Fight Crime in the World: January 2011


Crack - People Die for it - I know First Hand

Woman charged in New Year's Day murder Canada News Toronto Sun

This article is absolutely a flash back for me. Its details brought me back to the days of my sister, who died in 2009 from an overdose that was lying in wait for more than 20 years.

If you are struggling to make ands meet socially, you can always rely on a crowd with one common interest...drug use. You will grow together, experiment together, and ultimately discover that incredible new high together.

I was very young when I would hear my sister making weird noises in her bedroom, as if to be a dinosaur having troubles breathing. My mom and I would spend hours looking through Regeant Park trying to find her when she had an 'episode'. It was not comforting to see her on a street corner waiting for some to pick her up.

She had been stabbed, imprisoned, contracted HIV, and ruined her existence with us, her family.

Literally, 20 years of her in and out of my life. My grandma lived with us, which was problematic for my sister as she was hard on her for not living a justified life. Off the streets she was a lesbian, and grandma was not with that notion at all. Plus, one night, while my grandma and I were asleep, a man came into our home and robbed us while my sister was with him. We found out that it was her drug dealer she had owed money to....Come on in! What! Are you kidding me?? You would actually bring a disgusting pig like that into our home while grandma was sleeping, having her wake up to some big macho scumbag in her room. I remember her telling me she just pretended to be asleep and he eventually left jewelry in hand.

On another night I remember turning the corner to my street and seeing the lights to my moms car light up...the issue was, it was 3AM. To me, that is not a time for momma to go to the store for some bread. I knew who it was and was determined to catch up to them. I ran....I ran....and eventually got to them just as they were turning the corner. With a few bashes of the window the crackheads inside noticed who I was. Did she stop for her brother? No....Instead, she almost ran me over and took off to go get more crack.

I remember being a kid though, when my sister actually saved my life. I was 3, riding a big wheel bike and crossing the street. A station wagon did not even look, and my sister made sure it hit her first and not me. heroic in an instant, problematic for a lifetime.

These episodes of 'family visits' were extensive, and seemed to go on for years. But then something happened. I received a letter form my sister in 1999 which was a mamogram of someone's fetus. I knew the letter came from my sister, but I did not want to face the news as I knew how much of a screw up she was. To our amazement, this boy actually changed her life around for 7 years.

Helping others to stay away from the path she took, with so many dreams to become something in life. But, as crack does, the wrong situation approached her at one point, and on that morning her son was never picked up from school. This was the last point in her life. It truly was the day of reckoning, which ultimately led to her death.

The rollercoaster ride is over, and perhaps for the better. I will always remember the good times, as well as struggle to understand how you could be so affected to create the bad.

That article took me back to this place I just wrote about...I can tell you one thing, rehabilitation is for a lifetime, as I know that going to over 30 centres throughout 20 years did nothing. Crack truly does kill, and makes people miss out on the potential their loved ones once had.


New Year's slaying accused makes first court appearance | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun

New Year's slaying accused makes first court appearance Toronto & GTA News Toronto Sun

Our lives are directly impacted by other peoples actions. Many times we have no control over when or what the actions of another person will do to us.

Brian Takahashi was the victim of these outside forces, where he would defend a friend in need, willing to take the brunt of the impact, as he has done that throughout his life. Throughout all of the stories I have read, one thing reigns. This man would do anything for anybody that was in need, especially is he new they were in harms way.

If only he had known that a knife was brought to a fist fight. If only he had known that the man who killed him was in fact equipped and had practiced the use of a knife to the point of being able to murder someone by stabbing them through the heart.

We have all been in a situation that we regretted backing away from. But in most cases we look back to that moment and think of how we could have handled it in a more 'manly' way. But, as we have those thoughts, never do we suspend the thought of humility, wishing we had gone back to that event being armed with a knife to overcome that feeling of being ashamed for not standing up to someone. Never does a good citizen actually return to the event we look back to and take it into our hands with death.

If we look to the history of Luke Heath, we will most likely notice psychological issues which have reigned in his life for a long time. It is most likely luck that Luke Heath does not have a criminal record. With that being said, we know that we will be able to look back at his upbringing to notice there are clear gaps in his way of life, and 'our' way of life. To practice with a knife is to know you will be in situations that require its use. But, as most of us do not think like this, a person who feels compelled to train themselves with the use of a knife, while readily having one available for walking down the street, they are the evil that this world needs to rid itself of.

Who would ever go back? Why would a man be so stupid as to feel they should go back to escalate the issue. I hope that Luke Heath rots in jail for the rest of his life. 27 years old, and with such a primitive mind, he has robbed 40 friends of a dear friend, taken a brother away, a son away, all while trying to be a tough guy.

To anybody that was with Luke Heath that night, the apple does not fall to far from the tree, and you should all be ashamed of your actions as well.

Rest in Peace Brian.

Murder Suspect Surrenders To Police - CityNews

Murder Suspect Surrenders To Police - CityNews


Rest in Peace Brian Takahashi - We see your legacy as an honest, hardworking young man, and that will never be forgotten.


27 year old Luke Heath charged with murder of Brian Takahashi in Toronto

It was clear that this was a murder that would be solved quickly. Thank you to all that helped with the case. This never should have happened.

We live in a world that is not bound by our own decisions. The journey that each of us take is determined by our own actions and those of people we do not even know. I am sickened by the fact a young man was murdered, especially in this manner. This would not have been an issue if the group with the camera had never approached Brian and his friends in the first place.
We need to punish this man severely. Luke Heath should be inprisoned for the rest of his life as he was quick to determine the outcome of another man's life.

This reminds me of a story where a few buddies and I were walking down Queen Street @ Portland 4 months ago. We were walking and met two guys from Walkerton, Ontario. We chatted, wished eachother a good night and thought we would bump into eachother later for a drink at a bar down the street.
To my amazement, when we emerged from the bar we went to, we saw someone getting the lights kicked out of them. Literally, there were 6 guys on top of him punching him and kicking him. The beating eventually stopped as the assailants realized they were out of hand. I could not believe the impact this must have on people as out-of-towners. They wanted to see the big city for a night out, yet were greeted with getting their faces kicked in.
The sad part is, these two stories support the common feeling that Toronto is a mean place, which is voiced by those from outside the city limits constantly.

Leave a comment about how you feel? I personally have been attacked on the subway and stabbed by someone who ended up being a dangerous offender in the judicial system for raping and stabbing women. Do you have any stories to share?

Brian Takahashi, died early Saturday morning after being stabbed in an alley near Queen St. W. and Portland St. at 2:25 a.m.

I can safely tell you that the person who killed Brian Takahashi will be caught. The timeline, description, and sequence of events suggest it only takes one phone call from a friend of the suspect to place him in jail.

First of all, the suspect was with friends 1 hour before the incident, at the murder scene. They were prodding the victims with a camera, getting in their face, until they backed off out of fear. Then one of them came back by himself, armed with a knife (First degree murder).

The 'HAT' tattoo should give away who this was, and will mostr likely be a key reason for being turned in.

I heard that Brian Takashami's friend is not cooperting with police, which is detrimental to the case, especially when it is before the courts.

There are so many angles for the police to approach this case for early closure, and my hopes are with them, as should everyone's.

The killer probably did not have his knife with him the first time, but returned with it. I doubt that he had his knife at a friends house, suggesting that his place is close by. He must have been extremely skilled with the weapon in order to inflict this type of damage on two people. Yet again enforcing the notion that he lives in the area and went to his own place to grab his knife. I can't imagine it being a kitchen knife that was grabbed from a buddies place. This is a specific knife which the killer was most likely trained with in martial arts.