Fight Crime in the World: ProPark - Professional Parking Management - Toronto


ProPark - Professional Parking Management - Toronto

Welcome to my personal experience with this parking company that is located here:


1 Scott St, P1 Parking Office
Toronto, ON M5A 1E1


I used their machine which stated that I was ok until 6AM to park at 7PM, as long as I paid $6.00.

I felt like writing them a letter and also posting this on my blog so that we can get the word out on Professional Parking Management, which can be found here: ProPark

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Toronto, the Mecca of parking infractions


I am emailing to let you know that your parking services are a fraud.  I received a ticket tonight, although I paid the correct amount that was mentioned on the sign as we entered.

It clearly stated 6PM - 6AM = $6.00

We paid that amount.  Then, I noticed on the machine, that someone wrote that there was a minimum of $10.00 to pay, but there was no time schedule as to when we should pay that $10.00.  Not only that, but it was written on a piece of computer paper, tied to the machine with scotch tape.

I wanted to let you know that I will never pay your ticket because you have no authority to charge me such.  Not only that, but your use of the english language is offensively wrong.

For the future, you should hire someone that has a higher than grade 3 education as well.  You should not say "Do not paid as posted" when writing your so called "Infraction Notice".  You should write something more like; "Did not pay as posted". It would help you get closer to the queen's language.  We would also think more of your fraud in the future.  Your fraud would at least sound more coherent.  

It is illegal to post 2 different payment amounts.  We, as rule abiding citizens used the payment amount that was associated to a posted time.

Also, so that you can try and make your mickey mouse fraud operation sound more legit, you should try spelling "Offense" as it truly was meant to be in this case; "Offence".  You see, when a citizen breaches the law, he or she has committed a crime, this is called an offence.  In this case though, you are merely stating that someone has become upset, which could be coined in the term, "offensive", with an "S"!!!  If you wish, I can hire someone to help you market your company better in the future.  We will first start with Hooked On Phonics which is a great english tutorial so that you can better represent yourself when trying to commit fraud.

All the best to you and your disgusting little lots.  I will never park under your roof again.  I will also be posting this on my blog, which you can find here:

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Yours Truly,

A citizen that believes in honour.


Anonymous said...

This is very true. I have parked my car in the plaza next to William Oslar hospital. I have got ticket and it says customer parking is only allowed for 20 mins but there is no sign that says the customer parking is only available for 20 mins. I have got the ticket for $40 and i have tried to pay the ticket online and there is on line payment service available on the web page all though it says on the website you can pay your parking ticket online by Visa and Master Card. I think Pro Park need to work on certain areas before they issue parking tickets. I am still trying to contact them at the number that they have mentioned on the website there is no response and it goes to the voice message. What type of service is it???

John A said...

You would only need to worry if you consistently park there. It is private. I got one, but will never pay it because it is falsely advertised outside of the lot. I wouldn't pay it if I were you, and I would look for a new parking place.

Anonymous said...

I got the same ticket at the plaza oslar william hospital, my question is will i get bad credit if i don't pay the ticket?

Anonymous said...

Anyone having any experience with no paying a ticket to propark ?

Anonymous said...

I received a parking ticket by parking in plaza next to William oslar hospital too. Ther ei no way you can pay it online....going by the comments here, I plan not to pay. Anyone received any notice etc from collection agency upon not paying these propark parking ticket ?

Anonymous said...

I also received a parking ticket by parking in plaza next to William oslar hospital too.we contacted them they did not answer the phone it goes on voicemail.i want to pay but there is no way to pay online
and also i emailed them two times but they did not reply. i want to ask you guys if i will not gonna pay what will happen?

Anonymous said...

I just got the ticket in the plaza next to William OSlar Hospital.
Has anybody paid such a ticket?
Any follow ups if not paid?
Kindly advise if anybody experienced..

Anonymous said...

I got a ticket on February 12th near the William Osler hospital area. I called and left a message on Saturday morning, and they called me back first thing Tuesday morning (after long weekend) and allowed me to pay the reduced amount by phone.

Anonymous said...

How do you get threw to this company I have emailed twice, called and left 4 messages and no one is returning my call. Does anyone else find this odd ? Theres no way I'm giving my payment info out without speaking to someone. Has anyone else had this issue what did you do ?

Anonymous said...

My wife got the same 'infraction notice'. I don't think this is enforceable and I don't think they'd try too hard without proof of what they advertise. If they actually find us, and contact us, I will ask them for video of my wife entering the lot and paying at the machine where the ticket was not provided.

My wife paid something and didn't get a dashboard ticket to show it; that's the 'offense' (sic) they cite. Their website still has no payment portal; a year later and it's STILL not up? I think it's a shakedown and will ignore it. They're not registered with BBB, there's no website or phone number listed on the ticket, and it's a PO BOX they ask you to mail it to. They also insist 'THIS NOTICE MUST ACCOMPANY PAYMENT' (which kind of seems like their way of reclaiming the evidence).

It actually says on the ticket 'If you do not pay the *voluntary* amount shown within 7 days'... (*s mine). You probably don't want to keep parking on their lots because they probably could tow you or something, but according to the Toronto Parking Authority I'm on the phone with now, this is an invoice - it makes no mention whatsoever of 'City of Toronto'. Lady I spoke with said she only ever got one call from a someone who was actually getting a call from a collection agency - but per the Parking Officer - that's literally all they can do.

Anonymous said...

Update from my comment May 9, 2016 at 2:05 PM:

Spoke with my wife - she actually didn't pay anything, and it did indeed advertise $30. So I'll pay them the money, since it sounds like (after all) she knew what she was getting into: fair enough.

I'm still a little galled by having to go to the trouble of checking this out: if they had a portal to pay through, or you could buy a ticket at a kiosk, or their weird tickets didn't look like scams, it would be easier to accept. It's also annoying that they don't charge you then and there, but force you to snail mail your credit card info within 3 days or forfeit another $10. That's just stupid (and I won't do that - they can figure out another way I can pay securely, or on my own time or they can chase me).

I felt it necessary to correct this though - doesn't seem like outright deception, just maybe bad practice with a bit of high-bar setting to steal another $10. Annoying.

David Campina M said...

I received a ticket, left 5 messages, sent them 2 emails - no response. I decided not to pay. Moreover, my vehicle had a clearly visible handicap permit, so no parking infraction should have been issued.

Anonymous said...

I received a ticket from Propark after parking at a Plaza near Brampton civic hospital when going to the emergency on July 04/2016. I mailed a check to them 3 days after to the address provided on the infraction notice and more than a month now the check has still not been processed by Propark. I have sent them 2 -emails and several phone calls leaving voice messages but nobody has gotten back to me and I fine this very unprofessional. I am wondering now if this company is legit. I am thinking of going to the Police station to fine out about this company.

Has anybody have this experience with Propark ?

Unknown said...

I received a ticket in the same Plaza yesterday and would like to know what kind of authority they have? I did notice the sign that says 20min minimum but was getting a pizza and it only took 15 min. And these bastards gave me a 40 dollar ticket. WTF how can we fight this? There has to be a chance to fight this in court isn't there? Can these guys ruin your credit rating?

Anonymous said...

Also received a ticket with many spelling error. The parking spot I had my car in didn't even have a payment station. I wish I came back to the car a little earlier so I could knock the guy's ass out.

John said...

Was there any consequences of not paying the ticket

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