Fight Crime in the World: December 2012


Chris Skinner Murder - Free Yourself From Guilt & Tell What You Know

This page has been opened for Taryn to post her insight on any leads.  The murder of Chris Skinner is eating away at us, and "them."

We are the people that wish to show our love for life.  "They" are the ones who have allowed this murder to live in silence.  We will do what we can to show the men that were in that car, that they have a choice right now.  A choice to bring closure for a family that has seen a reminder of their brother or son, everyday.  Yet, those close to Chris Skinner are unable to live through those memories to create new reminders of what Chris means to them.  To have a date that is the last day of new memories, is an end in time for these wonderful people.  They deserve to have a new date in their minds.  A date where closure for this heinous act occurred.

The guilt is rotting in your mind, and the only way for you to overcome guilt, is to meet the judgement that holds you accountable.  You are clearly in an imprisoned state right now.  The walls surround you, with nobody to confide in.  There must be a parent, or a friend who has their suspicions.  It is simple, you too are guilty if you do not submit what you know.  You may say to yourself, "no, not my boy", he would never do that.  But, the reality is, someone committed that crime, and if you know of someone with a Black Durango 1998, then you really should bring those facts to light.

How can these men live on with decency?
How is it possible for them to live everyday knowing that they can bring justice with their words?

In reading and watching many videos, we can only put our efforts to help the fight in locating the driver.

The Quebec theory is:

It is possible there is no license plate on the front of the car.  It is acceptable in Quebec to only have a plate on the back of a vehicle.  Since it was the weekend, it is possible that these people came to Toronto to have a good time, staying in a hotel, only to go home, back in Quebec.

Due to the silence that is culminating around the perpetrators, I feel as though two brothers were a part of the group in the car.  People are more likely to stay silent when a family member's life is at stake.

- It would be fair to say that the perpetrators were between 19 and 25 years of age
- Black Durango 1998
- Quebec Car
- Ontario car

Actions to Take:
- We must look into records of all Black Durango's 1998 that were registered to people aged 19-25 in QB
- Get media coverage in Quebec with a plea for people to remember anyone of that age group that had access to a Black Durango 1998 in the year 2009, who may have driven to Toronto.
- Perhaps he needed to sell the vehicle soon after to get rid of the evidence, and the murder weapon.  Does someone have a way of looking into registration records?  If so, is it possible to search that database for Black Durango's 1998 to find out which of them have been sold and re-registered under a different name?
- Get IP Addresses for anyone in Quebec who has watched the Police video

We cannot make the assumption that they are Quebec plates simply because it may appear that there is no front plate.
Even if it was an Ontario car, how many 19-25 year olds would be driving a Black Durango 1998 in 2009?  There must be a way to pull a list and then try to match the driver license photo to someone with a short military style haircut, with light skin.  That search should considerably lower the pool of suspects.
We could then take it one step further and assume that, if it is an Ontario vehicle, that they were trying to get to the DVP in order to get to their home outside of the city.  Perhaps in Durham?  We no for sure that there are people who did not want the person to be run over.  As there were up to four people in the car, the 3 non-drivers, undoubtedly wish they could take that moment back.  The driver, maybe not.   For him to even do this action, he may be too cold to even understand the pain he has caused.  One thing is for sure, there are people that were present in that car who are suffering right now.  They laugh less.  Love less.  Hate more.  Have more anger.  And, they surely know that they hold the key to Taryn's only hope.

Wake up!  Give your two two cents.  Begin a conversation, and be sure to think back to that era.  Did you know someone that had access to a Black Dodge Durango 1998?  Do you feel that there was a difference in the character of someone you know with that vehicle?


Nighisti Semret - A Psycho Lives Near

I think it is awful to know that nobody has been able to give a solid lead in the case of Nighisti Semret. This was a mother, wife, and she freshly came to this country in order to pave a path for her family.

The problem rests with communication of the events and what the witnesses said to police.  The scumbag who claimed to have been chasing the assailant, yet got his scooter wheels stuck in the tracks while in pursuit, is pathetic.  He caused mixed signals early on, and with his need to be a fake hero, he set the stage for misinformation to be in the hands of citizens.

Not only did that witness lie about chasing him, he also lied about the direction the killer ran in, as the surveillance footage clearly shows him running the opposite direction.  The witness also claims that the killer was "Mulatto", yet the police were not willing to change their description of the suspect from "white".  This is a serious problem, as those who may have had an idea of who the killer could be, are now left with disinformation, and no chance of being able to clearly characterize the suspect.

This killer is most likely in need of medication, or drugs on a regular basis.  My true feeling is that he would have ultimately robbed Nighisti Semret, but had to run away.  His need for drugs was too powerful for him to realize the veracity of his crime.  Also, this killer was ready to commit this act.  He was wearing dark clothing, and had a long kitchen knife.  Of course he had premeditated the act, but not the victim.  He knew there would be noway for someone to stop him from his need.

It is now December, and all news outlets have seemingly stopped reporting the crime, as their releases are only as interesting as the information they receive.  Rest assured, if an update came, they would be all over it.  The question is, why do we not keep pressuring these killers?  There should be non-stop questions, pressure from the media, interrogations at the local level, and bloggers putting the pieces together to help in any way they can.

This killer is still out there...He could be doing this to more people soon...It pisses me off that those witnesses who said they had tried to chase him were in fact lying.  They sidetracked the investigation, and all in the name of lies.  The time has come to make sure that people speak of this crime.  It blows my mind that there is no footage within the area of someone doing something suspicious, which could create a lead.  He probably lives in subsidized housing around the neighbourhood, and must be acting extremely out of character at this very moment.  Nobody could do that, then easily continue on in life.

I challenge The Toronto Star, Sun Media, CTV, CityTV, and the other major players to start to put the pressure on.  Talk about it!  Get in the face of local citizens.  This killer is walking past people everyday with a huge secret.  That secret could be unearthed by paying attention to details.

If The Toronto Police would release an update that confirms more of the description, we would have something more concrete.  I am surprised that they do not have the equations to be able to pinpoint the assailants height from the video.  Nighisti Semret's height is known, and walks the same path as her, we should be able to pin his height based on the shadows moving in the video clips.


Please help us, and put your two cents in through comments below.  In our hearts you have made an impact Nikki.  We love you for what you represented.  What a shameful act for someone to have committed, and we will be here to help you find justice in your eternal sleep.

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