Fight Crime in the World: 2013


Gaethan Kitadi, 20 - Murdered in Toronto - During his Birthday Party!

The connection to social media could solve the case of Gaethan Kitadi.  It is obvious that two of the "person's of interest photos" reveal someone that is known.  Take a look for yourself.  This person is obvious to someone and will be found.

I was watching Nancy Grace this week and she was covering the story of "Little Maddi", also known as Madeline Mccain, who has been missing since 2007, after a trip to Portugal.  It turns out, they have traced suspects using cell phone techniques.  It is an arduous task, but we can actually determine who was in the area based on text messages or calls being made.

This will uncover the person in this photo, and it will only be a matter of time until they are caught.  Not to say they killed Gaethan Kitadi, but they can uncover who did.  In fact, he could be speaking to the killer in the photo above.

The senseless violence that plagues this city will be reduced through your commitment to helping to rid the streets of the people that commit the crimes.

Do you know this individual?

There is zero chance that nobody knows this man.  Why?

He is using a social phone and probably has Twitter.
He is very unique in appearance - thick rimmed glasses, vibrant Maple Leafs sweater
Calls will be traced to this phone based on usage
Too many people were there that night


Ralph Iacono - The Financial Creep - Toronto Mortgage Scheme

Ralph Iacono SHOULD NOT live in a capitalist society.  To me, capitalism seeks profit in the name of the rules.  No matter how great the profit may be from bending the rules, there is a responsibility to play within the rules that exist.  Ralph Iacono has done the exact opposite.

This man should be thrown in jail, and ordered to pay back the families he hurt.  If he could only see what has happened to some of the families he has hurt.  Ralph Iacono has made one family lose everything because  of his schemes.

His dealings are based in Toronto and surrounding areas.  He operates under a mortgage scheme, and lending scheme, where he has hurt the elderly, and those whom want to get to the next level with a loan.  I know for a fact that he has actually screwed over elderly lenders who trusted him.

He delays everything he can regarding the loan you are suppose to receive.  You want to trust people in his position,so you do.  Next thing you know your monthly payments that you are trying to balance while also trying to build a business with the loan from him, become too much.  You lose everything! Meanwhile, this scumbag moves on to the next victim, where he takes them for a long journey, ripe with large fees.

Ralph boy...mark my words, you will be judged by the viewers of this article whom are familiar with your crimes.  You were charged with crimes for a reason.  The reality is though, you will most likely get away with your crimes with a light slap on the wrist.

I hope we get some responses to this article so people can see just how much of a piece of shit you are to this earth.  Time and time again we hear about pyramid schemes, mortgage schemes with high return promises, and innocent people getting lured by the crooked.  Hopefully one day we will prevail as innocence, instead of having a mixed society that has the lawful, the enforcers of the law, and those whom they punish.

We will haunt your mind for the rest of your days Ralph Iacono.  Good Luck!!!


Rameez Khalid - Toronto Stabbing Victim - Nuit Blanche

A little bit of alcohol, some male bravado, and a complete lack of respect surely makes for a poisonous occasion.  It is hard to believe that we sit at 48 homicides in Toronto this year.  1 is too many.  I feel sadness if these boys that killed Rameez Khalid would be able to get away with this.  Not only is it sadness for the lack of justice, but the sadness that prevails for the killers as well.  The relationships they have throughout the rest of their life will have a tint of this crime shaded within them.  Unknowingly of course, but everything these killers do for the rest of their lives will be impacted by this crime.
They will wake up and hope it to be a new day, where guilt does not prevail; sorry, but it will.  Your mind will always reflect back to this moment, and you will never be able to clear yourself from it.  Well, there is one way; telling someone what you know.  Were you one of the boys there, but did not stab Rameez?  If so, you have a chance to save yourself, right now.

If you let the days past, you will only hurt your chances of complete freedom from guilt.  Do not listen to what the killer is saying.  The time has come for you to put your foot down for respect, opening the door to a new path, which does not limit your capacity to experience happiness for the rest of your life.

We all know that a true "tough guy" has no need for a knife or a gun.  Just too bad someone has to seek the demise of someone because they cannot stand up for themselves.  If another person has no weapon, what would the need be in bringing out a knife?  Why would anyone in a larger group need to pull a knife out?


Is dispatch for all of the cab companies requesting help with determining who picked up these guys?
What is the friend of Rameez Khalid saying about the suspects?
What was the argument about?
If there are any photos, from anyone there that night, they should submit them to police


Anthony Koko Chang - Auto Insurance Claim Murder

Our system is very rewarding to hard work.  It is extremely forgiving to those that do not make mistakes.  But, it is also very strict on many punishments, especially when the profit of insurance companies is at stake.
If you get into an accident, you will certainly be paying back the insurance company over time.  They raise your rates for a speeding ticket!! For 3 years, if they can.  

Is the system flawed when someone dies over the threat of filing an insurance claim?  Is the individual insane because they become violent over the fear of economic sanctions placed on them by their insurance provider?

Both can be viewed as a piece to the issue.  Here, the structure of a man's life led to the fatality that awaited Anthony Koko Chang.  The killer, Kinnarine Keshan Maharaj, had probably messed up many times in his life.  His youth brought mistakes on the regular, and the pressure from his family was probably immense.  Where else could he get the motivations to murder someone over a traffic violation?  Kinnarine probably backed out of his original deal with Mr. Chang, where he was going to give him $1000 to not have a claim filed.

All he had to do was pay the money.  Mr. Chang was willing to help him!! Instead he took a knife to Mr. Chang's house and killed him.  

How blind can one be?  Did he think he would get away with this?  It makes no sense.  There must be a history of mental illness with this man. 

Here are some links to the story:

Kinnarine Keshan Maharaj has a lot of explaining to do, and he will be answering his own questions for the rest of his life, without being able to retract his actions.  If you were seeking to be a part of this society, as a new member of our nation, you went about in the wrong way.  Your desire to cause pain so you could try to selfishly evade your error will be paid for by you, and only you.  It makes me sick to know that you had only lived here for 6 years, and you have caused grief for a family by murdering Mr. Anthony Change.  Not only that, but we have to pay the thousands of dollars to detain you every month while you are in custody.  

This is the type of human that should be banished to an island where he can fend for himself, instead of our tax dollars getting him by.  

Rest in Peace Mr. Chang.  

Violent Crime Rests Within Petty Crimes

If NEw York can drastically reduce violent crimes, then so to can Toronto.  Comparing the two cities, yes New York has more crime, but statistically, the rates have dropped 10 fold since Rudy Guiliani was the Mayor.

His approach was to tackle the petty crime, since the person who robbed somebody could easily be the same criminal that murders someone.  With stiffer sentences, and and more money put toward petty crime investigations, New York got their wish.

There are too many times where we do not catch the small crime culprits.  If we created the petty crime newspaper and a portion was related to broadcasting the crime, with the other aspect devoted to the capturing of the criminals; the pages of the act occurring would always outweigh the apprehensions.

Is it fair to say that the person who steels a bike when they are 14, that they could blossom into a thriving drug dealer?  Would it be justified to then say that he drug dealer could then look to more profit by selling hardcore drugs like cocaine?  Once in that world, there is no telling what they could do.  They are then feeding, and being associated directly to intense criminal activity, where people are murdered everyday within it.

These criminals do it because it is easy.  They do not want to go through the maze of achieving through hard work.  Buy drugs, sell drugs.  Buy guns, sell guns.  It is much easier then going through school, then proving your worth over years of dedicated work in the office place.

Solution could be offering easy access.  Do these criminals ever have a chance of going to Yale?  No.  Many criminals do not even foresee the chance to go to York University.  We should allow easier access to education, and at a cheaper rate.  They select to deal drugs because there is nothing else out there that is as profitable and as easy.  Perhaps if we gave them a diploma, and a career, they would thrive within a new workplace.

Once we open the doors to education, and jobs, we will then see a decrease in petty crimes, which will directly result in long term reductions in violent crime as there would be no progression for individuals to higher risk activity.  More people would be a member of society.  


Antiq Hennis Murder - 1 Year Old Killed!

How is it that someone can actually shoot a 1 year by accident, when it is to be gang related hit on the father who was strolling the carriage.

I can understand someone missing and shooting the father in the leg or maybe his shoulder.  But, to hit the baby in the head and then not shoot anymore to ensure the target is dead, that makes no sense.

This is a very weird circumstance, and I think someone needs to look a bit deeper into the fathers past and present.  This sick SOB lives a life of danger, and to be walking around with a baby while you are caught up in it is just wrong.

This is a prime example of evil.  The coward who did this will die everyday for the rest of his life.  The shame is that what is done is done, and nothing can be done to change it.  Antiq Hennis was not deserving of this.  Nobody is, but the reality is that if you get caught up in it, there is no way to stop random violence from happening.

Toronto Dooring Incidents

In a city that seems to track everything, it is a wonder that we do not track dooring incidents.  I currently have a friend who is being sued for dooring a female cyclist in Toronto.  She broke her Pelvis and is clearly the type to try for anything she can get.  I do not necessarily blame her, but is it fair to say that she too needs to be more vigilant?  Was she wearing the right reflective gear?  After all, it was night time.  Did she only have a reflecting light on her rear?  I know my friends truck is massive, so the large swinging door may break something, but I also know that he would look first, as he claims to have done.

We always have to be conscious of the biker.  But, is the biker reckless to us?  I believe there are many cases where they could have done more to protect themselves.  How about the guy who had a squirrel latch onto his front tire, only to have the squirrel lodge itself in his forks, sending him head over handlebars, with no helmet!!  Yes, this happened.  Perhaps a helmet...

The Toronto Police Service wants to start tracking these incidents if it is absolutely necessary.  I believe tracking them is a good thing, but until that moment, I do not think you can sue someone for it.  I do not speak for this woman, but I can say that if she had been a bit more vigilant, she could have noticed the chance that the door was going to open.  It was also a downhill ride for her, and it was raining.  This makes it even harder for the driver to notice someone speeding down the hill. 

I do not believe that he should be held responsible for this case, since it is not a law, there was reduced vision, and the cyclist needed to be more aware in order to help her case.

Here is a new site that is dedicated to tracking dooring incidents in Toronto:

Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis Murder

Here we are, 5 years later and still, no answers in the death of Oliver Martin and Dylan Ellis.

How is it that we can go this long?
Why is there nobody that can piece together the clues?
It is clear to me that this crime has serious randomness, which is making it impossible to solve.

The boys were on there way home, and had left the house they were watching the basketball game in.  They only returned because they had to give the keys back to the owner.  Odd.....How is it that the killer was targeting them if he did not try to shoot them when they first left?

The interaction with the killer was very brief, and did not warrant a fight or death.  He literally walked up to the car and started shooting.  I feel strongly that booze was involved, and that the killer felt slighted by them for some wrong reason, and then took his anger out on the two boys.

If the killer is out there and able to look back at his past, I hope he sees the need for him to say something.  Even if he is not going to be charged, he could at least communicate with the families to tell them why it happened.  It has been so long, and the families feel sick ever since it happened.

Please, if you know of anything that has happened in these cases, you must come forward.

You must say something now....


How dare the nation do this - Who was Anthony Smith?

I have to say that this reminds me of something that happened near that area 5 years ago, when a respectable man name Oliver, whom I know, and his friend, were gunned down for now reason.  There were two of them, and it was random.  I would like to know the man that was charged with the crime came from.  17 years old - 18 years old is an interesting thing to consider.  There is definitely a gang that operates out of that area, and they should all be fried for their actions.

If you know who this killer is?  If you can add some insight into the moments, that would be great!

Life lives on and you do not if you are able to hurt someone like you have!

We are coming for you....criminal


Fun with Gangs and Photoshop: Vol. 1

The gangs in this world suffer from one illusion.  Their perception of toughness lacks the truth of actually being tough.  We look at toughness as a way of overcoming, not giving up, and having the mental fortitude to make it in this world regardless of circumstance.

The man below is Christopher (Chris) Sheriffe, 22, of Toronto.  He has been convicted of murdering Singh Golaub, 34.  I am willing to bet that his mommy was never there for him, so he turned to the streets for some sort of love.

Here is another picture I made of the infamous Jamestown Crips.  The only problem is that they have changed their name to sound a bit tougher.  They wanted to encapsulate the idea of giving someone the ultimate name, that truly encompasses their toughness.  I bring you........The Jamestown Clits!  Yes, that is it. They are the wettest group of men in town.  I think it is most fitting, because in my mind they can all go fuck themselves.


Immigrating from China to Canada

Illegal Aliens are an issue for some of us.  But, imagine what most of these people are thinking when they are in their home country.  For example, China; a beautiful country which is rich in tradition, and love for family.  With over one billion people living there, they surely need to allow citizens the ability to move abroad.  That is part of the reason we see signs on Chinese highways speaking of moving to Markham, Ontario.  The need to export their people.  It is not a plot to take over the world in numbers, but rather, they submit to allowing immigration exports as a means to help their sustainability.  It is comical to think that our land only has thirty-five million people on it.

Canada should open the doors to immigrants even more, as the world will soon be one flag, one motivation.  If we can attract bright minds, we will be the future of that flag.  So we must err with caution, but we can certainly offer a home and give the education to allow us to become something powerful when it comes to the civilized world beating as one heart in the future.  Interdependence is bringing us there.  Look to North Korea and the sanctions that were levied so fast against them.  We are  all working as a unit.  Once we maximize the efficiency of these relationships, we will be a world that collectively breathes.  That collectivity rests with us inviting China to buy more of our companies, and allowing more Chinese people to live here, as it will improve our economic status within the world as the leaders of the world will be the brains, and not just the power of ones military.

If there is a problem, we have to deal with it.  If we deal with it head on, it could no longer be a problem, but rather a benefit.  Take illegal immigrants in Toronto, for example, who live here undocumented.  They need access to health care, services which propel them, and a we need to assist in making their transition to Canadianism smooth.  We will not end illegal immigration, but we can stem the issues with it.  In fact we can turn them into benefits!  If you are illegal, and undocumented, why not document you, and give you access to the system, so that you can become something.  After all, the goal is to become something in this world.  I would be proud to have that done under my watch.  I was born here luckily.  I did nothing except fall out of a sac that gave me a breath of air in this great city, Toronto.  It would be an honour to allow someone to take those same breaths.  If you can breathe what I do, later in your life, but seemingly like it was your first breath of freedom, I am all in for that.

The City of Toronto has launched a provision for immigrants which gives them just that.  Since there are tens of thousands of illegals here.  We should legitimize them.

There is a fear though.  In 2006, there were 40,000 illegal immigrants here.  Now, the number is measured to between 100,000 and 250,000.  We should allow the ones that are here to be involved, but it must not become a frenzy of movements, where they descend upon our city from all over the world to be melded into our open arms system.

There is still a structure in place, a law against illegally emigrating to Canada.  That is why we should reward those that come through the system justly, while allowing those that are here illegally now, the ability to assimilate but with not quite the same route as the honest way.  Toronto is a beautiful place and we have so much to offer newcomers.  You will make it in this world, and I hope to meet you when you arrive.

If you are reading this from China and would like advice on how to get here, please leave a comment and I will help you through my immigration consulting services.

Canada Loves You.  Toronto Loves You.  Your Future Will Too.

You are not a Gangster! You are Pathetic - Put your Weapon Away

Dear Toronto,

I write to you as a concerned citizen.  I wonder how it is that we have gotten to this point, where guns and knives are rampant, everyday parts to our city.

Eaton Centre, Toronto, Ontario - The scene of a retaliatory gun battle, where a man lost his life.  He was not an innocent man.  Chrisopher Husbands, who should have already been in jail, was a sick individual who was allowed to commit this act.  It was too late!  He was found with a gun in Hamilton, yet the charges were dropped.  Hello!  He had a gun in his possession...what do you think he was going to do with it?  He should have been thrown in jail.  Nonetheless, he was able to retaliate for a gang issue that he was involved with earlier...guess what?  If there was no need for the gang, there would have been no need for him to kill someone.

Messed up city we live in when death by means other than natural occur.  Here we are claiming that we are civilized people.  I don't care who you are, we are all brothers and sisters in this together.  There needs to be a change.  Why do people commit crimes?  I do not believe it is because they want to be tough.  Toughness is a need among the ailments, not the cause of the ailments.  Fear is what brings a need for toughness.  If we can all share the wealth of the world, we will all enjoy the days within this world.  There are too many random moments causing grief.

I truly think it is up to the individual to make it in this world.  No hands-outs?  Ok, guess what? Many successful people never had a handout.  You are broke?  Ok, you can still use your character to start somewhere and build.  I know my employer would be willing to hear you out and offer you a potential job.
Face it, it is pathetic to walk around with a gun, or a knife.  It is mind blowing that people would do that in order to have a rank, and look tough.  Fool! You are only going to get yourself killed or end up in jail.

Put it down boy.  Be a real man.  Go get a job, smile, and be thankful you are here, since there is so much for you to do in so little time.

Being the bigger man is fighting through the crap, and becoming something to somebody.


Serial Killer/Serial Criminal in Downtown Toronto

It is odd that there are so many murders that happen East of Yonge Street, West of Parliament, with borders of Wellesley and Queen Street.  This area is known to be rampant with unstable people.  I know this from my experience there, where there were institutions within ear shot of either side of my home.  People are dying in this area, being assaulted in this area, and getting away with it.

There was recently a sexual assault in the same neighbourhood, which could be connected to Semret's murder.  You do not graduate to murder with leading up to that.  There are certain steps that a killer takes before getting to that ability.  It is quite possible that the killer has a desire for extreme suffering, which he needs to achieve through others.  He probably likes to have memorabilia of the events, which is why we will probably notice that he talks about the killing to people, as he was not able to take anything from Nighisti that early morning.

I often think back to my house which was visible to the murder scene.  I wonder if I would have been up at that moment with the window open while I have a smoke and drink a coffee (since quit; thankfully).  I think this man lives very close to where the murder happened, and he is fulfilling a need to murder, no matter who it is.

Again, shame on those two men that gave false statements in the beginning of the investigation.  It is sad that someone felt they had to do that.

Here are two articles I wrote about the case:

Nighisti Semret First Post
Semret Second Post

Cabbagetown the Beautiful
Cabbagetown is suffering right now.  Just today there was a sexual assault and an attempted abduction of an 8 year old girl.  It is an area of confusion.  On every block you will see a mix of every class, and type of person available to the human pallet.  When I lived on Rose Ave, every other person that we saw was a drug user.  Yet, every other person we saw seemed to be well-to-do, with jobs that provided for a family.  The area is ripe with crime, and can be scary.  I have been verbally accosted there, but I stayed because it was always a place of beauty too.

From Nighisti's murder, to murders of the past, and now we have sexual assaults; there is always going to be a problem for this neighbourhood, as long as we subsidize the living standards there.  I think every deserves to have their entitlement, but there comes a time when enough is enough.  The killer of Nighisti is not a citizen.  He is not someone that has anything to offer.  Instead, he is most likely part of the support system.

Neghisti Semret:

- Walking home near Sherbourne St and Carlton St and stabbed to death at 7:00AM (2012)
- Links: Cabbagetown Murder Blog, A Psycho is Near, Serial Offender?
- This could be a connected case through this link - 3 quarter length jacket, dark, hood cover

Donna Ogilve:

- Strangled in 1998, at Carton Street and Jarvis St in a parking lot and discovered around 7:00AM
- Links:,

Do you know of any other murders?

If you could offer advice on who could possibly have done this, please let it be known.  No lead is too small.  


Michael Cocomello - Murder in Toronto

Toronto Police Article

Michael Cocomello, 20, has been stabbed to death.  Also known as Michael Mandino.  We can always fetch words like "how" and "why".  The mere fact we need to grasp for answers is the problem within itself.  The senselessness of these acts will always be there, but the acts themselves seemingly never go.  It is as if you could ask anyone who was alone, "is it wrong for someone to be murdered?" and they would clearly say yes.  It is obvious they would do so.  Yet, some of those people would also be killers when the time came.  What would motivate someone to kill, and if the motivation is there, what kind of an idiot takes a weapon with them, as that will leave serious damage in the long run.  Has anyone ever heard of a fist fight?  I am not condoning it, but it is clearly a better solution.  I would rather see a weekend event called "Settle our Differences", where enemies go toe to toe in an effort to squash their beef.

I have no clue who Michael is as a person.  I do feel for his mother needing to hold her son in her arms while he is dying.  What kind of a sick individual would ever kill someone?  The time has come to rid the streets of these cowards.  Do you know someone that had a problem with Michael Cocomello?  If so, you should let it be known.  If you are close to Michael you can help the investigation by speaking about what you know.  As long as what you know gets to someone that can help, that is all that matters.

If you did this to Michael, you will be found, as crime in Toronto always has a way to fend itself away from the likes of people like you.  There is a sickening epidemic happening in this city and we are unable to move away from it.  It is upbringing, impacted by economics, which creates these damn times for people.

Our thoughts are with his family...


Nicola (Nick) Nero - Was it Worth it?

It boggles my mind that people are willing to risk everything they have (freedom) in order to live a lavish lifestyle.  Have we polluted the minds of the masses so much, that we think it is justified to murder, steal, deal drugs, and run organized crime outfits?

People like Nicola Nero may not have committed such heinous acts if they were brought up in a different setting.  I truly believe that we are born into situations, but it is the longevity of a bad situation that engraves the ability to kill someone.  What is the story of this man?  How could he lead to such a troubled existence?

"Love was all around me".  Thankfully I had the feeling instilled in me, and I feel that every citizen in this world is an extension of me, and I feel a love for everyone.  That came from a mother who ensured that I showed respect and to treat people with kindness.  I remember many stories she told me of how she showed the love to other people.  Especially when she speaks of including people that cliques would perhaps not normally include.  It is a reality, groups form and some of the shun other people.  I am thankful that the need for inclusion was enforced in me at an early age.

These life lessons are extremely important for all of us.  I am willing to bet the house on the fact that Nicola Nero never was given that chance.  You can sense his obsessions with exterior beauty, which means he most likely came from nothing.  I sense that he got a glimpse of success with his youth, and that motivated his to become a massive body builder that had a new control in his life.  If prediction was the wreak havoc in this Crime in Toronto blog post, it would be that he had an abusive father, or at least lacked any care from him.  Combine that with the constant fear of being broke, and you have a recipe for destruction.

The world rotates for profit in too many ways.  That profit has bleeding tendencies as some do not have the mental fortitude to create wealth with effort.  Instead they choose to create by simple, physical means.  Lives are ruined by every single activity that Nero took part in.

There are too many connections that this thug was a part of, which means someone will most likely pay the price for that has transpired throughout his arrest.  Thankfully these criminals have been swept off the streets. There may be time left for Nero to learn the decency in life.  Although he may not have been given much of a chance in his youth, perhaps he can extend himself in prison to be a better person, helping people to not be the person that he is now.

The justice system is also to blame!  He was charged for an armoured car heist that happened in 2003, convicted, and sentenced to 9 years in prison.  What was he doing on the streets 2012?  He was convicted of dealing cocaine in early 2000's, then while on bail herobbed the armoured truck and was caught.  His sentence was 9 years.  If he was on bail for the drug dealing, and then committed the robbery and got 9 years, he should have been in jail still.  

Be thankful if you have a wonderful family that treats you right.  It is impossible to appreciate what you don't have, but you can envy what you see in others.  Find your mentor, be nice, and strive for change everyday.

New Releases:

St.Catharines Standard
Armoured Car Heist
Gangster's Blog
4th Arrest in Little Italy Shooting


Toronto Construction Corruption - Toronto Mafia Families

It is clear to me that the City of Toronto is no better off than Montreal when it comes to the Mafia having all of the contracts.

The mafia in Toronto have a rich history, with generally unruffled feathers guiding them through greed and power.  We can look no further than the exploits of Cosimo Stalteri, who emigrated to Canada and for some reason was able to build the Calabrese to unchartered international levels without obtaining one conviction while living here.  He was convicted of crimes in Italy before his arrival, yet not one conviction while he created the largest network of criminals this country has ever seen.  People like Mr. Stalteri are what have made the burden a little bit heavier for taxpayers.  It is organized crime which seeks to profit from the exploits of this system.  Here is a excerpt from the National Post, "Mr. Stalteri was tracked by the police in Canada for decades. In 1992, Canadian police at a secret summit on organized crime conference pinned him as a significant leader of the ‘Ndrangheta in Canada. He was named as the boss of one of 10 ‘Ndrangheta clans in Ontario, based in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa and London."  It is interesting to note just how prevalent these gangsters are.  They are in every city, every infrastructure opportunity, and they help bleed the citizens of money through inflated prices, and fraudulent activities.  Cosimo Stalteri killed someone in Italy in 1973, and nobody extradited him from Canada to pay for his crime.  The sick scumbag even had 200 people at his funeral.  They are everywhere, and they need to be dealt with by the law.  

But, with our friend Mayor Ford at the helm, this city may realize greater returns in the long run.  It seems as though the bid process has been opening up considerably.  Why did I have a childhood of only seeing a select few companies with their cones displayed on the road?  How does someone have such a firm grip on society?

Here is a great site that is meant for city bidding:


When the city is involved, there is complacency.  Mix that with threats or fear, and the snowball can exacerbate to relentless pain for our citizens.  They do not look to help us.  The criminals of these organizations only seek to hurt us for their profit.  Rid the mafia, and we gain respect back.  I am surprised that there has not been threats made against Mayor Ford for his success in opening the process up.

If we are to think the corruption of construction was only in Montreal, we are naive.  Here is a link to the Toronto Sun article about Tony Accurso, who is charged with corruption.  In connection to that case was Frank Zampino, who was on the Executive Committe in Montreal and later took on a job that was facilitated by Accurso.  One things has always remained, the fact that the mafia and those involved in it only care about themselves.  This has always been true!  Look only to John Gotti, Sammy Gravano, "The Chin", Joe Bonano, and any other mobster.  They only care for themselves, which is also their ultimate destruction.

We love heroes of thought, not thieves of our money.  The hero of thought always reigns, while the hero of selfish money only lands a spot momentarily in our hearts.

The scum that have plagued the City of Toronto with their corruption will get there punishment.  They are not happy people.  I know this personally.  They look behind their backs at all moments, and only seek money with no sense of virtue.

Here is an example of a group of men that think they are tough.  In fact, they are sad excuses for men that will never amount to anything.  All they do is harm us, and we will prevail in the fight against you scum bags:

  • Vincenzo Tavernese, 44, of Thornhill;
  • Cosimo Figliomeni, 45, of Vaughan;
  • Antonio Coluccio, 40, of Richmond Hill;
  • Cosimo Commisso, of Toronto;
  • Angelino Figliomeni, 47, of Woodbridge;
  • Vincenzo “Jimmy” DeMaria, 56, of Mississauga; and
  • Domenic Ruso, 65, of Brampton.
We do not want you in our country!

Put down your guns, be yourself, and the funny thing is, without your "circle of friends", most grandmother's would hurt you.

If that article above does not piss you off, please take a look at this one:

CBC Fifth Estate

This is a man north of Toronto.  He is ruining our lives everyday that he exists.

Peter Scarcella is a pussy.  He runs an operation against humanity.  A real man would be working with the masses to better us, but not this man.  He feels that because he is selfish, that he can steal from us everyday.  I say this man should be hung for his actions against humanity.  His Associates should be disposed of as well.  You hurt us, the people.  Although he is now serving a prison sentence for his role in an attempted murder, Peter Scarcella will one day be released, and he needs to be dealt with before he hurts the City of Toronto again.  We know he is in there plotting.  He is clearly still wealthy.  Where is that money right now?

All of these scumbags need to be sentenced.  There is only crime in capitalism it seems.

One day we will hopefully wake up to realize that money is not the only need.  Profit is not the only thing in sight.  We will be here waiting for that day, writing our beliefs along the way.


Auto Insurance in Ontario - Dalton McGuinty Screwed Us

Not every criminal in this blog is to be tried.  They may not face a judicial enquiry all the time.  There are special circumstances for crime blogs where the immune are casted as criminals.  Although we cannot see them bare handcuffs, we know in our hearts that they are worse than any criminal.  In this case we look to the former Premier of Ontario, Dalton Mcguinty.  He made us all worse off by giving the advantage to the companies we are forced to pay premiums to.

Criminal McGuinty
One would have to believe that Dalton Mcguinty is a criminal.  Why would anyone leave office so abruptly after recently winning a minority government at the polls?

From coal plant contracts, to ORNGE, all the way to how auto insurance is handled in this Province; there is one thing that is clear, this man has screwed Ontario taxpayers in the name of big business.

Take a look in the mirror to see the micro implications, while multiplying what has happened to you by 12.8 million.  Not to say that everyone drives, but everyone has been impacted by Dalton Mcguinty.
Here is a petition that I created, which seems to be gaining momentum:

Crime in Toronto Blog Post 
Auto Insurance in Ontario
Average Ontario Auto Insurance Rate Increase 2010

Dalton Mcguinty is nothing but a *&$CH who screwed us all.

If Kathleen Wynn wants to gain my favour, she would bring normalcy to our rates.  The checklist to ensure you pay more is pathetically long, and arduous.  Our system makes anyone sick, when they compare it to their homelands.

Driving history is not quite driving history anymore.  The insurance companies will do whatever it takes to make you start at square one, forcing you to pay higher rates if you arrive from another country.

In researching for this article, I came across an impressive writeup called Lilley's Pad, which has personal inferences about Dalton.  It clearly shows how he lies to the public.  Here is the excerpt that I appreciated the most:

"He’s one of the few politicians I have made speechless when I called him out at a news conference, exposed his lie about how a hospital would be funded. He looked down at his shoes, paused and said next question. He didn’t have much of an answer because he was lying to the people."

This man should lose his future.  He has no shame, yet can look you in the eye and claim to be a family man.  It is clear that his next move will be to the private sector, where he can thrive under the policies he enacted with profiting bias.

In the end, we are suppose to feel that the Ontario government is there to work for us.  The only problem is that they are clearly not.  They protect the need for profit, passing regulatory adjustments that put the opinion in the hands of companies.  This has to change, and it has to change now!!


The Ontario Premiership could ride on the coat tails of Auto Insurance in Ontario.  If we look at the possibilities, our next Premier has the ability to help the people by coming down on the Auto Insurance companies of Ontario.  They are scumbags.  I can tell you straight out that State Farm Insurance is a professional outfit of scam artists.  It truly only exists to raise your rates, and when you need them they will turn you away.  State Farm Insurance can eat it!

WE THE PEOPLE ARE COMING FOR ALL OF YOU SCUMBAGS!  Your profit makes me sick!  Think about the people for once.

The Toronto Star article On Auto Insurance in Ontario