Fight Crime in the World: September 2012


Mayor Rob Ford - Toronto Politics and the Brats

It should be considered a crime for The Toronto Star to be representing Mayor Rob Ford the way it does.  The news should be a balance of each side, not propaganda to promote only one side.  It is a shame that The Star has gone through such lengths to emotionally breakdown a man, who is human and makes mistakes, but you will always find his heart in the right place.

Here is a link to The Star which will prove the negative approach the newspaper is taking to hurt the image of Rob Ford.

This man never took any money from anyone, he only wanted to help kids, and for the City of Toronto to cause this man grief for doing so, shame on you.  Your hatred is disgusting, and the fact that you make fun of a man because of his weight is utterly repulsive.  You can taunt all you want by showing videos of this man leaving KFC.  You can laugh at a butter sculpture which only spews bullyism, and you can write nonsense about this man all you want.  One thing will remain.  This man is a great Mayor, and he is doing the right things to help us balance in the future.

It is funny that there is always a camera waiting for him to mess up.  You have nothing better to do than to follow a man around, hope he or his family slips up, while you wait with your nets to cast your hatred.

Mr Paul Magder is someone who needs to seriously check himself at the door, removing his motives for destruction, and being reasonable.  Why would the Mayor lose his seat over something so menial?  Charity people! Charity!! If it was suck a big aspect for him to not be able to vote on the payback of the monies, wouldn't someone inform him to not show up?  Clearly it is not a big deal, and for the Left to be gripping onto the matter in this fashion, goes to show you the pathetic qualities of Toronto politics.

Paul Magder should be ashamed of his actions, and so should the girl that made the butter sculpture.  You are trying to live your agenda instead of living with someone else's input.  There will come a time when your vote will help the victor.  For now, please give your suggestions and fight for change, but don't seek revenge for losing a vote.  Face it...Rob Ford is an incredible Mayor.  He is making the changes that nobody else would face.

Here is a portion of the video catalogue on The Star's website:

Clearly there is no love.  The newspaper's website even dedicates itself to celebrating comments which prove the Star's hatred for Rob.  We need our visitors to feel we respect whom we elect, otherwise their is discourse in politics.  The vote was cast, the victor is working hard, yet a newspaper embarrasses this city daily by defaming his character.

Here is The Star revelling in their childish ways.

I think Paul Magder needs to feel what Ford is going through right now.  From every angle people like Mr. Magder are sucker punching, and kicking while their opponent is down.  I hope that we have the decency in the courts to not let our allies choose the outcome.  The fact remains that he never meant to harm anyone, and his actions need to be applauded.  Look at this man's heart.  It is there for you to witness in all of its sincerity and desire to do good.  The selfless acts, the personal donations, the time committed to kids, and the time put toward the city.  These are the facts which should build conclusions of his character.

Here is the only example you need to see in order to pin your thoughts against the wasteful Paul Magder:

If you ask me, he "inadvertently" participated in the vote.  There is comedy in the fact that this is the only story they could dig up.  Mr. Magder is more likely to have scratches against his character than is Mr. Ford.