Fight Crime in the World: April 2012


One World - One Flag

Not every post can be about crime when life mingles throughout and deserves attention.  I stand here today a man who ihas a moment of uncertainty.  I feel that life is comprised of forging through each day, where the success within 24 hours builds us to the next plateau.  It is the sequence of these daily achievements that raise our outcomes to there maximum.  It is nice to have a focus, bringing it loyalty everyday.

This brings us to ideologies, and how it has comprised our existence.  We are trying to evolve to meet the future, but it is the difficulty we face as a world which tries to bring us in that direction.

I feel these incremental benefits, but there is something missing from our long run campaign.

I am hoping to engage with you about my vision for this city.  Is it possible for all of us to join hands and ensure that the only action at that moment is peace.  I feel that we can all put our hands down and lift our hearts in unison.  I too have been in the wrong, but when it comes to an overall vision, I know that we can make this a better place.

There are people who need to live and breathe for something else.  It is concerning to think that people die everyday for senseless means, with no true benefits in site.  Why must we see murder as a way to live?  Most of us would say that it is no code to live by, yet there is confusion in our midst where evil is seeping through.  If it wasn't for the way we live, there would be nothing else.  It is demanded that we make it as a civilization that uses all of our energies to progression.  We have already messed up as a society, as the need for more ideologies came into play.  If we had just kept the first one, and changed it constantly to reflect the means of the people, we would be much better off.  Branches need to grow in order to cover more ground.

I guess that wasn't possible.  Our individual ideologies are so offensive, that we have created hundreds of them.    If we look back to how most ideologies were born, it is often a struggle. Karl Marx had something in mind when he tuned his views toward class struggle.  If the discontent was not there, we would all live by the same ideology.  The problem is that this society creates haves and have-nots.  We can only profit more by exploiting greater than what currently exists.  It is a shame to think that we have companies generating wealth for the few, when in fact the wealth should be for the world to enjoy as a whole so that we can reach a civilization that will never die.

I hope we one day get to share as one world, and not a mix of nations.  We all live under the same flag of the universe, and it is our time to see it as a home that shares everything, and leaves nobody behind.  By wasting our time in courts fighting over international trade issues, we should be focusing on harmony.  We already know that we cannot make it alone, and we depend on each other.

If you could offer your World ideology to us now, what would be some key aspects to it?

My main aspects:

1.  Fair treatment of all humans
2.  Business must work closer together to ensure maximized Research and Development


Change the System - Classify Me? No Thanks

Are we polluted to think that we need money to live in this world?

I feel so trapped between needing money to live, being stressed without money, and yet, wanting to be good at the same time.  It is almost as if money is the new focus, where it occupies our lives, and gives us some sort of purpose.

We all want to do amazing, adventurous things.  Most want to have a nice home for their family.  But, were we suppose to enjoy a conversation first?  Are we meant to already have these possessions?  By seeing someone with a nice car, it creates a gap between those that don't.  We already see what that gap creates....crime.  If we were all haves, and all could enjoy the finer things, would we see the murder happen over stealing someone's car?

The Pursuit of Happiness is just that, the pursuit of it, and it can take years to make it, and if we start to feel the pressure we aren't making it, the burden can be so great that we go to other lengths to ensure we have it.

I wonder what would happen if we took every dollar that existed in the world, and divided it by the population of the earth.  Something tells me that we would recognize how many people in this world are forgotten, as the number would be considerably low.  I tend to think we are one world, one nation, but with all of the "first world" generating money, we will also see that we are the nations that take the most money from its citizens.

Would it not be fair to ease a bit of the pressure on us making money?  Can we please drop the prices around the world for these luxury items?  Perhaps we would be able to increase the wages more than the average price of food, which does not seem to be happening.

Greed only comes from one society.  A society that lives on surface truths and allows people to exist in their days under a subservient means, that only contributes to the cycle of money flow.  What about us having the chance to live outside of that?  Would it be ok for someone to not be classified as poor any more?  They say to put your game face on but many of us suffer from a burden of making enough money to pay for our families.

Banks all around us have crumbled, companies needed bailouts, bills are going up, and jobs are being eroded.  How is it that, a population that is only going to increase, maintains its human base?  The numbers do not add up.  Wouldn't it be fair to say that we need change?  Why can't we move to a system that alleviates the costs, and removes the interest charged by the bankers?  What is wrong with the governments winning back control?

These are just some thoughts...Am I the only one, or are there similar thoughts out there?


Call for a Meeting - Regarding Jason Laramee Case

Hello Everyone,

We cannot let momentum die for this case and we need to come up with a strategy for getting your money back.

The time has come for a Town Hall discussion, where we can ensure that the powers that can give this money back, are doing what it takes to make it happen.

If you would like to be there, please send an email to

Our goal is to share everyone's story online so that the impacts of Jason Laramee's actions are truly understood.

The time has come to end fraud, or at least do what we can to stop it.

This is not a joke, if you were affected, or would be willing to help out, please send us an email.  We need to know that there is interest and then we will set a date for the meeting/interviews.

You never know what will happen, as long as we put our best foot forward.


Investment Fraud-Securities Fraud - Harsher Sentences in Need

The case of Bruce Elmore, 61 in Ontario has similar repercussions to the case against Laramee.  It damaged the retirement abilities of of families, who worked hard for everything they had.  The amounts were similar marginally as well.  In this case, the defence battled for a 2 year conditional sentence, with house arrest for a portion of the sentence.  How is this logical!?  This man robbed lives and only receives a slap on the wrist!?  Thankfully the judge was stern and gave him a 6 year sentence with a restitution order to pay back his former clients if he ever could do so.  The only issue is that the victims not only lost their life savings, but they also had to relive the nightmare everyday for eight years until the judgement came.  We should be able to clamp down on these criminals quickly.  Just as we have auto insurance for drivers which goes up with the threat of a bad driver behind the wheel, perhaps we need similar insurance for investments, where if an "accident" were to occur, families that lose their life savings can perhaps generate some of the money that is owed to them, quickly.
Bruce Elmore

The problem with the current laws surrounding investment fraud is that the defendant has too much time and too  many options to delay proceedings and dissolve the assets which should ultimately be held as restitution for the victims.  As of right now, a bank has the authority to simply take your hard earned money from your account based on the "notion" that your company, that received funds from a company that is suspected of wrongdoing, is possibly connected to their illegal activities.  No trial needed, and you must now fight to earn that money back.  How is it that a person can fraud 100's of innocence out of their retirement income, and not be held accountable for 8 - 10 years?
Criminal Law Bulletin - The Issue of Delay

Even when forfeiture is enacted, it is rarely equal to the amount that was originally taken from the victims.  Here is an example of a case in Texas, where a $25 million scheme across 300 victims, only turned up $4 million from physical assets to be distributed amongst them.
Texas Forfeiture

Here in Canada, you can rob someone of their ability to live the rest of their life, yet you only suffer 5 years imprisonment:

The below is referenced from Canadian Law Institute.

(2) No person shall establish, operate, advertise or promote a scheme of pyramid selling.
(3) ... liable ... to a fine in the discretion of the court or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to both; or (b) on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding $200,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, or to both

This is a joke, right?  There are so many people who are aware of the ability to commit these crimes, tuck away the money, then retire in five years.  It is inconceivable that there are victims whom suffer the rest of their lives, with no retribution.  Investment fraud in Canada is too costly for victims.

What does it take for our courts to set a precedent?  Will we ever be able to feel that fraudsters are unwilling to take part in these crimes based on the fear of what will happen?  We should set a precedent in a case based on the impact the fraud has had on families.  The victim impact statement is a cornerstone to judge determination, and it should be used in these cases to really understand the impact of the criminals.  

Why can't we have a judgement for these proceedings that give victims of fraud a quick turn around for their restitution, that automatically requires 100% of their money be refunded + any losses incurred due to the scheme and court proceedings?

If no money is able to be paid back, then the criminal should be thrown in jail for a maximum sentence.  For every 10% they pay back, they get 10% off of their sentence.  

If there are multiple victims, and the case is clearly fraud, all assets should be immediately frozen.  Those funds will sit in an incubator account with the victims names on it until sufficient evidence proves exact dollar amounts to be released.

The criminal has the choice of pleading guilty within 1 year with a greatly reduced sentence, or they can go to trial with a conviction sending them away for 20 + years.

We need to start thinking about the victims!!



Jason Laramee - One Sick Puppy! Fraud, Lies, Corruption


You may be alive in the physical sense, but it truly is the feelings that the people in this world have for others which creates their existence.  You are someone that now has no surroundings and no substance to go forward in our world.  We banish you! You can now rot in your mind prison state.

I guess you thought it was money that was going to bring you wealth of existence.  The view into your mind has no wealth, and you are an individual that cowardly preys on people who want to get further in this world.  I guess the saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't" stands here.

I wonder what you are thinking right now as you sit in front of your computer with your Tim Hortons coffee and nobody but yourself to talk to?

This is a forum that is meant to bring stories out about people like Jason Laramee.  There is no moderation to the posts and I encourage you to let us know your thoughts on Jason Laramee.

We have a new request to show the Global News video regarding this.  Here it is!