Fight Crime in the World: Call for a Meeting - Regarding Jason Laramee Case


Call for a Meeting - Regarding Jason Laramee Case

Hello Everyone,

We cannot let momentum die for this case and we need to come up with a strategy for getting your money back.

The time has come for a Town Hall discussion, where we can ensure that the powers that can give this money back, are doing what it takes to make it happen.

If you would like to be there, please send an email to

Our goal is to share everyone's story online so that the impacts of Jason Laramee's actions are truly understood.

The time has come to end fraud, or at least do what we can to stop it.

This is not a joke, if you were affected, or would be willing to help out, please send us an email.  We need to know that there is interest and then we will set a date for the meeting/interviews.

You never know what will happen, as long as we put our best foot forward.


Anonymous said...

jason did nothing wrong, you need to all get over it and leave the guy alone he was a successful buisness man your bordem to butt your noses into everyones life must stop. dont agree and never will.....

have fun ruining peoples lives when you got your own boring life to live bec thats how it looks..

Anonymous said...

You all are a bunch of morons, get over it and f*ucken move on he has paid back everyone of you and you have nothing better to do then put hes name down, i dont beleive a word you say and ur all jelous of him fuk off and move on losers if you only had half the brain he did maybe you would be succesful like him! Get a fukn job and move on and stop bringing down the mans name.... Non of this is true and you all have a serious mental issue talking about him contantly... Eat shit and move on

Anonymous said...

Thank you atleast your one of the smart ones who knows the truth about him ... Thank you and im sure your as smart as he is wonderful person, father and buisness man.