Fight Crime in the World: December 2013


Gaethan Kitadi, 20 - Murdered in Toronto - During his Birthday Party!

The connection to social media could solve the case of Gaethan Kitadi.  It is obvious that two of the "person's of interest photos" reveal someone that is known.  Take a look for yourself.  This person is obvious to someone and will be found.

I was watching Nancy Grace this week and she was covering the story of "Little Maddi", also known as Madeline Mccain, who has been missing since 2007, after a trip to Portugal.  It turns out, they have traced suspects using cell phone techniques.  It is an arduous task, but we can actually determine who was in the area based on text messages or calls being made.

This will uncover the person in this photo, and it will only be a matter of time until they are caught.  Not to say they killed Gaethan Kitadi, but they can uncover who did.  In fact, he could be speaking to the killer in the photo above.

The senseless violence that plagues this city will be reduced through your commitment to helping to rid the streets of the people that commit the crimes.

Do you know this individual?

There is zero chance that nobody knows this man.  Why?

He is using a social phone and probably has Twitter.
He is very unique in appearance - thick rimmed glasses, vibrant Maple Leafs sweater
Calls will be traced to this phone based on usage
Too many people were there that night