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Project Yellowbird Charges - Read the New Insights About Arkadiusz and Maciej

Accomplices and Ringleaders Arrested in Project Yellowbird

Project Yellowbird is a blessing.  There is innocence throughout the world, but there is also evil waiting to take from everyone that tries to live a just life.  Their justification is pathetic.  There efforts to cause harm are rooted in selfishness, and a desire to do anything except live a justified life.  I would like to take a moment to mention a group of people by name, that should not be included in our society.

The following people have taken from Canada.  They are accused of being a part of a criminal organization that targeted wealthy homeowners, stealing property from them.  Luxury cars were a major part of the thefts.  

Project Yellowbird Accomplices:

Mykhaylo Antonov
Piotr Buczel
Krzysztof Harasiuk
Maciej Niezurawski
Oskar Boczkowski
Tania Hernandez-lopez
Magdelena Lejawa
Milena Zelenovich

These Men Have Done This for Years

All in all, the police were able to recover over $5 million worth of stolen goods.  Anything from jewellery to designer clothing.  This ring operated with conspiracy at their helm.  They took advantage of vacationing and ill equipped alarm systems.
It is said that one victim returned home to see his garage door open and his car gone.  Oddly enough, as he went inside to check the damage, the bandits made off with the car that he had arrived home in.  

From one house alone, they stole over $800,000 wort of goods.  I am glad that we were able to get these crooks off of the streets.  Albeit, only temporarily, as they will not be held until trial.  But, at least we have poked a hole in the crime ring.  The worry I have is that they will easily leave the country just as quietly as their cars left for Europe. 

The link for Arkadiusz, above, shows that our system is broken.  There was a charge for him in 2008 after he had stolen a car in Burlington.  How is it that he could still be stealing cars from under our noses, with no reprisal for 6 years!!  Literally, the link goes to a Toronto Star article from 2008, where he was busted for stealing a car.
Next, we look at Maciej, who has also made the news for being a notorious car thief.  This article links to a page detailing a 2007 night where he made off with 2 cars at once.  He was eventually swept up by police, but here he is, 7 years later, still doing the same thing.

This is their way of life, and a method of the night, that must be stopped.  We gave them a slap on the wrist previously, but now I think we need to show them that our justice system will not stand for their ways.  If any of these criminals has been caught for crimes before, they should be in prison for at least 5 years.  They clearly did not get the message before.

Mugshots of 2 Previously Charged Members

Arkadiusz Czeranowski
Arkadiusz Czeranowski
Maciej Niezurawski
Maciej Niezurawski

I think the Brits were on to something when they shipped convicts abroad to Australia.  I think we could do something similar, on an island that has no access to escape.  Why not put these men to hard labour, where they can appreciate what it feels like to work for something.  It makes me sick to think that I am working every single day to only have the chance for it to be snatched by someone like these two men.  Deliver a strong message and send these supposed 'men' away for a long time.  If it were my way, these two would not even get bail.  They should be in prison awaiting their trial.  

I hope you have enjoyed the extra piece of information about these two men.  Please do email Crime in if you would like to share information, or if you have a request for an article.

Will Hayden - Sons of Guns Cancelled - Child Rape Case

Will Hayden is Not Doing What Innocence Does

What can we expect from a world, when this is the type of crap we see.  Will Hayden will get his day in court, but it should also be noted that for someone to have multiple allegations against them, most likely means there is something wrong with them.  It sounds to me like Will Hayden will need to accept that he is now a discovered sicko, that needs to be castrated for the betterment of humankind.

Child Rape Charges Cannot be Recovered From 

Will Hayden Charges
We can see why Red Jacket is in emergency mode trying to separate themselves from this man.  On their Facebook page they state: "We are the heart and soul of Red Jacket and will remain steadfast in our commitment to quality and our customers, for years to come."  After the trial is over, the true decision will have already been made, but that will not matter, since he is already guilty according to the world. How does anyone repair their career, even if they are innocent. Michael Jackson was never able to reverse the perception, although never found guilty.  We tend to believe these stories as fact, since they hail from a very innocent place.  The life of a child is so delicate, because it is the future of all families.  All of our children must be protected from the grasp of child molestation.  This is why we don't care for a verdict before we judge a case involving it.  The OJ Simpson trial is an example of how a nation can be divided over a crime, and the defendants guilt.  Do you think OJ would have had the same rallying behind him throughout the trial if he was being tried for child molestation?  I highly doubt it.  Do you think the media would have glorified it is as they did?  Not likely.  We tend to hang child molesters without a verdict, but only because we care so much for the potential victims.  There is no chance that Hayden will be able to recover from this accusation, even if it is proven untrue.  The has an article to support this notion.  I think this article is positioned in the middle to stay neutral, but it does discuss the case, and is worth a view.

A Man Only Has His Family and His Job

A man only has his family and his work.  If work goes, you can find another job.  If family goes, you will lose everything.  This is exactly where Will sits right now.  He has nobody to turn to.  A man that is worth more than $2 million dollars could surely post bail, but hasn't.  I feel it is because he would have nowhere to go.  If I were him, I would post that bail ASAP and get in front of a camera to plead my innocence.  It is a shame that he is not doing that.  His family has fallen silent and they are not defending him whatsoever.  This forces me to believe that they have sympathy for the charges, not for the man purportedly behind them.  There are too many implications of guilt.  Again, the resounding issue being that his family is not with him on this.  Most importantly, where is his girlfriend in all of this?  She surely would be the bridge between Will and his daughters.  That bridge has clearly crumbled to one of protection for the children.  Surely his current girlfriend would come out in support of him.  But, with her silence, I feel she may side with the complainant ex-girlfriend.

The Second Molestation Charge

Can we find assurance in the fact that Will Hayden was held previously for similar charges against someone else?  I think so.  This seems to be a trend and we need to find out the extent of this trend.  It is inconceivable to me, how someone could be doing these acts in the first place.  It is disgusting, but also incredibly stupid to think they could get away with it.  This stupidity rests within a sick desire, almost like heroin, where it needs to be fulfilled everyday.  Could he have been rehabilitated?  Yes, but it would be too late for him now.  He took his urges, and ruined many lives.  I speak through the mindset of conviction, as I am confident that he guilty.  It is safe to assume that something has gone wrong here.  It is interesting to look at all of the photos of Hayden, even before the news broke.  There are rarely smiles, always a roughed up look, and his attitude comes off as a prick.  I remember the one time I watched the show, and I thought the tank jeep they were making was really cool, but I also remember thinking that the Hayden guy was not a nice man.  As many on his Facebook pages are saying, he really felt he was a badass.  There us nothing more we can do, except hope that everyone that has been affected, can lead some sort of a normal life beyond this misery.  The people I feel sorry for are clearly the children he 'allegedly' molested, his family and everyone that is involved in the businesses he was connected to.  Hopefully they are not damaged too much by this mans cowardly acts.  

Will Hayden's Facebook Pages

A quick visit to his Facebook page shows how eerily contrived this man is.  In one statement he responds to the question, 'what have you been up to lately?'  This was responded to on the 26th of August.  After the initial allegation, but before the next one.  He has not posted since, which is only because he is still in prison on $250,000 bond.  This man needs to be put on trial as soon as possible.  It is too bad for him that the accusation comes from someone claiming that the abuse happened almost daily, as this shows signs that it was most likely not made up.  I say this because false charges usually would stem from a few instances, or even just one.  It is a big commitment to state that it happened that often, and makes me feel the integrity is there.  We have firsthand accounts of Will and what he was like.  Nicholas Medicus puts it perfectly, when he states, "I know the look, it doesn't mean child molester, it means selfishness beyond belief and complete lack of even the ability empathy." This is exactly how I feel.  If we look to another post, Will states, "Guy's I want to thank you for all of the prayers and support.  So many never look past the headline, to those that took that extra moment.  Thank you."  What??  Are you insane?  How would you post something like this after the original charges were made?  I think you would need to be stating more of your innocence than being thankful for those that look past the headline.  Oddly enough, the headline is all that we have, unless we are your family!  If it were me and I was innocent, I would be screaming for my trial to happen, and proving my innocence through words.  This was before his family switched on him. Now that he has lost even that, there is no chance for him to save face.  You must act quickly and read his page, as I am sure it will be taken down shortly.

Stephanie Hayden's Connection

This woman had everything going for her.  She is quoted as saying she has the "best job ever," and that makes sense since her Twitter account is full of amazing photos and videos of her fantastic career.  It is saddening to think how hurt she must be right now.  This is her father, and he stands accused of the most heinous crime someone could possibly commit.  Stephanie was eager and trying to make strides in the world of acting.  Her Starnow profile shows this.  But, as we continue read about the Hayden last name, will this soon have her dethroned from the chair of opportunity?  There will certainly be a wake of issue that surrounds her chances of making it somewhere.  I hope that she stays strong and shows the world that we are individuals that never make a choice of where we come from, but we do determine where we are going.

Will Hayden Charges

Here is a picture of Will with Stephanie Hayden, who is an innocent victim as well.  She has stopped posting to her Twitter account since August 17th.  That is clearly an indication of her current state of mind, and how this has been a toll on her life.  You would think that she would go out on a limb and support her father, wouldn't you?  I would surely hope that there was a way for her to come out and be more vocal if she thought her father was innocent.  She stated on Facebook that the show is not being cancelled, but soon after deleted it, since it has now officially been cancelled with the second allegation coming to light.   Here is an article which describes her Facebook posts and her support for her father.  Seemingly, she has all the support in the world for him, but as of late this rallying has halted, and makes me think her support has waned.  She is a victim to this mess as well.  Her mind must be spinning, as she shares the last name of a potential child rapist.  That must weigh heavy on her shoulders.  The fact that she had to spend so much time with this man is disgusting to think of, and I just hope that her childhood was not impacted as well.  It would be far too easy to assume she was not impacted.

To end, it is critical for us to analyze facts.  We have to use judgement.  Mine rests within the research I have conducted on this case.  The seriousness of the allegations are enough to shake Louisiana over and over again.  We are talking about absolute betrayal against a family.  It will be very hard to prove guilt, which also makes it hard to prove innocence.  I hope that Will releases a statement and posts a video about the allegations, so that he can show that he cares about the allegations.  As of right now, the only thing I have witnessed, is him posting passive messages on Facebook, which do not address the specifics of this crime.  There is nothing wrong with someone saying how innocent they are.  It is when those around them start to leave their corner, which makes me feel the innocence was gone a long time ago.

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