Fight Crime in the World: June 2012


Vallery Penney - Parents Need an Immediate Solution for Potential Abductions

How can it be that we have children being abducted, yet no safety mechanisms in place to get the information out to the public.  Imagine we were all connected by an alert system that would send every member a message instantly from someone who is missing their child and knows that they are acting out of character by not being home on time.

Here is an example, where we are just finding out today about a possible abduction.  Here are the search results for Vallerie Penney Toronto on Google:

It is wrong for the first listing to be from today...The parents must have known that something was wrong that night, or at least by Sunday, depending on curfews, etc...We should setup an Alert system for all of us to use, as we would have a better chance of finding her soon after the abduction, if that is what it was.  We all hope and pray for Vallerie to have a safe return.  This is proof that we need to open that doors to more information in the hands of the citizen.  The Toronto Police Services are absolutely amazing at what they do.  We see the commitment everyday.  This is a procedural request and I hope there can be gates that open for the public to receive immediate alerts to possible scenarios like this.

Has anybody seen this girl (question mark)

We should all join sides in this fight to help stop criminal acts.  It is sickening to think that there are people out there right now who have no decency, no honour for the world, and the most selfish of tendencies.  We should make it be known that there is no way that we will stand for this, by joining forces.

We can all be that group that shares information, and we can all make sure there is a road that we all can travel on.  Let us join hands in the fight to save people, by alerting the powers that hold the early information, that we need a chance to help you.  A release of Wednesday is too late, when the disappearance was from Saturday.

I think you would commit to joining a group that helps to stop abductions.  Post your comments if you agree or disagree.  Share your story, and help find Vallerie Penney.


Luka Rocco Magnotta - You are a Zero

Luka Magnotta - A Man That Needs a Disappearing Act

We have to face it that this world is full of minds of varied capacities.  Some of which are tainted, and usually grounded in a relationship they had with their loved ones.  How can we even conceive of the capacity to kill? Luka Rocco Magnotta is clearly a stain on the world we live in.  There are so many questions to ask.  I feel as though this murder and the subsequent fanfare is playing into his desire for fame.  We see a man that was attempting to be on the cover of magazines, trying to be an actor for the world to see, and always creating an online image of someone who was already famous.  Perhaps this is grounded in the love he never had while at home.  Is it possible that he was neglected to an extreme point while at home, creating this demon that constantly needed to be in the spotlight as a way to fill a void?

There is no excuse for this man to have done what he did.  Luka Rocco Magnotta is clearly a psychopath without a clue of how to act decent within the world.  He was at the end of his rope, and felt that if nobody was going to grant him the chance at the fame in a "normal" way, he was going to grab it the only other way he could.  That is where the internet came into play for him.  He was able to post, create, and cause a "buzz" online, and all it took was a little bit of time.  That gave him the notoriety he was yearning for.  It allowed him to be in the spotlight.  I feel that the "gore" site that he went to was something that sparked an interest in trying to post something that nobody could believe they watched.  The nobody would believe aspect happened, as we see with the lawyer attempting to tell Toronto Police that there was a murder posted, yet the Police brushed it off as a digital enhancement, and not real.

It would not surprise me if Luka has in fact killed himself already.  His sole goal was to live on as some sort of a legend.  Shamefully enough it was the legend of a psychopath.  The murder of Lin Jun is a closing point to Luka's life.  He has the most evil form of vanity within his heart, and since he has fulfilled that desire to be seen on every newspaper, he will most likely not need to live on.  Someone who holds themselves as highly as he does will not put up with going to jail.  Jail is not a place for people that feel they are "devastatingly good looking".  We look to see if people are mentally sane when trying to convict them.  In my eyes, anyone who kills someone is insane to some degree, and there needs to be accountability.  From the video footage I saw for him when he was trying out for OutTV, he seemed off, and that was 5 years ago.  This whole situation came about from a man who was losing a grip on his dream to be a star, and was tired of living the same life.

For a site that allows videos to be posted in order to fulfill the fetishes of lunatics, is completely insane.  A site like that serves as a stepping stone for people to post horrific footage, or to be incited by what they see to enact on fulfilling those sick needs in person.  It is horrible to think that he felt compelled to upload that video on Friday, right after the murder.  It makes no sense for him to have done this, as that action makes it seem like the upload was the goal here, and a way for him to become famous.

You have your dream Luka Rocco Magnotta.  You are now one of the most heinous people to ever grace this planet, and we hope you suffer greatly no matter what path your fate has led you down.  You could have been decently famous within a circle of friends that loved you, but instead you chose to remove love from your life in order to kill the dreams of another.  You may have your fifteen minutes in the spotlight, but you surely will not have anything more.  Fifteen minutes may go longer, but the thought of you as an individual is more like zero minutes.  Zero minutes of respect, zero minutes of love, and zero minutes to ever hold you high in regard.  You have died in the minds of the citizens, and although you may be alive reading your online fame, you chose to die the moment you felt compelled to take Lin Jun's life.

Luka Magnotta has been arrested - Not only that but this insane person also pleaded not guilty -

Is this all a part of the sensationalist attitude that this man has?
Why would anyone want to prolong this case, when he seems to be guilty to the tenth degree?
Why would he drag his family and the victims family through a trial?

Could he possibly think that he will get away with this?

It is interesting to see how this case could potentially unfold, since there is no way of connecting Luka Magnotta to the crime scene, at least in our readings.  The assumption of his guilt is so great that there is no need for the newspapers to discuss the evidence.

We should look at the facts:

1.  He disappeared aboard a flight the day after a video was posted on
2.  The fact that has a video uploaded, it will be traceable to his computer
3.  The torso was found in the back of his apartment building
4.  He had a relationship with Jun Lin, 33


1.  He is a psycho that kills cats and video tapes it
2.  Luka Magnotta has given many people the chills when they interact with him
3.  He will do anything for fame
4.  His own family was worried about him, and tried to get him help previously, to no avail
5.  The look on his face is the most concerning expression ever
6.  He has done many odd things in his life - Multiple face-lifts before 29 years old, over 400 Facebook accounts created, creating online profiles to spread stories of fame

Is it possible that even with a video, this man may get off?  Is there any evidence that rests with the victim, pointing a finger to Luka Magnotta?

The mind climes to these evil heights from year's of mental anguish.  This man has had issues for more than a decade clearly, and we need to have better safety measures in place to make sure that these types of people are caught before anything like this happens again.