Fight Crime in the World: Lamar "Ammo" Skeete Had Something to do with the murder of Kenneth Marks


Lamar "Ammo" Skeete Had Something to do with the murder of Kenneth Marks

Even if the slight chance that Lamar Skeete had nothing to do with the murder o f Kenneth Marks, reigns supreme in court, the fact remains that he was sh o wing kids a gun at his housing complex at one point, and that then caused Kenneth's live to change, and Lamar's. At the very least we can say that event o f showing the guns to kids is what killed Kenneth Marks.

There has been new light shed by a comment below who is sticking up for Lamar Skeete, which is something that must be paid close attention to. This blog originates as a place to talk about the people involved with murders in Toronto. My hope is to bring an image of each person spoken of to light, where they have a chance to defend themselves online, and where people who are close to them are able to speak their minds.

Lets get one thing out there - I do not know the people I speak of. I only can reference what is in the media, and what I feel has happened regarding cases. This passage starts with my interpretation, but can end with your input, making me realize where I went wrong.

The fact remains that Lamar has many inconsistencies with his story (Tattoo Parlour at 9PM, when the owner says he was there at 7PM). That alone is very damaging, and a major point to why I think he had something to do with it.

This world is messed up when we can't connect the dots regarding the murder of Kenneth Marks. We have to understand that the people that Lamar Skeete hangs around are murderous cowards. All of them. In the comments you see someone respond about the Jane Boys and saying something about Chuch...whatever that means, it must be known that they are part of a pathetic group of individuals who have brought a fantasy to reality, killing people who felt strongly about trying to make their community a safer place.

There comes a time when we have to look beyond evidence. Evidence is important, but there deduction of facts needs to be accounted for too! There are only two people who would have the desire for Kenneth Marks be murdered. How messed up is our world where we protect the murderers?? They should have been in jail for their 2009 attempted murder charge, yet Lamar Skeete was given back to the streets because there was simply not enough to put him away.

"When the first order of business at the trial was to dismiss the charge against one of the brothers for lack of a reasonable chance of conviction — this was Lamar Skeete — Mark still did not falter, and testified anyway.

When Skeete's brother was acquitted, after a brief judge-alone trial, Mark continued with his life.

Twelve days after the brothers were back on the street, on Dec. 29, 2009, Mark was shot execution-style on his way to work."


Would anyone even buy a Lamar Skeete rap album? He couldn't get any credibility with his talents, but instead had to be a fake gangster who clearly leaves a storm of trouble in his wake. You may get away with this murder, Lamar, but it is clear that you have something to do with people being shot and you should count your blessings if you should be freed without conviction.

You are the same type of scum bag who looks for people to look at them with an awkward eye so that you then have an excuse to harm them.

Clearly Mr. Kenneth Marks had something to live for while there are fake gangsters our there that see no value in trying to help your community. Lamar may not have anything to do with this murder, but there must be something said for the timing of the events and the looseness of your alibi. How is it that you could be so close, and yet not find it important to immediately mention your donut shop alibi......

To Kenneth Marks, our hearts go out to your efforts while you blessed this place with your presence. The Kenneth Marks murder should be one that lives on and is not forgotten. Instead it should reign as a precedent, where we start to fight for ourselves as good people. It the soul of a murderer which has already died, so why not try to rescue that soul before it kills someone else.

Mr. Ammo this page is dedicated to the city and the criticism we should write toward you.

All of you gun slinging scum need a reality check! I challenge any gun toting fool to raise their voice on this blog and say why they feel so tough with a weapon. I will meet you and then challenge you to a poetry writing contest:)

I do not understand why Kenneth Marks even needs to worry about the charges, and whether justice will be served to his spirit. The fact is, this murder is connected to Lamar Skeete and I hope he gets what he deserves.

Here is an excerpt from the Toronto Star, which paints the picture for the issues of the streets and how they are run by drug-dealing, gun-toting gangsters who need to get a real job.

TORONTO — Citizens throughout Toronto fear for their safety if they co-operate with police after dramatic messages and overt attacks, including bullets being left on the doorstep of witnesses and drive-by shootings through their windows, a police expert told court Wednesday.

“There is nothing nice about the code of silence at all,” Sergeant Gavin Jansz, a Toronto police officer, testified at the murder trial of a man accused of shooting dead a Crown witness who had previously fingered him in another shooting.

Here is what Christie says in The Star:

  • He agreed that he was with Mr. Skeete on the night of the murder, though he was vague about what time. But he said he picked him up near a west-end subway station as the sun was setting, and claims to have dropped him off at either a barbershop or a tattoo parlor.
  • While he said he wasn’t sure where he was in the city that night, he told Ms. Simone that wherever he was, “someone ran past me and I ran for an alleyway and as I ran I heard a shot fired.”
  • S.M. also said that as he allegedly ran back to his car, “there was a guy on the floor [this was presumably Mr. Mark, dying face down on the street] and I ran past him.”
  • He said that some time later, at his ex-girlfriend’s house, he saw the same video being played on the news and told his girl “I thought it was me because I have the same clothes” and “I think that’s me but I wasn’t sure.”
  • He agreed that he had a relationship with Mr. Skeete, in that “he buys marijuana off me” and “I know him as a client. Like I don’t know him as a friend.”
  • He said he was, however, friends with Mr. Skeete’s brother, who also can’t be identified because of the YCJA, both “from jail” and from the days when he belonged to S.M.’s dance group in Grade 8.
  • He also told Ms. Simone that “kush” was slang for marijuana. Just last week, the jurors heard from another youth, identified only as B.I., who has been convicted for possessing the murder gun, a .22 Walther found hidden deep in an air vent at his family home during a police search. B.I. denied getting the gun from Mr. Skeete two days after the murder and said he’d bought it from a mysterious white stranger he knew only as “Kush.”
  • Mr. Mark had warned the brothers to stay away from his housing complex after he was told the pair showed a shotgun to neighbourhhood children, court heard earlier. Mr. Mark was later shot in the back with a shotgun but survived to finger the Skeete brothers.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Lamar Skeete has been accused, not convicted; along with a few other males. As of this moment , the correct term would be the accused Mr.Skeete, and not the murderer Mr. Skeete.

Anonymous said...

That is what is amazing about this blog, I can say what I feel, and you can then reply. Who are you? Why do you care so much? How can you type your words and think that I am not most likely right?? Who do you think killed him, his uncle?? Wake up!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

4020 TO 720 710 NOT GUILTY

Anonymous said...

Do you even speak english?

Anonymous said...

so now this case will go nowhere because there because not enough evidence was presented. It all adds up to me that this would be the only person to have done this. Regardless, Lamar Skeete is not someone that city needs in the streets.

Anonymous said...

I think the evidence is clear...more education and opportunity is needed for people like the comment above so that they can clearly communicate. What is a Chuch Blocc???

Anonymous said...

Lamar is a very talented young man who has been caught in a tragic position. This young man's music is vivid, and his raps paint pictures in the minds of anyone who listens to them. He "spits rapid fire" hence the nickname "Ammo" which he had from a young age. This trial is about Mr.Skeete, and not his friends; therefore, making comparisons with his friends is not sufficient in your blog. We all are eligible to our own opinion and to say so freely, which is why I write that Lamar Skeete is an amazing young man filled with talent, and put into a horrible situation. May Kenneth Mark rest in peace, let us judge with a clear mind; not a clouded judgement of just trying to point the finger to the closest person.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding this. You have to know why this blog exists - I want to spark a debate to bring true characters out from under the restrictions that the media solidifies. I love to write and I hope to shed light. Can you tell us more about the successes of Lamar?? I think there are many points that put Lamar in a situation of involvement with the death of Kenneth Marks. This blog is a projection of the overall problems that plague this city. I would never be in court for murder charges......

Anonymous said...

Thank you for acknowledging the inputs of others within your blog. In regards to the point you made including the tattoo parlour. Within The Star, it does not state that Mr. Skeete had got his tattoo at 9pm rather it says that the tattoo parlour closed at 9pm and the owner of the shop provided a release form stating Mr. Skeete had received services from his shop(The Star: Accused killer admits being near the shooting scene and Toronto Rapper feistily testifies he had no motive to kill crown witness). "I would never be in court for murder charges..." is a very personal statement and does not pertain to the Lamar Skeete case.

Anonymous said...

What I mean by "I would never be in court for murder charges" is that I would not be involved to any degree with something like this. There is a reason he was charged...there is some degree of connectivity amongst the accused and this case.
The statement I read was that the parlour closed at 7PM that night which contrasts heavily with the 9PM alibi. To me, when you read an article like Christie Blatchford's below, we can gravitate toward Lamar and his brother as being the culprits. Yes I focus on Lamar, but they both had an idea as to what was transpiring.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, upon fact presented; reported on in the media, the parlour closed at 9pm. There is not an article that states it closed at 7pm. Furthermore, the point in articles is to incriminate the accused hence why images are altered. Articles are usually more inclined to be in favour of the crown attorney's case. Thank you for your specific opinion on the topic.

Best Regards,
A Community listener.

Anonymous said...

I find even your first statement problematic. It would be nice to see some fact checking in this article. "the fact remains that he was sh o wing kids a gun at his housing complex at one point, and that then caused Kenneth's live to change, and Lamar's" How is this a fact? The actual fact is that there was no evidence to support this statement, and for that reason, the charges were withdrawn (ie: never even made it to trial). The fact is that Mr. Mark (may he rest in perfect peace) himself was not able to identify Mr.Skeete. So please be cautious with your words. Words are powerful. Use them for good instead of to sensationalize and continue to oppress the young men and women who need us the most.

~ We are only as strong as our weakest link.

Anonymous said...

"We have to understand that the people that Lamar Skeete hangs around are murderous cowards."
How can you say that? You clearly said you do not know him, and I'm guessing that you do not know the people he hangs out with. Why do we have to understand that? How do you expect 'us' to understand that if there are no facts to corraborate that? From a few articles you read in the media? The media that is designed to bring people down and sensationalize, to distract from the reality. Get to know some of our youth, see the struggles, try to understand instead of condem.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have such a sense of entitlement? Sitting at home in your cushy life. Try to understand what the people who have not go through. How we do not help our disadvantaged get past their struggles, how we condem them and keep them oppressed. DOn't you see how our 'hoods' are? Do you think Lamar chose to grow up in such a neighbourhood. People are a product of their environment. How can we expect people to make positive decisions if they have never been taught how to? If it has not been modelled and shown to them. Would you know how to bake a cake without a recipe if you did not see it done or have some prior knowledge about baking? So instead of sitting there talking about how 'awful' this young man is, how about you reach out and try and help the next bunch of young people growing up in our disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Help them learn and have positive influences around them, so that they too don't get caught up in madness. Or are you too good for that?

Anonymous said...

With your words, I am sure that you would be able to say you know him right? If not than you are merely doing as I am, yet generalizing in a different way. How do you know he didn't have good influences around him? So what if he lived poorly, there are many people in that situation, who have no history of being charged twice for various crimes...

Please tell me more about your friend Lamar, I would love to heat it!!

Anonymous said...

I have never met the man. However I do try to educate myself to the fallacies and fraud of
Media and the justice system. I do educate myself on the strife and problems of the disadvantage, and strive to help them. Using my words for negative does not do anyone any good, other than to need some intrinsic need to bring others down. I see how our youth are growing up, and it is incumbent upon me to use the gifts and blessings I have been given to uplift fallen humanity rather than sit idly by to speak such horrible unfounded words about people I have not tried to understand, and wait around for someone else to fix the problems of our society.

Anonymous said...

"horrible unfounded words about people I have not tried to understand" - what are you talking about? If you read carefully, I am simply stating media coverage and a bit of my interpretation. I said maybe 2 things which go against Lamar as a person. You have made many assumptions with all of your statements. My cushy life? Intrinsic need to be bring others down?? I am writing because I am upset that we are faced with such situations. With the evidence presented, who do you think would have done this to Kenneth? I then ask you to tell me what words in my posting are "horrible" and "unfounded". I guess in your life you need everything to be cushy in your phoney spirited way, when you should really start paying more attention to reality. I get it, you are sent here from a higher power to bless us with your omnipresent light, that shines on all of the hardened youth. It is just too bad you have to take everything so personal as you feel you have the weight of the youth on your shoulders. I simply wanted to open a discussion, and clearly that has happened. I am glad that you came by...Now, you still have not told me who you think would have done this to Kenneth. FYI, this blog jumps to conclusions and uses various means of getting there. Are you able to handle that? Can you deal with the fact that I don't like people who I believe would be showing a gun to kids? Don't give me that crap about you don't know what the hood is like...Not every kid from a rough neighbourhood goes around flashing guns, selling drugs, etc...
I never said I was closed to learning from people here. Please tell me what I said that specifically upset you and I would gladly judge myself and learn from your insight.
Yet again, I am a writer at heart, and a lover of people. But, if I am upset over something, I will voice it and someone may not like it.

Anonymous said...

With the evidence presented, who do you think would have done this to Kenneth?
This is not the duty of us and not even of the jury to judge, the job is to determine whether Mr. Skeete committed this crime or not. That is the job of the jury (I know you did not say we are the jury, but the question your asking does not pose any relevance) It is not upon the jury to decide if he didn't do it then who did. This fact is stated by the Justice of the Peace of each Murder case and is in writing actually.

Anonymous said...

The courts have spoken. I hope one day that people will see that gangsters do not run the world. Citizens are in charge, and we should make sure that every criminal is "ratted" on otherwise we fall victim to more crime. It will eventually personally touch each of our lives if we do not do something about it. Make sure you tell your story to police if you have any information on any crime.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear not guilty person, please tell me why you think Lamar is innocent. The jury has spoken, and he is guilty.

Anonymous said...

False convictions are not unknown in Ontario, Canada for that fact.

Anonymous said...

bah. in this case, I'm fairly certain the right person got convicted here. don't give me that falsely convicted / oppressed victim crap. he either did it himself, or he ordered someone to do it. it was revenge.

and not just revenge - a form of terrorism.. to scare the community into silence - on pain of death. so all the hardworking decent people and their children have to live in fear of ruthless thugs who care about nobody but themselves.

fuck him. hope he enjoys his 25 year bid in a penitentiary. for what he did, it's exactly where he belongs. adios shitbird

R.I.P. to Kenneth Marks. the world needs more people like you

Anonymous said...

Its Jane and trethewey

To0pretty said...

Inappropriate, childish, and ignorant are the three best words to describe the above comment. If you look beyond "being just another rapping black male" and review this case in the actual court room then you would be reasonably puzzled as to how this young man could've got convicted with the evidence that was provided. (Evidence that was illegally obtained, altered years later, and evidence that was brought in mid way through trial* If you have any background or knowledge in law, you should know this is not typical protocol) also rule of thumb because you actively participate in blogging, what the paper writes ( especially the Star and Sun) is fluffed,stuffed, and garnished to look pleasing in the crown's favour which makes the public feel the system is 'doing their job', thats just a word of advice. Kenneth Mark may you rest in peace, and may the actual killer be found... in order for you to truly rest, and for an innocent man to be released.

Anonymous said...

ok well lets explore this. granted I wasn't there in the courtoom.. so do you mind telling me what evidence he was convicted on that you take issue with?

If he was convicted on improperly obtained evidence, I agree that's wrong.. but if you're trying to say that that there is in fact proof that he did it.. they just got it improperly.. then I'm not exactly sympathetic.

that only tells me he really did do it, but the cops were sneaky and went about it wrong.

so what happened specifically in that trial that you think is a miscarriage of justice?

and PS- for the record.. I never said "being just another rapping black male" . You said that. Not me. Read my post carefully, you'll see I said nothing about young black males or rapping. It seems fairly obvious what happened here..

1.the one brother flashed a gun to kids in his housing complex
2. said brother was man-handled out of the complex by the victim
3. a few days later, the victim is shot in the face and back with a shotgun by an assailant with an accomplice. Victim was confident it was the two brothers
4. he testifies against them
5. they get out of jail
5. Lamar either killed him himself, or got someone to do it for him.

I don't think an innocent man got convicted here. but please enlighten me. What makes you think he was?

Anonymous said...

Lamar is a non productive wart on everyones backsides, he should be taken to the gallows..

Anonymous said...

Firstly.. Kenneth mark was a gang member he represented the crips infront of his complex for years... Assualted and hospitalized many individuals for years usually anyone sporting red .. Secondly on the night kenneth mark was shot he was not the only person outside a young lady who happened to be holding her baby was outside with him and testified at the trial .. Kenneth mark told the police on that night that the assilant was alone and wearing a bandana covering his face and over six feet in height (lamar skeete is relevantly shorter) .. The young lady with him told the same story unknowningly (likely because its the truth) that there was one individual who see got a clear look at he was tall and wearing a bandana ..two months later kenneth mark walked into a police station and gave a statement on lamar skeete and his younger brother claiming he viewed them both with no mask shoot him.. Anf that lamar told the younger brother to pull the trigger when yhe young lady that was with him that night testified she claimed she saw one person who was masked.. All the inaccurate story telling led to the accquital of firstly lamar who if kenneths story was true never discharged a fire arm and secondly to his younger brothers accquital because the facts didnt match.. Because the brothers were youth that file is closed and helps the media make lamar look guilty but my proposition is what if the person who shot him the first time who was never arrested shot him and killed him and still has never been arrested some six foot guy with a mask