Fight Crime in the World: 2010


Toronto Murder Ends W/ Us

It was quite a murderous weekend in the beautiful streets of Toronto.

Thankfully I live just down the street from one of the incidents, with a school that rests between us.  For my birthday I am asking for a tek 9 because it has so many wonderful qualities.  My favourite is the erasing of life it does.  Some say that giving is better than receiving, so I try to help both by giving murder and getting a life sentence. When I am so weak as to kill someone, as I cannot deal with it any other way, then I go to prison...wooohooo mama!!  Hope you are proud of me.  Nobody gets it, but I do, and my boys do.  This diary entry was committed to honour all of the people who have respected me.  Cause if you don't, then you get hit.  Especially if you shoulder me or give me a mean stare.  Those two are grounds for dismissal, and will result in my birthday present messing you up.  But you have to disrespect me after December 15th, ok?  Well, I am glad you see it like I do!  Murder is fun, and really helps us achieve our true potential as people.  I love the direction this city is going in! 

fyi this was clearly the opposite of how I feel. 

I am very excited by the arrest of those who potentially killed Tyrone Bracken.  The sad part being, this situation will persist, and we need to change that.

Most citizens do not know a murderer, but I imagine more and more people know someone who was murdered.  Part of my motivation for this blog is routed in that.  Two people I knew have been murdered, and although I do not know people who have been otherwise, I know that the magnitude of every single murder in toronto is grieved by many people.

Are we missing the point in life as a whole when a few inflict such pain?

I am so sick of this crap!!!!!!


Momentum for a case

Usually when a murder of a young child is enacted, we see postings everyday in the newspaper.  I am concerned that the police do not have much to act on in this case, which makes our fight all the more important.

For example, the story breaks, then the victim is identified, and we are then confronted with video surveillance or more stories about the victim.  I do not see this happening with Tyrone Bracken's murder.  The last article according to Google's 'News' search for Tyrone Bracken was November 18th.

If there was information that the police needed our help with, we would know about it.  Worst of all, I do not see a release of video footage, although we know there are cameras in the area.  With no video evidence it is safe to assume the KILLER is from the area, as they had familiarity to block any chance of footage capturing them in the act or fleeing. 

With no release of information the police seem to be at a stand still.  This is shocking as it happened around 4PM, when it is still light outside.

Did you know Tyrone?  If you know anybody that would hurt this young man please let us know.  We can put our energies toward his family, as they deserve to have some sort of success at this point.  It is a shame when success rests with finding a cowardly killer.  You are not a rat if you say what you know!  A rat would let a family live on everyday without them knowing the truth behind their kid's murder.  TELL SOMEONE WHAT YOU KNOW SO THAT WE CAN LET THE WHIMPS WITH GUNS KNOW THAT WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ANYMORE.


Please comment and help the discussion get out there!

“When I came home with groceries at night he would always help me,” McCarthy recalled. “He was a very nice kid who would always be out playing on the basketball court.”

Do you know who said that?

That is his neighbour who has been living in the building for 10 years.  The kid would help her with groceries, yet had to die.

There must be justice for a scenario like this to exist.


Tyrone Bracken - 16 years murdered

This is a direct message to the killer of Tyrone Bracken and to anyone who knows something about his murder.

This 16 year old boy was loved, and should never have been killed. If someone has a problem, you can settle it with compromise, or if needed, with your fist.
Tyron Bracken was possibly killed of jealousy.  Or, perhaps it was the envy of a local gang.  Either way, the kids at Tyrone's school need to recognize that their voice needs to be heard, as they will solve this crime. If you know something, we must do something to help the Bracken family.

We may not be able to erase the anguish, but we can help shed a light on the Bracken family from a different direction. Help them by reporting what you know.

The term gang, which should represent toughness, only holds one thing close; being a walking definition of a coward who cannot carve a path in this hectic environment alone. They exist because members are unfit to survive as the fittest. The way you were raised and the company you keep determine your road. The truth is, those who do not believe in themselves have to grip an idea they never thought of. When you have a few people who have collective negative tendencies, we see the dark side of this world emerge from the bushes. Those of us who would never dream of doing this have reinforced our coping skills throughout our lives, most given decent upbringings, and we can say we are a member of society.

But just as this youth was not mentally prepared to fight without a gun, he will not be able to fight with the emotional stress of KILLING someone. You will be punished everyday in your mind. For what it is worth, your life is over as you knew it. In some ways you have died as well, and I can only hope that you do the right thing, and that is to turn yourself in.

I am so upset about what I see and hear that I needed to vent. We all need to vent! This is a horrible system to live in if this is what it produces. We need to get to the root of this problem, instead of sustaining the social plague that is clearly a part of this world.

Please help me and VENT! How would you change this situation? My idea is to hold an event one day where we get everybody in the city to stand in front of their homes holding a candle to show solidarity. That would be an amazing picture from the sky!

The murder of a kid in Toronto

I want to open a door with you.

We have to battle those who have no soul. They are people who were born without a chance. Life should be embraced, but those who were not given an ounce of hope, and mostly felt pain, do not see the world through a common lens.  I am writing this to open a discussion regarding theories.  I am just a citizen who sees space for change. 

In a residential area of Toronto on November 17th a 16 year old was murdered in the basement of an apartment complex. Nobody should be shot to death...but a 16 year old??? That is just insanity. The purpose of this blog is to open a discussion on this murder as this boy deserves representation from the world. If you have any thoughts on this shameful act please comment.

Possibility (Far fetched, but assumption is all I have - FYI - I'm not a detective):

This young man was shot by someone he knew from school. He is a youth of the same age, but someone with an older brother who would be known to police. Since there were multiple gunshots, it could not be an accident with two kids messing around with a gun. This was a targeted shooting, where someone was waiting for this boy to come outside. I think we will soon discover that the murderer lives very close to his building.

Not too far from there, a murder occured in the Lawrence Heights area. Abdikarim Ahmed Abdikarim was only 18 when some punk, who literally got away with murder, approached him and a group of friends outside of their apartment complex.  He was shot, but there is nobody being held accountable.
Open the discussion if you can. If you know anything about this murder, we can get your information to the right people without you being involved.

The killing needs to stop, yet will persist due to the cyclical nature of our society. If you need money, yet cannot find a good paying job, drug dealing becomes a lucrative trade. Parents who struggle to make ends meet have only time to work jobs which pay horrible salaries, and the youth are at home with no guidance. I feel as though showing the love is hard when you have to fight to survive in the life race. This society is a brewmaster in many regards, perpetuating the issues which our society endures.