Fight Crime in the World: May 2012


Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis - Hope Still Lives for Justice

In a post on Youtube, someone is trying to make a new connection to the murder of Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis.  I do not know how credible it is, as there are some holes in the possibility of it, but it is worth posting.  Someone is stating that the two were known to go to a sports betting restaurant and it may have something to do with their death.  The connection is to the murder of George Koutroubis who was killed for attempting to collect a debt of $27,000 that was owed to him by Andrew Cambpell of Whitby, Ontario.  Andrew Campbell killed George Koutroubis in his garage and then it became known that the restaurant was also used for poker games.  The poster through the link below states that they know that Oliver and Dylan went to this place and were a part of the betting.

The issue with that is that Dylan and Oliver had left the scene and were on route home, then turned around to come back to drop off the keys.  If you were looking to kill them with the gambling connection I think that it would have happened when they first left.  It makes no sense for the killer to be on a bike waiting, getting extremely lucky that they came back to drop off the keys.

It seems too random in my eyes, and although Dylan and Oliver did play cards, I do not see how it could be to the point of them being murdered for it.

I think the time has come for this case to fully open to the public so that we can help generate our own leads.  The wonderful Toronto Police, who we truly do appreciate can seriously use our help.  If there is anyway that we can gain access to all of your files on this case we can help uncover the truth.  I still hold to my original thoughts that the killer is from the neighbourhood.  We need to start to talk about this case again, as it has been too long, with too much heartache for the families to not have any justice.

If you know anything about this case the time is now for you to come forward.  I am sure that there would be a chance to negotiate a substantial REWARD for you helping the families, and I already know that there is a reward that is in place already.

Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis need your help now, as that killer is still out there causing damage.

This is an extremely sad case, where closure seems so far away.  It breaks my heart to know that there is nothing to go on this case.

You can maybe do something about though.  The assailant is clearly known to the Toronto Police.  He must have some sort of a record, and he should have told somebody something.

Please come forward we are begging for your knowledge of that night.  You would want the same for your family, and I am sure that the killer of these men, is not in a good place right now.  The guilt must mean something.  It feels as if the killer committed this crime and then disappeared.  The silence is also hope as that means the path of knowledge that does come through is likely credible.

James Massey Murder - No Need for This

I had taken a break from writing on any topic for the past while, but now I am back, and it feels good to put words to blog, again.

It has to do with motivation for writing and now that I have seen yet another murder of someone that I knew, I am puzzled over how many people that are dying by the hands of insane people.  When I went to High School in Toronto I became acquaintances with James Massey, who no matter, always greeted me with a smile.  He seemed like one of those guys that would always be there for his friends and was a person that clearly had respect as a child, which was clearly learned from his family.  

Two days ago I heard about a murder that happened at Oriole Park, in the Davisville and Yonge area, yet I had not heard a name.  But then yesterday I saw that it was in fact James Massey, and I knew that when I did a Google search for the name, that it would be his image associated to the story.  What a sad moment in time.  I never knew David Ludwig, but supposedly there was an altercation amongst the two of them. The sad thing is premeditation is clearly involved because you do not carry a shotgun around with you when going too meet someone at a park.  There are some oddities about this case though, as I do not understand how the neighbours were able to identify the person as being David Ludwig, when they most likely did not know the man.  The only way they could do so in my eyes is by seeing him, then the friends of the victim knowing that they met, being able to have the cops then show a picture of the suspect to the neighbours for identification.  

Without a doubt this is a strange story, but most notably a sad one.  It makes no sense for someone to have a shotgun in Toronto, and for someone to meet up with someone having a shotgun in their possession, you would think the victim would see that they had a shotgun, as it is not the easiest weapon to conceal.  

In a moment like this I send my deepest thoughts to the family and friends of James Massey, the latter of which I know of.  This is the third person that I know who has been murdered, and it seems like this is the only one that has someone being held accountable.  

We can only shake our head at people who are willing to throw their life away over a feud.  If James Massey ever did something for you, or you have something to say about him as a person, please post your comments as  it will be a nice gesture to show the true colours of a good man.

Alex Christoff, Oliver Martin, Dylan Ellis, and James Massey - RIP - Your hearts live on in the lives that you touched.