Fight Crime in the World: October 2012


Cabbagetown Murder - Nighisti Semret

It is hard to imagine that in a home I have been in, there was a murder in the alleyway beyond her bricks.  I too lived near by, with the line of site illustrated below.  Many people support the neighbourhood, giving it praise for historical significance, and for being a great neighbourhood.  I know first hand that there are major problems in the area, making it volatile for violence at any moment.  

Is it possible there was enough intent to warrant a premeditated attack?  
Do you feel there is no way that someone would do this to her, whom knew her?  
Is it possible that she passed by someone who harassed he for money, but she reacted in a way which offended the person?  If that is the case, is it possible that he had a large knife, and dark clothing to hide in the night, responding immediately in that way?

Either way, Nighisti Semret has suffered a gripping fate where sorrow can only be marginalized.  If we all do our job with the information, something could come to light.  

The intent rests with the attire, and the savageness of the attack.  To be screaming at her, and plummeting a 10 inch knife into someone more than 10 times, there is passion for certain.  He clearly does not usually wear a white shirt around his face, and carry a 10 inch knife, while wearing all black.  It was as if planned, as he knew to grab the knife from his jacket right as she turned the bend in the alleyway.  

Then there is a side of me that feels the randomness completely.  If someone was contracted to kill someone, they would not be yelling about having sex with their dead body.  It is simply psychotic tendencies that brought a random act of violence.  She kept to herself, but would enjoy friendships when there was time.  She was a mother with a goal, and nothing would hold her back from achieving it.  There are many people in the area that have serious drug and drinking problems.  The fact they would be willing to do this at 7 AM on a weekday, while screaming their lungs out, shows a disconnect with reality.  Possibly a random hate crime (Do you know a racist in the area, whom struts uniquely?).  

I think there is a strong case for the fact someone was going to die that night, and Nighisti Semret was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Here is my vantage point to this murder, from my apartment to the alleyway.  This is eerily close to home.          

Now we should look at the map for the area to determine where he could possibly live.  It is possible that he lives along the route of Mrs. Semret, then saw her and ran outside.  I feel as though you can see the rain on the umbrella in the surveillance video, but you can't see any wetness to his jeans or jacket.  He could have been lying in wait somewhere, just wanting to kill someone.  Here is where the story gets interesting because we conflicting messages from the witnesses, where one states he chased them on his electric bike, while the cops state the video shows him also leaving.  If there is an also leaving video, we should also see that as well.  Also, the cops state that he is white.  Yet, I read an article mentioning that the witness states that he was mulatto.  This is not good for the investigation.  The Toronto Police should come out with a factual update, rebuking the notions of the eye witness directly, or giving them credibility.  

If you ask me, this guy followed her through the parking lot that is on the West side of Bleecker St.  I say that because you cannot see him coming up north on Bleecker, nor can you see Nishisti Semret travelling north in order to turn right into the alleyway she took.  

Above is a photo of a camera on Sherbourne, which possibly caught a glimpse of the suspect.  For him to purposefully head back in the direction he came suggests that he has a final destination that is the same as where he first saw Nighisti Semret.  

Below is another camera.  I can imagine the suspect sitting on the side of this street which runs off of Carlton Ave, and he catches notice of Nighisti by herself, and this is where he pursues her to Sherbourne, then North to the parking lot, and then through the parking lot to cross Bleecker and get to the Alleyway.

With not much to go on, it is going to take the ability of the public to know who their acquaintances are, where a missing knife might be, who could have done this.

I know of one man who has a tendency to go off the handle, and most likely lives in the area.  Whenever I see him he is yelling at someone, and has a tendency for violence.