Fight Crime in the World: March 2013


Fun with Gangs and Photoshop: Vol. 1

The gangs in this world suffer from one illusion.  Their perception of toughness lacks the truth of actually being tough.  We look at toughness as a way of overcoming, not giving up, and having the mental fortitude to make it in this world regardless of circumstance.

The man below is Christopher (Chris) Sheriffe, 22, of Toronto.  He has been convicted of murdering Singh Golaub, 34.  I am willing to bet that his mommy was never there for him, so he turned to the streets for some sort of love.

Here is another picture I made of the infamous Jamestown Crips.  The only problem is that they have changed their name to sound a bit tougher.  They wanted to encapsulate the idea of giving someone the ultimate name, that truly encompasses their toughness.  I bring you........The Jamestown Clits!  Yes, that is it. They are the wettest group of men in town.  I think it is most fitting, because in my mind they can all go fuck themselves.


Immigrating from China to Canada

Illegal Aliens are an issue for some of us.  But, imagine what most of these people are thinking when they are in their home country.  For example, China; a beautiful country which is rich in tradition, and love for family.  With over one billion people living there, they surely need to allow citizens the ability to move abroad.  That is part of the reason we see signs on Chinese highways speaking of moving to Markham, Ontario.  The need to export their people.  It is not a plot to take over the world in numbers, but rather, they submit to allowing immigration exports as a means to help their sustainability.  It is comical to think that our land only has thirty-five million people on it.

Canada should open the doors to immigrants even more, as the world will soon be one flag, one motivation.  If we can attract bright minds, we will be the future of that flag.  So we must err with caution, but we can certainly offer a home and give the education to allow us to become something powerful when it comes to the civilized world beating as one heart in the future.  Interdependence is bringing us there.  Look to North Korea and the sanctions that were levied so fast against them.  We are  all working as a unit.  Once we maximize the efficiency of these relationships, we will be a world that collectively breathes.  That collectivity rests with us inviting China to buy more of our companies, and allowing more Chinese people to live here, as it will improve our economic status within the world as the leaders of the world will be the brains, and not just the power of ones military.

If there is a problem, we have to deal with it.  If we deal with it head on, it could no longer be a problem, but rather a benefit.  Take illegal immigrants in Toronto, for example, who live here undocumented.  They need access to health care, services which propel them, and a we need to assist in making their transition to Canadianism smooth.  We will not end illegal immigration, but we can stem the issues with it.  In fact we can turn them into benefits!  If you are illegal, and undocumented, why not document you, and give you access to the system, so that you can become something.  After all, the goal is to become something in this world.  I would be proud to have that done under my watch.  I was born here luckily.  I did nothing except fall out of a sac that gave me a breath of air in this great city, Toronto.  It would be an honour to allow someone to take those same breaths.  If you can breathe what I do, later in your life, but seemingly like it was your first breath of freedom, I am all in for that.

The City of Toronto has launched a provision for immigrants which gives them just that.  Since there are tens of thousands of illegals here.  We should legitimize them.

There is a fear though.  In 2006, there were 40,000 illegal immigrants here.  Now, the number is measured to between 100,000 and 250,000.  We should allow the ones that are here to be involved, but it must not become a frenzy of movements, where they descend upon our city from all over the world to be melded into our open arms system.

There is still a structure in place, a law against illegally emigrating to Canada.  That is why we should reward those that come through the system justly, while allowing those that are here illegally now, the ability to assimilate but with not quite the same route as the honest way.  Toronto is a beautiful place and we have so much to offer newcomers.  You will make it in this world, and I hope to meet you when you arrive.

If you are reading this from China and would like advice on how to get here, please leave a comment and I will help you through my immigration consulting services.

Canada Loves You.  Toronto Loves You.  Your Future Will Too.

You are not a Gangster! You are Pathetic - Put your Weapon Away

Dear Toronto,

I write to you as a concerned citizen.  I wonder how it is that we have gotten to this point, where guns and knives are rampant, everyday parts to our city.

Eaton Centre, Toronto, Ontario - The scene of a retaliatory gun battle, where a man lost his life.  He was not an innocent man.  Chrisopher Husbands, who should have already been in jail, was a sick individual who was allowed to commit this act.  It was too late!  He was found with a gun in Hamilton, yet the charges were dropped.  Hello!  He had a gun in his possession...what do you think he was going to do with it?  He should have been thrown in jail.  Nonetheless, he was able to retaliate for a gang issue that he was involved with earlier...guess what?  If there was no need for the gang, there would have been no need for him to kill someone.

Messed up city we live in when death by means other than natural occur.  Here we are claiming that we are civilized people.  I don't care who you are, we are all brothers and sisters in this together.  There needs to be a change.  Why do people commit crimes?  I do not believe it is because they want to be tough.  Toughness is a need among the ailments, not the cause of the ailments.  Fear is what brings a need for toughness.  If we can all share the wealth of the world, we will all enjoy the days within this world.  There are too many random moments causing grief.

I truly think it is up to the individual to make it in this world.  No hands-outs?  Ok, guess what? Many successful people never had a handout.  You are broke?  Ok, you can still use your character to start somewhere and build.  I know my employer would be willing to hear you out and offer you a potential job.
Face it, it is pathetic to walk around with a gun, or a knife.  It is mind blowing that people would do that in order to have a rank, and look tough.  Fool! You are only going to get yourself killed or end up in jail.

Put it down boy.  Be a real man.  Go get a job, smile, and be thankful you are here, since there is so much for you to do in so little time.

Being the bigger man is fighting through the crap, and becoming something to somebody.


Serial Killer/Serial Criminal in Downtown Toronto

It is odd that there are so many murders that happen East of Yonge Street, West of Parliament, with borders of Wellesley and Queen Street.  This area is known to be rampant with unstable people.  I know this from my experience there, where there were institutions within ear shot of either side of my home.  People are dying in this area, being assaulted in this area, and getting away with it.

There was recently a sexual assault in the same neighbourhood, which could be connected to Semret's murder.  You do not graduate to murder with leading up to that.  There are certain steps that a killer takes before getting to that ability.  It is quite possible that the killer has a desire for extreme suffering, which he needs to achieve through others.  He probably likes to have memorabilia of the events, which is why we will probably notice that he talks about the killing to people, as he was not able to take anything from Nighisti that early morning.

I often think back to my house which was visible to the murder scene.  I wonder if I would have been up at that moment with the window open while I have a smoke and drink a coffee (since quit; thankfully).  I think this man lives very close to where the murder happened, and he is fulfilling a need to murder, no matter who it is.

Again, shame on those two men that gave false statements in the beginning of the investigation.  It is sad that someone felt they had to do that.

Here are two articles I wrote about the case:

Nighisti Semret First Post
Semret Second Post

Cabbagetown the Beautiful
Cabbagetown is suffering right now.  Just today there was a sexual assault and an attempted abduction of an 8 year old girl.  It is an area of confusion.  On every block you will see a mix of every class, and type of person available to the human pallet.  When I lived on Rose Ave, every other person that we saw was a drug user.  Yet, every other person we saw seemed to be well-to-do, with jobs that provided for a family.  The area is ripe with crime, and can be scary.  I have been verbally accosted there, but I stayed because it was always a place of beauty too.

From Nighisti's murder, to murders of the past, and now we have sexual assaults; there is always going to be a problem for this neighbourhood, as long as we subsidize the living standards there.  I think every deserves to have their entitlement, but there comes a time when enough is enough.  The killer of Nighisti is not a citizen.  He is not someone that has anything to offer.  Instead, he is most likely part of the support system.

Neghisti Semret:

- Walking home near Sherbourne St and Carlton St and stabbed to death at 7:00AM (2012)
- Links: Cabbagetown Murder Blog, A Psycho is Near, Serial Offender?
- This could be a connected case through this link - 3 quarter length jacket, dark, hood cover

Donna Ogilve:

- Strangled in 1998, at Carton Street and Jarvis St in a parking lot and discovered around 7:00AM
- Links:,

Do you know of any other murders?

If you could offer advice on who could possibly have done this, please let it be known.  No lead is too small.  


Michael Cocomello - Murder in Toronto

Toronto Police Article

Michael Cocomello, 20, has been stabbed to death.  Also known as Michael Mandino.  We can always fetch words like "how" and "why".  The mere fact we need to grasp for answers is the problem within itself.  The senselessness of these acts will always be there, but the acts themselves seemingly never go.  It is as if you could ask anyone who was alone, "is it wrong for someone to be murdered?" and they would clearly say yes.  It is obvious they would do so.  Yet, some of those people would also be killers when the time came.  What would motivate someone to kill, and if the motivation is there, what kind of an idiot takes a weapon with them, as that will leave serious damage in the long run.  Has anyone ever heard of a fist fight?  I am not condoning it, but it is clearly a better solution.  I would rather see a weekend event called "Settle our Differences", where enemies go toe to toe in an effort to squash their beef.

I have no clue who Michael is as a person.  I do feel for his mother needing to hold her son in her arms while he is dying.  What kind of a sick individual would ever kill someone?  The time has come to rid the streets of these cowards.  Do you know someone that had a problem with Michael Cocomello?  If so, you should let it be known.  If you are close to Michael you can help the investigation by speaking about what you know.  As long as what you know gets to someone that can help, that is all that matters.

If you did this to Michael, you will be found, as crime in Toronto always has a way to fend itself away from the likes of people like you.  There is a sickening epidemic happening in this city and we are unable to move away from it.  It is upbringing, impacted by economics, which creates these damn times for people.

Our thoughts are with his family...


Nicola (Nick) Nero - Was it Worth it?

It boggles my mind that people are willing to risk everything they have (freedom) in order to live a lavish lifestyle.  Have we polluted the minds of the masses so much, that we think it is justified to murder, steal, deal drugs, and run organized crime outfits?

People like Nicola Nero may not have committed such heinous acts if they were brought up in a different setting.  I truly believe that we are born into situations, but it is the longevity of a bad situation that engraves the ability to kill someone.  What is the story of this man?  How could he lead to such a troubled existence?

"Love was all around me".  Thankfully I had the feeling instilled in me, and I feel that every citizen in this world is an extension of me, and I feel a love for everyone.  That came from a mother who ensured that I showed respect and to treat people with kindness.  I remember many stories she told me of how she showed the love to other people.  Especially when she speaks of including people that cliques would perhaps not normally include.  It is a reality, groups form and some of the shun other people.  I am thankful that the need for inclusion was enforced in me at an early age.

These life lessons are extremely important for all of us.  I am willing to bet the house on the fact that Nicola Nero never was given that chance.  You can sense his obsessions with exterior beauty, which means he most likely came from nothing.  I sense that he got a glimpse of success with his youth, and that motivated his to become a massive body builder that had a new control in his life.  If prediction was the wreak havoc in this Crime in Toronto blog post, it would be that he had an abusive father, or at least lacked any care from him.  Combine that with the constant fear of being broke, and you have a recipe for destruction.

The world rotates for profit in too many ways.  That profit has bleeding tendencies as some do not have the mental fortitude to create wealth with effort.  Instead they choose to create by simple, physical means.  Lives are ruined by every single activity that Nero took part in.

There are too many connections that this thug was a part of, which means someone will most likely pay the price for that has transpired throughout his arrest.  Thankfully these criminals have been swept off the streets. There may be time left for Nero to learn the decency in life.  Although he may not have been given much of a chance in his youth, perhaps he can extend himself in prison to be a better person, helping people to not be the person that he is now.

The justice system is also to blame!  He was charged for an armoured car heist that happened in 2003, convicted, and sentenced to 9 years in prison.  What was he doing on the streets 2012?  He was convicted of dealing cocaine in early 2000's, then while on bail herobbed the armoured truck and was caught.  His sentence was 9 years.  If he was on bail for the drug dealing, and then committed the robbery and got 9 years, he should have been in jail still.  

Be thankful if you have a wonderful family that treats you right.  It is impossible to appreciate what you don't have, but you can envy what you see in others.  Find your mentor, be nice, and strive for change everyday.

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