Fight Crime in the World: James Massey Murder - No Need for This


James Massey Murder - No Need for This

I had taken a break from writing on any topic for the past while, but now I am back, and it feels good to put words to blog, again.

It has to do with motivation for writing and now that I have seen yet another murder of someone that I knew, I am puzzled over how many people that are dying by the hands of insane people.  When I went to High School in Toronto I became acquaintances with James Massey, who no matter, always greeted me with a smile.  He seemed like one of those guys that would always be there for his friends and was a person that clearly had respect as a child, which was clearly learned from his family.  

Two days ago I heard about a murder that happened at Oriole Park, in the Davisville and Yonge area, yet I had not heard a name.  But then yesterday I saw that it was in fact James Massey, and I knew that when I did a Google search for the name, that it would be his image associated to the story.  What a sad moment in time.  I never knew David Ludwig, but supposedly there was an altercation amongst the two of them. The sad thing is premeditation is clearly involved because you do not carry a shotgun around with you when going too meet someone at a park.  There are some oddities about this case though, as I do not understand how the neighbours were able to identify the person as being David Ludwig, when they most likely did not know the man.  The only way they could do so in my eyes is by seeing him, then the friends of the victim knowing that they met, being able to have the cops then show a picture of the suspect to the neighbours for identification.  

Without a doubt this is a strange story, but most notably a sad one.  It makes no sense for someone to have a shotgun in Toronto, and for someone to meet up with someone having a shotgun in their possession, you would think the victim would see that they had a shotgun, as it is not the easiest weapon to conceal.  

In a moment like this I send my deepest thoughts to the family and friends of James Massey, the latter of which I know of.  This is the third person that I know who has been murdered, and it seems like this is the only one that has someone being held accountable.  

We can only shake our head at people who are willing to throw their life away over a feud.  If James Massey ever did something for you, or you have something to say about him as a person, please post your comments as  it will be a nice gesture to show the true colours of a good man.

Alex Christoff, Oliver Martin, Dylan Ellis, and James Massey - RIP - Your hearts live on in the lives that you touched.


Anonymous said...

I knew James and loved him as well, happiest, frienliest, outgoing man ever to walk the earth. I'm a friend of Morgan's and was with them often over 16 years.
Dave went to Northern, he and James and Morgan were all hanging out at Dave's 2 nights before Dave shot James, there was no problems at that time between them.
James probably did see the shotgun, articles said neighbors heard a one sided argument, James was already held at gun point and obviously made his decision to face Dave.
I knew Dave as well, he was very close with Morgan and James.
I don't think anyone will ever know what happened, Dave will spin a storey.
I believe friends told police that Dave fit the description then neighbors id'd him but I don't know for certain.

Toronto Crime said...

Thank you for sharing. The scary thing is that someone was able to own a shotgun, and then kill a person they had known for a very long time. It will be difficult to actually prove he actually shot James, as it was dark, and the residue would have washed off. If they were able to retrieve the shotgun, being in Dave's possession, it would be a closed case. Without that, he could clearly spin the story as someone who came across James after he had left. Hopefully you can smile with the friendship you had and that all of his close pals are able to live their lives in his honour, aspiring to be their best with his spirit pushing them forward.


Anonymous said...

I hope they do live their lives in James honour too and aspire to be the best. Great thoughts, thank you for sharing.

I hope dave never gets out! He had that shot gun for many years too.

Anonymous said...

The gun was found in his apartment... no spinning a story out of this one.

Anonymous said...

Horrible. James was such an amazing guy

Anonymous said...

My son was friends with James. I keep looking for updates regarding trial and sentencing, but I can't find anything. Does anyone out there know what is going on?

Anonymous said...

Is there any info on what happened with the trial if anything yet?

Anonymous said...

Dave went to Forest Hill for a couple years--never Northern.

At any rate, it's truly a tragedy, and curious that nothing has been reported for almost 2 years now. How far out is a court date typically scheduled?

Anonymous said...

I also have been searching for a trial date...or ANY kind of update regarding this. There has been NO media coverage since the arrest. Surely there must be some news by now.

Anonymous said...

2 more years and nothing...

Anonymous said...

James lived in my apartment building. I too have been searching online to find anything about a trial, a guilty plea, sentencing, dismissal...anything. But there is nothing.