Fight Crime in the World: February 2013


Toronto Construction Corruption - Toronto Mafia Families

It is clear to me that the City of Toronto is no better off than Montreal when it comes to the Mafia having all of the contracts.

The mafia in Toronto have a rich history, with generally unruffled feathers guiding them through greed and power.  We can look no further than the exploits of Cosimo Stalteri, who emigrated to Canada and for some reason was able to build the Calabrese to unchartered international levels without obtaining one conviction while living here.  He was convicted of crimes in Italy before his arrival, yet not one conviction while he created the largest network of criminals this country has ever seen.  People like Mr. Stalteri are what have made the burden a little bit heavier for taxpayers.  It is organized crime which seeks to profit from the exploits of this system.  Here is a excerpt from the National Post, "Mr. Stalteri was tracked by the police in Canada for decades. In 1992, Canadian police at a secret summit on organized crime conference pinned him as a significant leader of the ‘Ndrangheta in Canada. He was named as the boss of one of 10 ‘Ndrangheta clans in Ontario, based in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa and London."  It is interesting to note just how prevalent these gangsters are.  They are in every city, every infrastructure opportunity, and they help bleed the citizens of money through inflated prices, and fraudulent activities.  Cosimo Stalteri killed someone in Italy in 1973, and nobody extradited him from Canada to pay for his crime.  The sick scumbag even had 200 people at his funeral.  They are everywhere, and they need to be dealt with by the law.  

But, with our friend Mayor Ford at the helm, this city may realize greater returns in the long run.  It seems as though the bid process has been opening up considerably.  Why did I have a childhood of only seeing a select few companies with their cones displayed on the road?  How does someone have such a firm grip on society?

Here is a great site that is meant for city bidding:


When the city is involved, there is complacency.  Mix that with threats or fear, and the snowball can exacerbate to relentless pain for our citizens.  They do not look to help us.  The criminals of these organizations only seek to hurt us for their profit.  Rid the mafia, and we gain respect back.  I am surprised that there has not been threats made against Mayor Ford for his success in opening the process up.

If we are to think the corruption of construction was only in Montreal, we are naive.  Here is a link to the Toronto Sun article about Tony Accurso, who is charged with corruption.  In connection to that case was Frank Zampino, who was on the Executive Committe in Montreal and later took on a job that was facilitated by Accurso.  One things has always remained, the fact that the mafia and those involved in it only care about themselves.  This has always been true!  Look only to John Gotti, Sammy Gravano, "The Chin", Joe Bonano, and any other mobster.  They only care for themselves, which is also their ultimate destruction.

We love heroes of thought, not thieves of our money.  The hero of thought always reigns, while the hero of selfish money only lands a spot momentarily in our hearts.

The scum that have plagued the City of Toronto with their corruption will get there punishment.  They are not happy people.  I know this personally.  They look behind their backs at all moments, and only seek money with no sense of virtue.

Here is an example of a group of men that think they are tough.  In fact, they are sad excuses for men that will never amount to anything.  All they do is harm us, and we will prevail in the fight against you scum bags:

  • Vincenzo Tavernese, 44, of Thornhill;
  • Cosimo Figliomeni, 45, of Vaughan;
  • Antonio Coluccio, 40, of Richmond Hill;
  • Cosimo Commisso, of Toronto;
  • Angelino Figliomeni, 47, of Woodbridge;
  • Vincenzo “Jimmy” DeMaria, 56, of Mississauga; and
  • Domenic Ruso, 65, of Brampton.
We do not want you in our country!

Put down your guns, be yourself, and the funny thing is, without your "circle of friends", most grandmother's would hurt you.

If that article above does not piss you off, please take a look at this one:

CBC Fifth Estate

This is a man north of Toronto.  He is ruining our lives everyday that he exists.

Peter Scarcella is a pussy.  He runs an operation against humanity.  A real man would be working with the masses to better us, but not this man.  He feels that because he is selfish, that he can steal from us everyday.  I say this man should be hung for his actions against humanity.  His Associates should be disposed of as well.  You hurt us, the people.  Although he is now serving a prison sentence for his role in an attempted murder, Peter Scarcella will one day be released, and he needs to be dealt with before he hurts the City of Toronto again.  We know he is in there plotting.  He is clearly still wealthy.  Where is that money right now?

All of these scumbags need to be sentenced.  There is only crime in capitalism it seems.

One day we will hopefully wake up to realize that money is not the only need.  Profit is not the only thing in sight.  We will be here waiting for that day, writing our beliefs along the way.