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Auto Insurance in Ontario - Dalton McGuinty Screwed Us

Not every criminal in this blog is to be tried.  They may not face a judicial enquiry all the time.  There are special circumstances for crime blogs where the immune are casted as criminals.  Although we cannot see them bare handcuffs, we know in our hearts that they are worse than any criminal.  In this case we look to the former Premier of Ontario, Dalton Mcguinty.  He made us all worse off by giving the advantage to the companies we are forced to pay premiums to.

Criminal McGuinty
One would have to believe that Dalton Mcguinty is a criminal.  Why would anyone leave office so abruptly after recently winning a minority government at the polls?

From coal plant contracts, to ORNGE, all the way to how auto insurance is handled in this Province; there is one thing that is clear, this man has screwed Ontario taxpayers in the name of big business.

Take a look in the mirror to see the micro implications, while multiplying what has happened to you by 12.8 million.  Not to say that everyone drives, but everyone has been impacted by Dalton Mcguinty.
Here is a petition that I created, which seems to be gaining momentum:

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Auto Insurance in Ontario
Average Ontario Auto Insurance Rate Increase 2010

Dalton Mcguinty is nothing but a *&$CH who screwed us all.

If Kathleen Wynn wants to gain my favour, she would bring normalcy to our rates.  The checklist to ensure you pay more is pathetically long, and arduous.  Our system makes anyone sick, when they compare it to their homelands.

Driving history is not quite driving history anymore.  The insurance companies will do whatever it takes to make you start at square one, forcing you to pay higher rates if you arrive from another country.

In researching for this article, I came across an impressive writeup called Lilley's Pad, which has personal inferences about Dalton.  It clearly shows how he lies to the public.  Here is the excerpt that I appreciated the most:

"He’s one of the few politicians I have made speechless when I called him out at a news conference, exposed his lie about how a hospital would be funded. He looked down at his shoes, paused and said next question. He didn’t have much of an answer because he was lying to the people."

This man should lose his future.  He has no shame, yet can look you in the eye and claim to be a family man.  It is clear that his next move will be to the private sector, where he can thrive under the policies he enacted with profiting bias.

In the end, we are suppose to feel that the Ontario government is there to work for us.  The only problem is that they are clearly not.  They protect the need for profit, passing regulatory adjustments that put the opinion in the hands of companies.  This has to change, and it has to change now!!


The Ontario Premiership could ride on the coat tails of Auto Insurance in Ontario.  If we look at the possibilities, our next Premier has the ability to help the people by coming down on the Auto Insurance companies of Ontario.  They are scumbags.  I can tell you straight out that State Farm Insurance is a professional outfit of scam artists.  It truly only exists to raise your rates, and when you need them they will turn you away.  State Farm Insurance can eat it!

WE THE PEOPLE ARE COMING FOR ALL OF YOU SCUMBAGS!  Your profit makes me sick!  Think about the people for once.

The Toronto Star article On Auto Insurance in Ontario