large would be setup over a bridge for 5 months, with seemingly little work being done?  I did.  Now I realize it was robbery of the new kind.  Robbery of the taxpayers.  Mr. Ford is committed to helping to end this plight of victimization we were unknowingly so accustom to.

Mayor Rob Ford should not be ousted for his voting on a matter when he was not allowed to vote on it.  Someone should have said that you cannot vote on this one, Rob.  Although he should have known not to vote, in this case, I see it only fair that he does vote.
If you listen to the Councillors and what they are saying today, it seems as if they got what they had hoped for.  They cannot deal with the fact that they will not make as much money under Mayor Ford.  The Councillors are trying to serve their own interests.  This city is a joke when we have the actions of Paul Magder, Clayton Ruby, most City Councillors, and those who feel threatened by Rob Ford's policies, purposefully having him removed from office.  

The punishment does not fit the crime.  This man has done everything he can to help people throughout his life.  There is a war going on out there through the media, and The Toronto Star is to blame.  Christopher Hume, one of the biggest douches known to writing, has been promoting his own agenda over Mayor Rob Ford ever since he was in office.  Because of this, those who only read The Star, only get the negative view of Mayor Ford.  Christopher Hume is not a journalist.  He is an agenda driven scumbag, who only perpetuates the Left to higher prominence.  In his own articles you can smell the hypocrisy, as he attacks Mayor Ford for the very things The Star has done to him.

To show you how this is all BS, you can do some reading about a little man name Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler.  This is the man that researched the laws of Conflict of Interest for Toronto after the fact, in order to try and slap a lawsuit on Mayor Rob Ford.  You are a sick man Adam.  You feel as though because your vote didn't assist in victory that you have to take to pitbull tendencies.  I hope you know that because of you, this city is worse off.  Before you go relishing in your victory by having your photo splashed everywhere, please remember that you are a wimp who had to stay arms length away from the proceedings so not to tarnish your image.  Now that there is victory, you feel as though you should receive acclaim??  Dear Mr. Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler, it is impressive that you would go to such lengths to dethrone a Mayor.  But, you have caused a significant amount of waste for this city by doing so.

Because of you, we have no focus right now.  Because of you, we have wasted millions on proceedings, when we should have allowed our Mayor to run this city.  You are a faceless coward who deserves to be punished for your actions.    

To really gain insight into how this began, you can find it here:


Dear Paul Magder, Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler,

It is a shame that your little friend Adam Freudenthaler got you into such a mess.  I am not sure how you will pay for Rob's court fees, but I am sure there will need to be a fundraiser of some sort.  I hope that Adam is forced to pay, and that you both learn to keep your mouth shut in the name of democracy. Your little games to oust someone over something so menial is pathetic.  Only a rat that has no source of food scours throughout the sewers on a constant quest to seek food.  Your desire to operate in such a cowardly manner is abhorrently characteristic of the child you really are.

You are a coward Adam.  Fight your own fights.  If anyone is guilty of a conflict of interest, with no integrity, it is you.  You wait at the sidelines, find a loophole to try and get your way, and then have the soft fortitude to try and convince a friend to be your voice.  Paul was so smiley in 2012, it was seemingly a great year for him in the papers.  He and Clayton Ruby looked like best buddies.  Thankfully the gavel struck against your cowardly motivations.  Thankfully we all know that your a pathetic weasel who could only win the vote of likeminded individuals, with no ability to transcend political thoughts.

The greatest challenge of all would be for you to actually commend Mayor Ford for something.  If you can find some goodness you will help salvage your desire for hatred.  Find something good about him and then write about it for all of your followers on Twitter to see.  It just might help you get over the fact that we have a right leaning Mayor, and that your political and lifestyle views will not always be represented.

That is my challenge to you.  I challenge you to write something nice about Rob Ford.

Happy 2013!  Good Luck with the Bills


Cabbagetown Murder - Nighisti Semret

It is hard to imagine that in a home I have been in, there was a murder in the alleyway beyond her bricks.  I too lived near by, with the line of site illustrated below.  Many people support the neighbourhood, giving it praise for historical significance, and for being a great neighbourhood.  I know first hand that there are major problems in the area, making it volatile for violence at any moment.  

Is it possible there was enough intent to warrant a premeditated attack?  
Do you feel there is no way that someone would do this to her, whom knew her?  
Is it possible that she passed by someone who harassed he for money, but she reacted in a way which offended the person?  If that is the case, is it possible that he had a large knife, and dark clothing to hide in the night, responding immediately in that way?

Either way, Nighisti Semret has suffered a gripping fate where sorrow can only be marginalized.  If we all do our job with the information, something could come to light.  

The intent rests with the attire, and the savageness of the attack.  To be screaming at her, and plummeting a 10 inch knife into someone more than 10 times, there is passion for certain.  He clearly does not usually wear a white shirt around his face, and carry a 10 inch knife, while wearing all black.  It was as if planned, as he knew to grab the knife from his jacket right as she turned the bend in the alleyway.  

Then there is a side of me that feels the randomness completely.  If someone was contracted to kill someone, they would not be yelling about having sex with their dead body.  It is simply psychotic tendencies that brought a random act of violence.  She kept to herself, but would enjoy friendships when there was time.  She was a mother with a goal, and nothing would hold her back from achieving it.  There are many people in the area that have serious drug and drinking problems.  The fact they would be willing to do this at 7 AM on a weekday, while screaming their lungs out, shows a disconnect with reality.  Possibly a random hate crime (Do you know a racist in the area, whom struts uniquely?).  

I think there is a strong case for the fact someone was going to die that night, and Nighisti Semret was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Here is my vantage point to this murder, from my apartment to the alleyway.  This is eerily close to home.          

Now we should look at the map for the area to determine where he could possibly live.  It is possible that he lives along the route of Mrs. Semret, then saw her and ran outside.  I feel as though you can see the rain on the umbrella in the surveillance video, but you can't see any wetness to his jeans or jacket.  He could have been lying in wait somewhere, just wanting to kill someone.  Here is where the story gets interesting because we conflicting messages from the witnesses, where one states he chased them on his electric bike, while the cops state the video shows him also leaving.  If there is an also leaving video, we should also see that as well.  Also, the cops state that he is white.  Yet, I read an article mentioning that the witness states that he was mulatto.  This is not good for the investigation.  The Toronto Police should come out with a factual update, rebuking the notions of the eye witness directly, or giving them credibility.  

If you ask me, this guy followed her through the parking lot that is on the West side of Bleecker St.  I say that because you cannot see him coming up north on Bleecker, nor can you see Nishisti Semret travelling north in order to turn right into the alleyway she took.  

Above is a photo of a camera on Sherbourne, which possibly caught a glimpse of the suspect.  For him to purposefully head back in the direction he came suggests that he has a final destination that is the same as where he first saw Nighisti Semret.  

Below is another camera.  I can imagine the suspect sitting on the side of this street which runs off of Carlton Ave, and he catches notice of Nighisti by herself, and this is where he pursues her to Sherbourne, then North to the parking lot, and then through the parking lot to cross Bleecker and get to the Alleyway.

With not much to go on, it is going to take the ability of the public to know who their acquaintances are, where a missing knife might be, who could have done this.

I know of one man who has a tendency to go off the handle, and most likely lives in the area.  Whenever I see him he is yelling at someone, and has a tendency for violence.  


Mayor Rob Ford - Toronto Politics and the Brats

It should be considered a crime for The Toronto Star to be representing Mayor Rob Ford the way it does.  The news should be a balance of each side, not propaganda to promote only one side.  It is a shame that The Star has gone through such lengths to emotionally breakdown a man, who is human and makes mistakes, but you will always find his heart in the right place.

Here is a link to The Star which will prove the negative approach the newspaper is taking to hurt the image of Rob Ford.

This man never took any money from anyone, he only wanted to help kids, and for the City of Toronto to cause this man grief for doing so, shame on you.  Your hatred is disgusting, and the fact that you make fun of a man because of his weight is utterly repulsive.  You can taunt all you want by showing videos of this man leaving KFC.  You can laugh at a butter sculpture which only spews bullyism, and you can write nonsense about this man all you want.  One thing will remain.  This man is a great Mayor, and he is doing the right things to help us balance in the future.

It is funny that there is always a camera waiting for him to mess up.  You have nothing better to do than to follow a man around, hope he or his family slips up, while you wait with your nets to cast your hatred.

Mr Paul Magder is someone who needs to seriously check himself at the door, removing his motives for destruction, and being reasonable.  Why would the Mayor lose his seat over something so menial?  Charity people! Charity!! If it was suck a big aspect for him to not be able to vote on the payback of the monies, wouldn't someone inform him to not show up?  Clearly it is not a big deal, and for the Left to be gripping onto the matter in this fashion, goes to show you the pathetic qualities of Toronto politics.

Paul Magder should be ashamed of his actions, and so should the girl that made the butter sculpture.  You are trying to live your agenda instead of living with someone else's input.  There will come a time when your vote will help the victor.  For now, please give your suggestions and fight for change, but don't seek revenge for losing a vote.  Face it...Rob Ford is an incredible Mayor.  He is making the changes that nobody else would face.

Here is a portion of the video catalogue on The Star's website:

Clearly there is no love.  The newspaper's website even dedicates itself to celebrating comments which prove the Star's hatred for Rob.  We need our visitors to feel we respect whom we elect, otherwise their is discourse in politics.  The vote was cast, the victor is working hard, yet a newspaper embarrasses this city daily by defaming his character.

Here is The Star revelling in their childish ways.

I think Paul Magder needs to feel what Ford is going through right now.  From every angle people like Mr. Magder are sucker punching, and kicking while their opponent is down.  I hope that we have the decency in the courts to not let our allies choose the outcome.  The fact remains that he never meant to harm anyone, and his actions need to be applauded.  Look at this man's heart.  It is there for you to witness in all of its sincerity and desire to do good.  The selfless acts, the personal donations, the time committed to kids, and the time put toward the city.  These are the facts which should build conclusions of his character.

Here is the only example you need to see in order to pin your thoughts against the wasteful Paul Magder:

If you ask me, he "inadvertently" participated in the vote.  There is comedy in the fact that this is the only story they could dig up.  Mr. Magder is more likely to have scratches against his character than is Mr. Ford.  


Vallery Penney - Parents Need an Immediate Solution for Potential Abductions

How can it be that we have children being abducted, yet no safety mechanisms in place to get the information out to the public.  Imagine we were all connected by an alert system that would send every member a message instantly from someone who is missing their child and knows that they are acting out of character by not being home on time.

Here is an example, where we are just finding out today about a possible abduction.  Here are the search results for Vallerie Penney Toronto on Google:

It is wrong for the first listing to be from today...The parents must have known that something was wrong that night, or at least by Sunday, depending on curfews, etc...We should setup an Alert system for all of us to use, as we would have a better chance of finding her soon after the abduction, if that is what it was.  We all hope and pray for Vallerie to have a safe return.  This is proof that we need to open that doors to more information in the hands of the citizen.  The Toronto Police Services are absolutely amazing at what they do.  We see the commitment everyday.  This is a procedural request and I hope there can be gates that open for the public to receive immediate alerts to possible scenarios like this.

Has anybody seen this girl (question mark)

We should all join sides in this fight to help stop criminal acts.  It is sickening to think that there are people out there right now who have no decency, no honour for the world, and the most selfish of tendencies.  We should make it be known that there is no way that we will stand for this, by joining forces.

We can all be that group that shares information, and we can all make sure there is a road that we all can travel on.  Let us join hands in the fight to save people, by alerting the powers that hold the early information, that we need a chance to help you.  A release of Wednesday is too late, when the disappearance was from Saturday.

I think you would commit to joining a group that helps to stop abductions.  Post your comments if you agree or disagree.  Share your story, and help find Vallerie Penney.


Luka Rocco Magnotta - You are a Zero

Luka Magnotta - A Man That Needs a Disappearing Act

We have to face it that this world is full of minds of varied capacities.  Some of which are tainted, and usually grounded in a relationship they had with their loved ones.  How can we even conceive of the capacity to kill? Luka Rocco Magnotta is clearly a stain on the world we live in.  There are so many questions to ask.  I feel as though this murder and the subsequent fanfare is playing into his desire for fame.  We see a man that was attempting to be on the cover of magazines, trying to be an actor for the world to see, and always creating an online image of someone who was already famous.  Perhaps this is grounded in the love he never had while at home.  Is it possible that he was neglected to an extreme point while at home, creating this demon that constantly needed to be in the spotlight as a way to fill a void?

There is no excuse for this man to have done what he did.  Luka Rocco Magnotta is clearly a psychopath without a clue of how to act decent within the world.  He was at the end of his rope, and felt that if nobody was going to grant him the chance at the fame in a "normal" way, he was going to grab it the only other way he could.  That is where the internet came into play for him.  He was able to post, create, and cause a "buzz" online, and all it took was a little bit of time.  That gave him the notoriety he was yearning for.  It allowed him to be in the spotlight.  I feel that the "gore" site that he went to was something that sparked an interest in trying to post something that nobody could believe they watched.  The nobody would believe aspect happened, as we see with the lawyer attempting to tell Toronto Police that there was a murder posted, yet the Police brushed it off as a digital enhancement, and not real.

It would not surprise me if Luka has in fact killed himself already.  His sole goal was to live on as some sort of a legend.  Shamefully enough it was the legend of a psychopath.  The murder of Lin Jun is a closing point to Luka's life.  He has the most evil form of vanity within his heart, and since he has fulfilled that desire to be seen on every newspaper, he will most likely not need to live on.  Someone who holds themselves as highly as he does will not put up with going to jail.  Jail is not a place for people that feel they are "devastatingly good looking".  We look to see if people are mentally sane when trying to convict them.  In my eyes, anyone who kills someone is insane to some degree, and there needs to be accountability.  From the video footage I saw for him when he was trying out for OutTV, he seemed off, and that was 5 years ago.  This whole situation came about from a man who was losing a grip on his dream to be a star, and was tired of living the same life.

For a site that allows videos to be posted in order to fulfill the fetishes of lunatics, is completely insane.  A site like that serves as a stepping stone for people to post horrific footage, or to be incited by what they see to enact on fulfilling those sick needs in person.  It is horrible to think that he felt compelled to upload that video on Friday, right after the murder.  It makes no sense for him to have done this, as that action makes it seem like the upload was the goal here, and a way for him to become famous.

You have your dream Luka Rocco Magnotta.  You are now one of the most heinous people to ever grace this planet, and we hope you suffer greatly no matter what path your fate has led you down.  You could have been decently famous within a circle of friends that loved you, but instead you chose to remove love from your life in order to kill the dreams of another.  You may have your fifteen minutes in the spotlight, but you surely will not have anything more.  Fifteen minutes may go longer, but the thought of you as an individual is more like zero minutes.  Zero minutes of respect, zero minutes of love, and zero minutes to ever hold you high in regard.  You have died in the minds of the citizens, and although you may be alive reading your online fame, you chose to die the moment you felt compelled to take Lin Jun's life.

Luka Magnotta has been arrested - Not only that but this insane person also pleaded not guilty -

Is this all a part of the sensationalist attitude that this man has?
Why would anyone want to prolong this case, when he seems to be guilty to the tenth degree?
Why would he drag his family and the victims family through a trial?

Could he possibly think that he will get away with this?

It is interesting to see how this case could potentially unfold, since there is no way of connecting Luka Magnotta to the crime scene, at least in our readings.  The assumption of his guilt is so great that there is no need for the newspapers to discuss the evidence.

We should look at the facts:

1.  He disappeared aboard a flight the day after a video was posted on
2.  The fact that has a video uploaded, it will be traceable to his computer
3.  The torso was found in the back of his apartment building
4.  He had a relationship with Jun Lin, 33


1.  He is a psycho that kills cats and video tapes it
2.  Luka Magnotta has given many people the chills when they interact with him
3.  He will do anything for fame
4.  His own family was worried about him, and tried to get him help previously, to no avail
5.  The look on his face is the most concerning expression ever
6.  He has done many odd things in his life - Multiple face-lifts before 29 years old, over 400 Facebook accounts created, creating online profiles to spread stories of fame

Is it possible that even with a video, this man may get off?  Is there any evidence that rests with the victim, pointing a finger to Luka Magnotta?

The mind climes to these evil heights from year's of mental anguish.  This man has had issues for more than a decade clearly, and we need to have better safety measures in place to make sure that these types of people are caught before anything like this happens again.  


Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis - Hope Still Lives for Justice

In a post on Youtube, someone is trying to make a new connection to the murder of Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis.  I do not know how credible it is, as there are some holes in the possibility of it, but it is worth posting.  Someone is stating that the two were known to go to a sports betting restaurant and it may have something to do with their death.  The connection is to the murder of George Koutroubis who was killed for attempting to collect a debt of $27,000 that was owed to him by Andrew Cambpell of Whitby, Ontario.  Andrew Campbell killed George Koutroubis in his garage and then it became known that the restaurant was also used for poker games.  The poster through the link below states that they know that Oliver and Dylan went to this place and were a part of the betting.

The issue with that is that Dylan and Oliver had left the scene and were on route home, then turned around to come back to drop off the keys.  If you were looking to kill them with the gambling connection I think that it would have happened when they first left.  It makes no sense for the killer to be on a bike waiting, getting extremely lucky that they came back to drop off the keys.

It seems too random in my eyes, and although Dylan and Oliver did play cards, I do not see how it could be to the point of them being murdered for it.

I think the time has come for this case to fully open to the public so that we can help generate our own leads.  The wonderful Toronto Police, who we truly do appreciate can seriously use our help.  If there is anyway that we can gain access to all of your files on this case we can help uncover the truth.  I still hold to my original thoughts that the killer is from the neighbourhood.  We need to start to talk about this case again, as it has been too long, with too much heartache for the families to not have any justice.

If you know anything about this case the time is now for you to come forward.  I am sure that there would be a chance to negotiate a substantial REWARD for you helping the families, and I already know that there is a reward that is in place already.

Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis need your help now, as that killer is still out there causing damage.

This is an extremely sad case, where closure seems so far away.  It breaks my heart to know that there is nothing to go on this case.

You can maybe do something about though.  The assailant is clearly known to the Toronto Police.  He must have some sort of a record, and he should have told somebody something.

Please come forward we are begging for your knowledge of that night.  You would want the same for your family, and I am sure that the killer of these men, is not in a good place right now.  The guilt must mean something.  It feels as if the killer committed this crime and then disappeared.  The silence is also hope as that means the path of knowledge that does come through is likely credible.

James Massey Murder - No Need for This

I had taken a break from writing on any topic for the past while, but now I am back, and it feels good to put words to blog, again.

It has to do with motivation for writing and now that I have seen yet another murder of someone that I knew, I am puzzled over how many people that are dying by the hands of insane people.  When I went to High School in Toronto I became acquaintances with James Massey, who no matter, always greeted me with a smile.  He seemed like one of those guys that would always be there for his friends and was a person that clearly had respect as a child, which was clearly learned from his family.  

Two days ago I heard about a murder that happened at Oriole Park, in the Davisville and Yonge area, yet I had not heard a name.  But then yesterday I saw that it was in fact James Massey, and I knew that when I did a Google search for the name, that it would be his image associated to the story.  What a sad moment in time.  I never knew David Ludwig, but supposedly there was an altercation amongst the two of them. The sad thing is premeditation is clearly involved because you do not carry a shotgun around with you when going too meet someone at a park.  There are some oddities about this case though, as I do not understand how the neighbours were able to identify the person as being David Ludwig, when they most likely did not know the man.  The only way they could do so in my eyes is by seeing him, then the friends of the victim knowing that they met, being able to have the cops then show a picture of the suspect to the neighbours for identification.  

Without a doubt this is a strange story, but most notably a sad one.  It makes no sense for someone to have a shotgun in Toronto, and for someone to meet up with someone having a shotgun in their possession, you would think the victim would see that they had a shotgun, as it is not the easiest weapon to conceal.  

In a moment like this I send my deepest thoughts to the family and friends of James Massey, the latter of which I know of.  This is the third person that I know who has been murdered, and it seems like this is the only one that has someone being held accountable.  

We can only shake our head at people who are willing to throw their life away over a feud.  If James Massey ever did something for you, or you have something to say about him as a person, please post your comments as  it will be a nice gesture to show the true colours of a good man.

Alex Christoff, Oliver Martin, Dylan Ellis, and James Massey - RIP - Your hearts live on in the lives that you touched.


One World - One Flag

Not every post can be about crime when life mingles throughout and deserves attention.  I stand here today a man who ihas a moment of uncertainty.  I feel that life is comprised of forging through each day, where the success within 24 hours builds us to the next plateau.  It is the sequence of these daily achievements that raise our outcomes to there maximum.  It is nice to have a focus, bringing it loyalty everyday.

This brings us to ideologies, and how it has comprised our existence.  We are trying to evolve to meet the future, but it is the difficulty we face as a world which tries to bring us in that direction.

I feel these incremental benefits, but there is something missing from our long run campaign.

I am hoping to engage with you about my vision for this city.  Is it possible for all of us to join hands and ensure that the only action at that moment is peace.  I feel that we can all put our hands down and lift our hearts in unison.  I too have been in the wrong, but when it comes to an overall vision, I know that we can make this a better place.

There are people who need to live and breathe for something else.  It is concerning to think that people die everyday for senseless means, with no true benefits in site.  Why must we see murder as a way to live?  Most of us would say that it is no code to live by, yet there is confusion in our midst where evil is seeping through.  If it wasn't for the way we live, there would be nothing else.  It is demanded that we make it as a civilization that uses all of our energies to progression.  We have already messed up as a society, as the need for more ideologies came into play.  If we had just kept the first one, and changed it constantly to reflect the means of the people, we would be much better off.  Branches need to grow in order to cover more ground.

I guess that wasn't possible.  Our individual ideologies are so offensive, that we have created hundreds of them.    If we look back to how most ideologies were born, it is often a struggle. Karl Marx had something in mind when he tuned his views toward class struggle.  If the discontent was not there, we would all live by the same ideology.  The problem is that this society creates haves and have-nots.  We can only profit more by exploiting greater than what currently exists.  It is a shame to think that we have companies generating wealth for the few, when in fact the wealth should be for the world to enjoy as a whole so that we can reach a civilization that will never die.

I hope we one day get to share as one world, and not a mix of nations.  We all live under the same flag of the universe, and it is our time to see it as a home that shares everything, and leaves nobody behind.  By wasting our time in courts fighting over international trade issues, we should be focusing on harmony.  We already know that we cannot make it alone, and we depend on each other.

If you could offer your World ideology to us now, what would be some key aspects to it?

My main aspects:

1.  Fair treatment of all humans
2.  Business must work closer together to ensure maximized Research and Development


Change the System - Classify Me? No Thanks

Are we polluted to think that we need money to live in this world?

I feel so trapped between needing money to live, being stressed without money, and yet, wanting to be good at the same time.  It is almost as if money is the new focus, where it occupies our lives, and gives us some sort of purpose.

We all want to do amazing, adventurous things.  Most want to have a nice home for their family.  But, were we suppose to enjoy a conversation first?  Are we meant to already have these possessions?  By seeing someone with a nice car, it creates a gap between those that don't.  We already see what that gap creates....crime.  If we were all haves, and all could enjoy the finer things, would we see the murder happen over stealing someone's car?

The Pursuit of Happiness is just that, the pursuit of it, and it can take years to make it, and if we start to feel the pressure we aren't making it, the burden can be so great that we go to other lengths to ensure we have it.

I wonder what would happen if we took every dollar that existed in the world, and divided it by the population of the earth.  Something tells me that we would recognize how many people in this world are forgotten, as the number would be considerably low.  I tend to think we are one world, one nation, but with all of the "first world" generating money, we will also see that we are the nations that take the most money from its citizens.

Would it not be fair to ease a bit of the pressure on us making money?  Can we please drop the prices around the world for these luxury items?  Perhaps we would be able to increase the wages more than the average price of food, which does not seem to be happening.

Greed only comes from one society.  A society that lives on surface truths and allows people to exist in their days under a subservient means, that only contributes to the cycle of money flow.  What about us having the chance to live outside of that?  Would it be ok for someone to not be classified as poor any more?  They say to put your game face on but many of us suffer from a burden of making enough money to pay for our families.

Banks all around us have crumbled, companies needed bailouts, bills are going up, and jobs are being eroded.  How is it that, a population that is only going to increase, maintains its human base?  The numbers do not add up.  Wouldn't it be fair to say that we need change?  Why can't we move to a system that alleviates the costs, and removes the interest charged by the bankers?  What is wrong with the governments winning back control?

These are just some thoughts...Am I the only one, or are there similar thoughts out there?


Call for a Meeting - Regarding Jason Laramee Case

Hello Everyone,

We cannot let momentum die for this case and we need to come up with a strategy for getting your money back.

The time has come for a Town Hall discussion, where we can ensure that the powers that can give this money back, are doing what it takes to make it happen.

If you would like to be there, please send an email to

Our goal is to share everyone's story online so that the impacts of Jason Laramee's actions are truly understood.

The time has come to end fraud, or at least do what we can to stop it.

This is not a joke, if you were affected, or would be willing to help out, please send us an email.  We need to know that there is interest and then we will set a date for the meeting/interviews.

You never know what will happen, as long as we put our best foot forward.


Investment Fraud-Securities Fraud - Harsher Sentences in Need

The case of Bruce Elmore, 61 in Ontario has similar repercussions to the case against Laramee.  It damaged the retirement abilities of of families, who worked hard for everything they had.  The amounts were similar marginally as well.  In this case, the defence battled for a 2 year conditional sentence, with house arrest for a portion of the sentence.  How is this logical!?  This man robbed lives and only receives a slap on the wrist!?  Thankfully the judge was stern and gave him a 6 year sentence with a restitution order to pay back his former clients if he ever could do so.  The only issue is that the victims not only lost their life savings, but they also had to relive the nightmare everyday for eight years until the judgement came.  We should be able to clamp down on these criminals quickly.  Just as we have auto insurance for drivers which goes up with the threat of a bad driver behind the wheel, perhaps we need similar insurance for investments, where if an "accident" were to occur, families that lose their life savings can perhaps generate some of the money that is owed to them, quickly.
Bruce Elmore

The problem with the current laws surrounding investment fraud is that the defendant has too much time and too  many options to delay proceedings and dissolve the assets which should ultimately be held as restitution for the victims.  As of right now, a bank has the authority to simply take your hard earned money from your account based on the "notion" that your company, that received funds from a company that is suspected of wrongdoing, is possibly connected to their illegal activities.  No trial needed, and you must now fight to earn that money back.  How is it that a person can fraud 100's of innocence out of their retirement income, and not be held accountable for 8 - 10 years?
Criminal Law Bulletin - The Issue of Delay

Even when forfeiture is enacted, it is rarely equal to the amount that was originally taken from the victims.  Here is an example of a case in Texas, where a $25 million scheme across 300 victims, only turned up $4 million from physical assets to be distributed amongst them.
Texas Forfeiture

Here in Canada, you can rob someone of their ability to live the rest of their life, yet you only suffer 5 years imprisonment:

The below is referenced from Canadian Law Institute.

(2) No person shall establish, operate, advertise or promote a scheme of pyramid selling.
(3) ... liable ... to a fine in the discretion of the court or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to both; or (b) on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding $200,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, or to both

This is a joke, right?  There are so many people who are aware of the ability to commit these crimes, tuck away the money, then retire in five years.  It is inconceivable that there are victims whom suffer the rest of their lives, with no retribution.  Investment fraud in Canada is too costly for victims.

What does it take for our courts to set a precedent?  Will we ever be able to feel that fraudsters are unwilling to take part in these crimes based on the fear of what will happen?  We should set a precedent in a case based on the impact the fraud has had on families.  The victim impact statement is a cornerstone to judge determination, and it should be used in these cases to really understand the impact of the criminals.  

Why can't we have a judgement for these proceedings that give victims of fraud a quick turn around for their restitution, that automatically requires 100% of their money be refunded + any losses incurred due to the scheme and court proceedings?

If no money is able to be paid back, then the criminal should be thrown in jail for a maximum sentence.  For every 10% they pay back, they get 10% off of their sentence.  

If there are multiple victims, and the case is clearly fraud, all assets should be immediately frozen.  Those funds will sit in an incubator account with the victims names on it until sufficient evidence proves exact dollar amounts to be released.

The criminal has the choice of pleading guilty within 1 year with a greatly reduced sentence, or they can go to trial with a conviction sending them away for 20 + years.

We need to start thinking about the victims!!



Jason Laramee - One Sick Puppy! Fraud, Lies, Corruption


You may be alive in the physical sense, but it truly is the feelings that the people in this world have for others which creates their existence.  You are someone that now has no surroundings and no substance to go forward in our world.  We banish you! You can now rot in your mind prison state.

I guess you thought it was money that was going to bring you wealth of existence.  The view into your mind has no wealth, and you are an individual that cowardly preys on people who want to get further in this world.  I guess the saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't" stands here.

I wonder what you are thinking right now as you sit in front of your computer with your Tim Hortons coffee and nobody but yourself to talk to?

This is a forum that is meant to bring stories out about people like Jason Laramee.  There is no moderation to the posts and I encourage you to let us know your thoughts on Jason Laramee.

We have a new request to show the Global News video regarding this.  Here it is!


Michael Stewart - A Teacher, A Family Man, and a Great Contribution

It is hard to think that the assumptions we can make in this case do not lead to a suspect.  If we were to assume that the kid who was driving lived in the area, while also knowing the make and model of the car, wouldn't there be a list of suspects based on car registration?  We could take that list and then make another assumption to narrow the list.  Out of all of the people on that list, we could then define it further by knowing which households on that list have a teenage boy in grade 11 or 12, as that would be the prime egging age.  Once the car is observed, it would then be possible to determine if work was done on the car in the last three months, or maybe the car still has damage done to it.  

The Michael Stewart case is sickening, and it seems there are some easy assumptions we can make:

1. Most likely a teenager (who eggs a house in the twenties)

2. Potentially their parents car
  • How did they explain the damage?
  • Is a parent harbouring their child?
  • Was it a group of guys from the neighbourhood who took their parents car while they were away?
  • There was probably at least 3 of them. The 3rd person is usually needed for mischief like this occur, and is not as fun with just two people.
3. This was March break for High School students. 1AM makes sense with that

4. Most likely they live in the neighbourhood

  • Comfort zone if they were simply taking their parents car for a spin.
5. Killers don't throw eggs! 

  • The person that threw the egg is not the one that ran over Michael Stewart. That person needs to come forward as the police will listen to what he has to say.
6. The "cool guys" at school may throw eggs, meaning they could have a girlfriend

  • The girlfriend knows all in High School, and she could be the case saver.
7. The area of the egging incident in Etobicoke has oddly shaped boundaries

  • There is no entrance to the `planned subdivision` from the North or East. That makes a point for the punks to be from the neighbourhood as well, since it is a pocketed`area with not much access.

When I was in High School, yes I did throw eggs, but never would there have been a potential vehicular homicide in the wings. You simply do not drive toward someone when you are a good person who is just trying to have some fun.

The extensive damage to the car is most likely the cornerstone to solving this case. If you know of anyone who is in High School that has parents with a car like this and that kid is somewhat of a "class clown" make it known in the comments below. Even if you don't think they could have done this, you should say something, as there is a chance that you can help a grieving wife.

Below is 80 Riverhead Drive. It seems that the Gold Chrysler/Dodge Minivan from 2000 - 2005 is very popular around there!

94 Riverhead Dr.

Is this cased solvable through Google maps? It looks to me like there is something to be said for this car, which is located around the corner from Michael Stewart's home. This is only an idea, but 94 Riverhead Drive has the right car from this 2009 photo taken with Google's photo car.

The Acosta family lives there, and when I did a search for Acosta in Etobicoke, a Jared Acosta's name came up, who is the right age for something like this.

He does not live there though, so a no go there. I wonder if that van still exists, and if that family has a young man that lives there??

There is an update that is warming!  Michael Stewart has taken a step toward walking again.  His goal is to walk out of the hospital and to then go back to work in September.  We all pray for you to be able to do that.  Have an amazing summer summer of achievement Michael, and I hope your determination rewards you with kindness everyday.

The Star Articles:


Anthony Spencer - Jason Packs is in This Video - Evidence of who was There


The four friends have been interviewed! Yet, nothing has come from it! That is unreal! It is clear who is in the video from the night he died, and they should all be charged! How is it you can carry a body that is dead, and then not say anything to police!!!!!!!

You should all speak because guilt over someone you cared about is more painful than retaliation from someone who does not care about you.

Anthony Spencer deserves justice. I think it is pretty clear who a few of the people in the video are, which was released by police services. Please see the images to the left. The first video on the top left is of a song that Tony Trapz (Anthony Spencer) was in. The guy with the hat with an 'S' is the man of interest. His brim on the hat is straight, and barely flexed like most brims, which is an identifying point. He also has large ears, with a unique cheek bone structure. The top photo shows a side profile of this individual, which looks like the exact same person. His rap name is Jason Packs That is without a doubt in my mind the same person. If this person does not come forward on his own good will, I would imagine that there is a case for him to be involved as he is carrying the body into a waiting car.
I was not able to find his name, but it is clear that this man needs to be talked to and he needs to be threatened with fear of jail. You cannot carry a body into a car from a crime scene then leave it without helping the community.

If you watch the videos on Youtube, it basically looks like the guys that carried him were all the guys in his rap songs, and they have even left them up for viewing. I would think that there is at least a case for the cops to talk with these guys, and then if they don't say anything tell them how they are the last ones to be seen with Anthony Spencer carrying his body out. That could play something in this murder. I wonder if the cops have already discovered this, and if so, why they haven't put pressure on Jason Packs the Toronto rapper?

I feel for Anthony's family and I hope that we can open the discussion on this, as there is something to be said for getting information on this case. Is there footage of people coming into the record studio and then running out? And, if so, why is that footage not released? It seems to me that this may have been someone close to him if there is no other footage released, and that means that these guys no who did it and need to be questioned.

Enough is enough!!! The cops know who the guys are in this video, or at least I hope so. With that alone there should be a charge against the so called friends of Anthony Spencer. When we hear of these murders we only see a few days of coverage online! These are lives we are talking about, not news stories that should lose their beat like a heart has lost in this circumstance. It is sickening that we can clearly determine who is in the video and not be able to charge the friends for not speaking. We talk about fear of retaliation, yet there were three drive by shootings right after this. It sounds like we have the hero syndrome on this one. The fact is, we should have a law in place...if you are caught on camera holding a body that is dying, or is dead, you should have to tell what happened, or be charged with accessory. It is complete crap that we can all see who was present at the time of the murder, yet nothing is being said.


Please watch the Toronto surveillance video of Anthony Spencer`s murder: