Fight Crime in the World: March 2012


Michael Stewart - A Teacher, A Family Man, and a Great Contribution

It is hard to think that the assumptions we can make in this case do not lead to a suspect.  If we were to assume that the kid who was driving lived in the area, while also knowing the make and model of the car, wouldn't there be a list of suspects based on car registration?  We could take that list and then make another assumption to narrow the list.  Out of all of the people on that list, we could then define it further by knowing which households on that list have a teenage boy in grade 11 or 12, as that would be the prime egging age.  Once the car is observed, it would then be possible to determine if work was done on the car in the last three months, or maybe the car still has damage done to it.  

The Michael Stewart case is sickening, and it seems there are some easy assumptions we can make:

1. Most likely a teenager (who eggs a house in the twenties)

2. Potentially their parents car
  • How did they explain the damage?
  • Is a parent harbouring their child?
  • Was it a group of guys from the neighbourhood who took their parents car while they were away?
  • There was probably at least 3 of them. The 3rd person is usually needed for mischief like this occur, and is not as fun with just two people.
3. This was March break for High School students. 1AM makes sense with that

4. Most likely they live in the neighbourhood

  • Comfort zone if they were simply taking their parents car for a spin.
5. Killers don't throw eggs! 

  • The person that threw the egg is not the one that ran over Michael Stewart. That person needs to come forward as the police will listen to what he has to say.
6. The "cool guys" at school may throw eggs, meaning they could have a girlfriend

  • The girlfriend knows all in High School, and she could be the case saver.
7. The area of the egging incident in Etobicoke has oddly shaped boundaries

  • There is no entrance to the `planned subdivision` from the North or East. That makes a point for the punks to be from the neighbourhood as well, since it is a pocketed`area with not much access.

When I was in High School, yes I did throw eggs, but never would there have been a potential vehicular homicide in the wings. You simply do not drive toward someone when you are a good person who is just trying to have some fun.

The extensive damage to the car is most likely the cornerstone to solving this case. If you know of anyone who is in High School that has parents with a car like this and that kid is somewhat of a "class clown" make it known in the comments below. Even if you don't think they could have done this, you should say something, as there is a chance that you can help a grieving wife.

Below is 80 Riverhead Drive. It seems that the Gold Chrysler/Dodge Minivan from 2000 - 2005 is very popular around there!

94 Riverhead Dr.

Is this cased solvable through Google maps? It looks to me like there is something to be said for this car, which is located around the corner from Michael Stewart's home. This is only an idea, but 94 Riverhead Drive has the right car from this 2009 photo taken with Google's photo car.

The Acosta family lives there, and when I did a search for Acosta in Etobicoke, a Jared Acosta's name came up, who is the right age for something like this.

He does not live there though, so a no go there. I wonder if that van still exists, and if that family has a young man that lives there??

There is an update that is warming!  Michael Stewart has taken a step toward walking again.  His goal is to walk out of the hospital and to then go back to work in September.  We all pray for you to be able to do that.  Have an amazing summer summer of achievement Michael, and I hope your determination rewards you with kindness everyday.

The Star Articles:


Anthony Spencer - Jason Packs is in This Video - Evidence of who was There


The four friends have been interviewed! Yet, nothing has come from it! That is unreal! It is clear who is in the video from the night he died, and they should all be charged! How is it you can carry a body that is dead, and then not say anything to police!!!!!!!

You should all speak because guilt over someone you cared about is more painful than retaliation from someone who does not care about you.

Anthony Spencer deserves justice. I think it is pretty clear who a few of the people in the video are, which was released by police services. Please see the images to the left. The first video on the top left is of a song that Tony Trapz (Anthony Spencer) was in. The guy with the hat with an 'S' is the man of interest. His brim on the hat is straight, and barely flexed like most brims, which is an identifying point. He also has large ears, with a unique cheek bone structure. The top photo shows a side profile of this individual, which looks like the exact same person. His rap name is Jason Packs That is without a doubt in my mind the same person. If this person does not come forward on his own good will, I would imagine that there is a case for him to be involved as he is carrying the body into a waiting car.
I was not able to find his name, but it is clear that this man needs to be talked to and he needs to be threatened with fear of jail. You cannot carry a body into a car from a crime scene then leave it without helping the community.

If you watch the videos on Youtube, it basically looks like the guys that carried him were all the guys in his rap songs, and they have even left them up for viewing. I would think that there is at least a case for the cops to talk with these guys, and then if they don't say anything tell them how they are the last ones to be seen with Anthony Spencer carrying his body out. That could play something in this murder. I wonder if the cops have already discovered this, and if so, why they haven't put pressure on Jason Packs the Toronto rapper?

I feel for Anthony's family and I hope that we can open the discussion on this, as there is something to be said for getting information on this case. Is there footage of people coming into the record studio and then running out? And, if so, why is that footage not released? It seems to me that this may have been someone close to him if there is no other footage released, and that means that these guys no who did it and need to be questioned.

Enough is enough!!! The cops know who the guys are in this video, or at least I hope so. With that alone there should be a charge against the so called friends of Anthony Spencer. When we hear of these murders we only see a few days of coverage online! These are lives we are talking about, not news stories that should lose their beat like a heart has lost in this circumstance. It is sickening that we can clearly determine who is in the video and not be able to charge the friends for not speaking. We talk about fear of retaliation, yet there were three drive by shootings right after this. It sounds like we have the hero syndrome on this one. The fact is, we should have a law in place...if you are caught on camera holding a body that is dying, or is dead, you should have to tell what happened, or be charged with accessory. It is complete crap that we can all see who was present at the time of the murder, yet nothing is being said.


Please watch the Toronto surveillance video of Anthony Spencer`s murder:


Toronto Crime Map

I was wondering if this sort of information would become available. It would be nice to have more information when you hover over the yellow or red dots.

There are so many shootings!! They look to be in my backyard as well. It is wild to see the area known as D53, in the middle of the map. It seems to be the safest area, with only two Toronto murders within the last 3 years. Looks like the 53rd division made this map, that area is so clean!!

Makes me wonder how we can have such a vibrant nucleus, full of life, yet deterioration and crime is waiting in the surrounding areas.

That Finch Ave. and Keele St. area looks like a hotbed muck of crime. There are so many grieving families sadly waiting for news of the murderer being caught in that area.

The goal of this site is to promote the need to tell you story and to make sure that the 
world follows suit.  We cannot sit idly any more and we won't.  There comes a time when everyone and their friends need to come forward so that the world can exist for peace.  If we all ban together and make surew that the criminals have no voice, then we can be the gang they fear and the gang that makes the world the most peaceful place it can be.    Why not be a rat?  DO you feel you are doing good to not tell someone of how you know who did the crime? The guilt must be awful and something that makes you an active partner in the crime.

We can move forward together and be the one that makes this worl the best it can be.  If there is ever a need for you to make the most of the moment it is now and we know that you have the heart to make that change.  

Please join me in the fight! We are waiting for the differences to come forward now!!  Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis only two of thousands of people who deserve justice in this world.  Their crimes have not been solved yet and there is no help coming from anyone, either.  Make it be known that there is something you know about any crime and we will be the best we can be going forward, together!!!!!


Mariam Makhniashvili - Toronto Girl Suicide

Dear Mariam Makhniashvili,

You have been in our hearts and minds for quite some time. Your disappearance was a tragedy, and one which brought many to tears, as we heard your story unfold like a journal entry you had kept to be released throughout your time away. We feel your anguish for having a confusing life, to say the least. It must have been shocking to try and live in a new city where you have not been able to connect to the youth that await the bell to ring in class in order to have fun after class. When I read of your separation from your family in 2003 where you had to live with relatives, I am horrified by the thought that you were not getting the comfort every child needs from a father or mother. Then, all of the sudden you are whisked away from your caregivers and told to live a new life in Toronto, Canada. There is great opportunity here, but it is not simple for people who have lived here their whole lives, so how on earth could you possibly jump right into this society and make friends.

We never knew Mariam, yet with her disappearance a whole world was behind your every potential move. Mariam sightings were happening throughout the world, yet you lay in a place common to golf swings way beyond one season. It is horrible to think you couldn`t reach out to someone to try and halt this from happening. When I first heard of the news, it was said that there were branches covering you. If this is the case, it must not have been a suicide. But, I have not read that in the papers, only hearsay, and with that fact and the evidence presented it truly does seem like a suicide. This world is scary for people at that age. We seem to go through moments of change then and if we find it to be too shocking, we end up killing ourselves. It is such a shame that we have a mother and father, along with a brother who now have an answer which only solidifies the worst thoughts.

Mariam, you will not be forgotten. I am mad that you have died, as you had a bright future. I truly feel that this is a lesson though and that we should make sure that people have their family close to them at all times, and when you notice that something is not right, action must be taken to help those we love. She was reclusive her last few months, and it is too bad that she felt uncomfortable in telling her own parents about it. There is a reason for this death, and it will never truly be known. I just hope that Mariam is resting in peace somewhere that holds no pain, and a place which opens the door of opportunity.


Lamar "Ammo" Skeete Had Something to do with the murder of Kenneth Marks

Even if the slight chance that Lamar Skeete had nothing to do with the murder o f Kenneth Marks, reigns supreme in court, the fact remains that he was sh o wing kids a gun at his housing complex at one point, and that then caused Kenneth's live to change, and Lamar's. At the very least we can say that event o f showing the guns to kids is what killed Kenneth Marks.

There has been new light shed by a comment below who is sticking up for Lamar Skeete, which is something that must be paid close attention to. This blog originates as a place to talk about the people involved with murders in Toronto. My hope is to bring an image of each person spoken of to light, where they have a chance to defend themselves online, and where people who are close to them are able to speak their minds.

Lets get one thing out there - I do not know the people I speak of. I only can reference what is in the media, and what I feel has happened regarding cases. This passage starts with my interpretation, but can end with your input, making me realize where I went wrong.

The fact remains that Lamar has many inconsistencies with his story (Tattoo Parlour at 9PM, when the owner says he was there at 7PM). That alone is very damaging, and a major point to why I think he had something to do with it.

This world is messed up when we can't connect the dots regarding the murder of Kenneth Marks. We have to understand that the people that Lamar Skeete hangs around are murderous cowards. All of them. In the comments you see someone respond about the Jane Boys and saying something about Chuch...whatever that means, it must be known that they are part of a pathetic group of individuals who have brought a fantasy to reality, killing people who felt strongly about trying to make their community a safer place.

There comes a time when we have to look beyond evidence. Evidence is important, but there deduction of facts needs to be accounted for too! There are only two people who would have the desire for Kenneth Marks be murdered. How messed up is our world where we protect the murderers?? They should have been in jail for their 2009 attempted murder charge, yet Lamar Skeete was given back to the streets because there was simply not enough to put him away.

"When the first order of business at the trial was to dismiss the charge against one of the brothers for lack of a reasonable chance of conviction — this was Lamar Skeete — Mark still did not falter, and testified anyway.

When Skeete's brother was acquitted, after a brief judge-alone trial, Mark continued with his life.

Twelve days after the brothers were back on the street, on Dec. 29, 2009, Mark was shot execution-style on his way to work."


Would anyone even buy a Lamar Skeete rap album? He couldn't get any credibility with his talents, but instead had to be a fake gangster who clearly leaves a storm of trouble in his wake. You may get away with this murder, Lamar, but it is clear that you have something to do with people being shot and you should count your blessings if you should be freed without conviction.

You are the same type of scum bag who looks for people to look at them with an awkward eye so that you then have an excuse to harm them.

Clearly Mr. Kenneth Marks had something to live for while there are fake gangsters our there that see no value in trying to help your community. Lamar may not have anything to do with this murder, but there must be something said for the timing of the events and the looseness of your alibi. How is it that you could be so close, and yet not find it important to immediately mention your donut shop alibi......

To Kenneth Marks, our hearts go out to your efforts while you blessed this place with your presence. The Kenneth Marks murder should be one that lives on and is not forgotten. Instead it should reign as a precedent, where we start to fight for ourselves as good people. It the soul of a murderer which has already died, so why not try to rescue that soul before it kills someone else.

Mr. Ammo this page is dedicated to the city and the criticism we should write toward you.

All of you gun slinging scum need a reality check! I challenge any gun toting fool to raise their voice on this blog and say why they feel so tough with a weapon. I will meet you and then challenge you to a poetry writing contest:)

I do not understand why Kenneth Marks even needs to worry about the charges, and whether justice will be served to his spirit. The fact is, this murder is connected to Lamar Skeete and I hope he gets what he deserves.

Here is an excerpt from the Toronto Star, which paints the picture for the issues of the streets and how they are run by drug-dealing, gun-toting gangsters who need to get a real job.

TORONTO — Citizens throughout Toronto fear for their safety if they co-operate with police after dramatic messages and overt attacks, including bullets being left on the doorstep of witnesses and drive-by shootings through their windows, a police expert told court Wednesday.

“There is nothing nice about the code of silence at all,” Sergeant Gavin Jansz, a Toronto police officer, testified at the murder trial of a man accused of shooting dead a Crown witness who had previously fingered him in another shooting.

Here is what Christie says in The Star:

  • He agreed that he was with Mr. Skeete on the night of the murder, though he was vague about what time. But he said he picked him up near a west-end subway station as the sun was setting, and claims to have dropped him off at either a barbershop or a tattoo parlor.
  • While he said he wasn’t sure where he was in the city that night, he told Ms. Simone that wherever he was, “someone ran past me and I ran for an alleyway and as I ran I heard a shot fired.”
  • S.M. also said that as he allegedly ran back to his car, “there was a guy on the floor [this was presumably Mr. Mark, dying face down on the street] and I ran past him.”
  • He said that some time later, at his ex-girlfriend’s house, he saw the same video being played on the news and told his girl “I thought it was me because I have the same clothes” and “I think that’s me but I wasn’t sure.”
  • He agreed that he had a relationship with Mr. Skeete, in that “he buys marijuana off me” and “I know him as a client. Like I don’t know him as a friend.”
  • He said he was, however, friends with Mr. Skeete’s brother, who also can’t be identified because of the YCJA, both “from jail” and from the days when he belonged to S.M.’s dance group in Grade 8.
  • He also told Ms. Simone that “kush” was slang for marijuana. Just last week, the jurors heard from another youth, identified only as B.I., who has been convicted for possessing the murder gun, a .22 Walther found hidden deep in an air vent at his family home during a police search. B.I. denied getting the gun from Mr. Skeete two days after the murder and said he’d bought it from a mysterious white stranger he knew only as “Kush.”
  • Mr. Mark had warned the brothers to stay away from his housing complex after he was told the pair showed a shotgun to neighbourhhood children, court heard earlier. Mr. Mark was later shot in the back with a shotgun but survived to finger the Skeete brothers.