Fight Crime in the World: October 2013


Ralph Iacono - The Financial Creep - Toronto Mortgage Scheme

Ralph Iacono SHOULD NOT live in a capitalist society.  To me, capitalism seeks profit in the name of the rules.  No matter how great the profit may be from bending the rules, there is a responsibility to play within the rules that exist.  Ralph Iacono has done the exact opposite.

This man should be thrown in jail, and ordered to pay back the families he hurt.  If he could only see what has happened to some of the families he has hurt.  Ralph Iacono has made one family lose everything because  of his schemes.

His dealings are based in Toronto and surrounding areas.  He operates under a mortgage scheme, and lending scheme, where he has hurt the elderly, and those whom want to get to the next level with a loan.  I know for a fact that he has actually screwed over elderly lenders who trusted him.

He delays everything he can regarding the loan you are suppose to receive.  You want to trust people in his position,so you do.  Next thing you know your monthly payments that you are trying to balance while also trying to build a business with the loan from him, become too much.  You lose everything! Meanwhile, this scumbag moves on to the next victim, where he takes them for a long journey, ripe with large fees.

Ralph boy...mark my words, you will be judged by the viewers of this article whom are familiar with your crimes.  You were charged with crimes for a reason.  The reality is though, you will most likely get away with your crimes with a light slap on the wrist.

I hope we get some responses to this article so people can see just how much of a piece of shit you are to this earth.  Time and time again we hear about pyramid schemes, mortgage schemes with high return promises, and innocent people getting lured by the crooked.  Hopefully one day we will prevail as innocence, instead of having a mixed society that has the lawful, the enforcers of the law, and those whom they punish.

We will haunt your mind for the rest of your days Ralph Iacono.  Good Luck!!!


Rameez Khalid - Toronto Stabbing Victim - Nuit Blanche

A little bit of alcohol, some male bravado, and a complete lack of respect surely makes for a poisonous occasion.  It is hard to believe that we sit at 48 homicides in Toronto this year.  1 is too many.  I feel sadness if these boys that killed Rameez Khalid would be able to get away with this.  Not only is it sadness for the lack of justice, but the sadness that prevails for the killers as well.  The relationships they have throughout the rest of their life will have a tint of this crime shaded within them.  Unknowingly of course, but everything these killers do for the rest of their lives will be impacted by this crime.
They will wake up and hope it to be a new day, where guilt does not prevail; sorry, but it will.  Your mind will always reflect back to this moment, and you will never be able to clear yourself from it.  Well, there is one way; telling someone what you know.  Were you one of the boys there, but did not stab Rameez?  If so, you have a chance to save yourself, right now.

If you let the days past, you will only hurt your chances of complete freedom from guilt.  Do not listen to what the killer is saying.  The time has come for you to put your foot down for respect, opening the door to a new path, which does not limit your capacity to experience happiness for the rest of your life.

We all know that a true "tough guy" has no need for a knife or a gun.  Just too bad someone has to seek the demise of someone because they cannot stand up for themselves.  If another person has no weapon, what would the need be in bringing out a knife?  Why would anyone in a larger group need to pull a knife out?


Is dispatch for all of the cab companies requesting help with determining who picked up these guys?
What is the friend of Rameez Khalid saying about the suspects?
What was the argument about?
If there are any photos, from anyone there that night, they should submit them to police