Fight Crime in the World: Why Tell Your Story

Why Tell Your Story

Welcome to a place that is meant for us.  We all want to live a good life, and it starts with us sharing the details that we know about crimes.  This city is too caught up in fear of repercussion, where we listen to the criminal threats tour lives if we "tell".  

There are so many reasons to fight for change, and we need to make it known that we are a group that will share.  Is it too much for us to come together so that we can threaten the criminals into knowing that what they do will be told?  It is the power that they yield in knowing we will not speak that allows them to commit so many crimes.

Even if it is a random story, you only need to give small details to help an investigation.  Names are not always needed, but some dots need to be connected.  There is something to be said for helping investigators by giving small details and you can do that without thinking that you are a "rat".

Help this vibrant city by ending future crimes and allow people to live in peace by ridding the streets of criminals who are a threat to the "next day".  

Feel free to post your story to any story below....