Fight Crime in the World: Anthony Spencer - Jason Packs is in This Video - Evidence of who was There


Anthony Spencer - Jason Packs is in This Video - Evidence of who was There


The four friends have been interviewed! Yet, nothing has come from it! That is unreal! It is clear who is in the video from the night he died, and they should all be charged! How is it you can carry a body that is dead, and then not say anything to police!!!!!!!

You should all speak because guilt over someone you cared about is more painful than retaliation from someone who does not care about you.

Anthony Spencer deserves justice. I think it is pretty clear who a few of the people in the video are, which was released by police services. Please see the images to the left. The first video on the top left is of a song that Tony Trapz (Anthony Spencer) was in. The guy with the hat with an 'S' is the man of interest. His brim on the hat is straight, and barely flexed like most brims, which is an identifying point. He also has large ears, with a unique cheek bone structure. The top photo shows a side profile of this individual, which looks like the exact same person. His rap name is Jason Packs That is without a doubt in my mind the same person. If this person does not come forward on his own good will, I would imagine that there is a case for him to be involved as he is carrying the body into a waiting car.
I was not able to find his name, but it is clear that this man needs to be talked to and he needs to be threatened with fear of jail. You cannot carry a body into a car from a crime scene then leave it without helping the community.

If you watch the videos on Youtube, it basically looks like the guys that carried him were all the guys in his rap songs, and they have even left them up for viewing. I would think that there is at least a case for the cops to talk with these guys, and then if they don't say anything tell them how they are the last ones to be seen with Anthony Spencer carrying his body out. That could play something in this murder. I wonder if the cops have already discovered this, and if so, why they haven't put pressure on Jason Packs the Toronto rapper?

I feel for Anthony's family and I hope that we can open the discussion on this, as there is something to be said for getting information on this case. Is there footage of people coming into the record studio and then running out? And, if so, why is that footage not released? It seems to me that this may have been someone close to him if there is no other footage released, and that means that these guys no who did it and need to be questioned.

Enough is enough!!! The cops know who the guys are in this video, or at least I hope so. With that alone there should be a charge against the so called friends of Anthony Spencer. When we hear of these murders we only see a few days of coverage online! These are lives we are talking about, not news stories that should lose their beat like a heart has lost in this circumstance. It is sickening that we can clearly determine who is in the video and not be able to charge the friends for not speaking. We talk about fear of retaliation, yet there were three drive by shootings right after this. It sounds like we have the hero syndrome on this one. The fact is, we should have a law in place...if you are caught on camera holding a body that is dying, or is dead, you should have to tell what happened, or be charged with accessory. It is complete crap that we can all see who was present at the time of the murder, yet nothing is being said.


Please watch the Toronto surveillance video of Anthony Spencer`s murder:


Anonymous said...

If it was up to me I would charge them with murder for not telling more

Anonymous said...

Why are they carrying him out so late? didnt Ashley call for the cab two hours earlier?

Ashley you need to somehow say who was with you. You just need to give a clue to someone or post it somewhere. Not every method of telling your story is dangerous. It is only fair for you to do so, Ashley. You are not a bad person for not speaking, but you need to give this family some sense of closure.

Anonymous said...

How come when Ashley is calling the cab, the gunshot goes off, then there is at least 32 seconds of her talking on the phone. Someone would run out right after shooting!!! This is a strange case where the guy who did it is trusted enough to watch the recording of music, yet is a gang member who wanted to kill Anthony....Ashley in Malvern needs to identify these thugs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I dont get why a gunshot goes off and shes still talkin calmly to the taxi operator..either she knew what was gonna go down ..thats the only excuse i will give a female and my ass wouldve been running out of there if i was hearing gunshots..also I heard he got shot in his he got shot then 2 hours later they took him to the those are not his friends might as well left him there and ran..all cowards..all of them

Anonymous said...

Naw fuck dat ant nigga y'all pussy niggaz

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of snitching on this website, let crime solve itself, let people mess up themselves, let people learn themselves, you dont have to be nosey and be trying to help the police and put your own life in danger, god in the end is the true judge and he punishes people when necesary, one way or another everyone has to explain all there actions to god in the final judgement.

Anonymous said...

Let crime solve itself??? Snitching?? I merely operate this site to strike up a conversation. I am not trying to pretend I am a cop, but I want to write about crime because I feel people who believe snotching exists only exacerbate the problem of crime. Sorry if I offended you, but crime does not solve itself and if something bothers me I will write about it. Thank you for your comment

Anonymous said...

Definitely doesn't look like Packs to me (fan of music/ seen many videos)