Fight Crime in the World: April 2014


ProPark - Professional Parking Management - Toronto

Welcome to my personal experience with this parking company that is located here:


1 Scott St, P1 Parking Office
Toronto, ON M5A 1E1


I used their machine which stated that I was ok until 6AM to park at 7PM, as long as I paid $6.00.

I felt like writing them a letter and also posting this on my blog so that we can get the word out on Professional Parking Management, which can be found here: ProPark

Sightseeing bus in Toronto
Toronto, the Mecca of parking infractions


I am emailing to let you know that your parking services are a fraud.  I received a ticket tonight, although I paid the correct amount that was mentioned on the sign as we entered.

It clearly stated 6PM - 6AM = $6.00

We paid that amount.  Then, I noticed on the machine, that someone wrote that there was a minimum of $10.00 to pay, but there was no time schedule as to when we should pay that $10.00.  Not only that, but it was written on a piece of computer paper, tied to the machine with scotch tape.

I wanted to let you know that I will never pay your ticket because you have no authority to charge me such.  Not only that, but your use of the english language is offensively wrong.

For the future, you should hire someone that has a higher than grade 3 education as well.  You should not say "Do not paid as posted" when writing your so called "Infraction Notice".  You should write something more like; "Did not pay as posted". It would help you get closer to the queen's language.  We would also think more of your fraud in the future.  Your fraud would at least sound more coherent.  

It is illegal to post 2 different payment amounts.  We, as rule abiding citizens used the payment amount that was associated to a posted time.

Also, so that you can try and make your mickey mouse fraud operation sound more legit, you should try spelling "Offense" as it truly was meant to be in this case; "Offence".  You see, when a citizen breaches the law, he or she has committed a crime, this is called an offence.  In this case though, you are merely stating that someone has become upset, which could be coined in the term, "offensive", with an "S"!!!  If you wish, I can hire someone to help you market your company better in the future.  We will first start with Hooked On Phonics which is a great english tutorial so that you can better represent yourself when trying to commit fraud.

All the best to you and your disgusting little lots.  I will never park under your roof again.  I will also be posting this on my blog, which you can find here:

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Yours Truly,

A citizen that believes in honour.