Fight Crime in the World: October 2014


Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Patrice Vincent are True Soldiers - Canadian Soldiers Killed

Cirillo and Vincent - Never Forgotten

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo is the Unknown soldier to all of us now.  He represents this nation, as does Patrice Vincent, the soldier from Quebec that was rundown by a car wielding madman.

We will not fear you.  We will not bow to maniacs that lose themselves first and then seek something to join as revenge is comfort.

Truly, it is no different than a drug addict that feels they do not fit into society.  A drug addict usually starts off with something wrong with them inside.  Whether it be a social awkwardness or a social deviance where they were not accepted.  Either way, these acts are reactions to failed lives, just as resorting to drugs is a reaction to a failed life, these cowards react to their failed lives by trying to feel comfort.  They want something rise from their dust storm of errors.  Imagine going through life without being able to leave a stamp of positive influence?  If you could not make it through life with accomplishments, you would find some sort of negative thing to do.  We have rampant drug users, murderers, rapists, and thieves; they all resort to these crimes as a reaction to their hatred for life.  These two cowards that have killed people are pathetic, mind altered scumbags, that should have been arrested months ago.

The Caucus was in Session

I am sad to think of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and the shock he must of had when that scum came to him and shot him.  An unarmed man?  It does not get more cowardly than that!  The killer almost got through to the Caucus, where Prime Minister Harper was.  This is the closest that anyone has ever been to shooting Prime Minister Harper, clearly, and it is sad to think that our nation was almost completely removed from security to vulnerability.  We have to be more vigilant, and aware that there are extremists out there who feel a sense of calling to arms.

In my office, we called a meeting and talked about the incident.  It struck a chord with me, making me feel that we are under attack.  My personal sense of vulnerability was heightened on September 11th, 2001, but for the first time, attacks are actually being executed on our soil.  Give a loser a chance for fame, and they may harm other people to take it.  For 80 odd people that are on this list, we have to be sure that we arrive at a conclusion that limits their existence.

Why didn't we look into this more?  Why is it that this son was able to roam freely while his father was proven to go back to Syria to fight in 2011?  We are always reacting, instead of acting.  I applaud Stephen Harper and his steadfast approach.  We have to be committed and we need to show our appreciation for our allies.  We may have these instances where scumbags try to harm us, but we will not fall to their ill-will.  Our resolve will not falter.

Terrorism in Ottawa

Many of the Canadian terror stories we read about are from people that gradually tilted to extremist views, with heartache happening beforehand.  They lost their way and then were saved by brainwashing psychos.  It is as if the councillors that were tying to help these men in need were actually master brainwashers that suck these men in.  I think the killer in Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's case is a different story because of his dad, but clearly this boy was messed up as he was addicted to many hard drugs that may have claimed his life may years ago.

It is sad that we have people in this world that are willing to kill themselves for the hope of killing another.  These political motivations are too much to handle.  They are disturbingly gruesome, and something that I will not tolerate as a citizen.  I am in Montreal right now after traveling from Toronto tonight, and all I can think about is how I passed the Unknown Soldier on route to Montreal.  He is not just that anymore.  He is very much known, and forever disturbed.  We have been disrupted and held back from peace in Canada.  As a Canadian citizen, I will do what I can to show Vincent and Cirillo that we care for them.

The time has come for emergency measures.  We have to sit every single suspect down and hold them accountable.  When I say suspect, I mean, anyone whom the RCMPor CSIS thinks may harm this country.  This is when they will flock and try to make their mark.  This is the moment that we all suffer the greatest because of their sick dependency on standing out.  I am feeling sad right now.  I don't like what has happened lately, and I don't know how to react other than to right something really fast and passionately.