Fight Crime in the World: Michael Stewart - A Teacher, A Family Man, and a Great Contribution


Michael Stewart - A Teacher, A Family Man, and a Great Contribution

It is hard to think that the assumptions we can make in this case do not lead to a suspect.  If we were to assume that the kid who was driving lived in the area, while also knowing the make and model of the car, wouldn't there be a list of suspects based on car registration?  We could take that list and then make another assumption to narrow the list.  Out of all of the people on that list, we could then define it further by knowing which households on that list have a teenage boy in grade 11 or 12, as that would be the prime egging age.  Once the car is observed, it would then be possible to determine if work was done on the car in the last three months, or maybe the car still has damage done to it.  

The Michael Stewart case is sickening, and it seems there are some easy assumptions we can make:

1. Most likely a teenager (who eggs a house in the twenties)

2. Potentially their parents car
  • How did they explain the damage?
  • Is a parent harbouring their child?
  • Was it a group of guys from the neighbourhood who took their parents car while they were away?
  • There was probably at least 3 of them. The 3rd person is usually needed for mischief like this occur, and is not as fun with just two people.
3. This was March break for High School students. 1AM makes sense with that

4. Most likely they live in the neighbourhood

  • Comfort zone if they were simply taking their parents car for a spin.
5. Killers don't throw eggs! 

  • The person that threw the egg is not the one that ran over Michael Stewart. That person needs to come forward as the police will listen to what he has to say.
6. The "cool guys" at school may throw eggs, meaning they could have a girlfriend

  • The girlfriend knows all in High School, and she could be the case saver.
7. The area of the egging incident in Etobicoke has oddly shaped boundaries

  • There is no entrance to the `planned subdivision` from the North or East. That makes a point for the punks to be from the neighbourhood as well, since it is a pocketed`area with not much access.

When I was in High School, yes I did throw eggs, but never would there have been a potential vehicular homicide in the wings. You simply do not drive toward someone when you are a good person who is just trying to have some fun.

The extensive damage to the car is most likely the cornerstone to solving this case. If you know of anyone who is in High School that has parents with a car like this and that kid is somewhat of a "class clown" make it known in the comments below. Even if you don't think they could have done this, you should say something, as there is a chance that you can help a grieving wife.

Below is 80 Riverhead Drive. It seems that the Gold Chrysler/Dodge Minivan from 2000 - 2005 is very popular around there!

94 Riverhead Dr.

Is this cased solvable through Google maps? It looks to me like there is something to be said for this car, which is located around the corner from Michael Stewart's home. This is only an idea, but 94 Riverhead Drive has the right car from this 2009 photo taken with Google's photo car.

The Acosta family lives there, and when I did a search for Acosta in Etobicoke, a Jared Acosta's name came up, who is the right age for something like this.

He does not live there though, so a no go there. I wonder if that van still exists, and if that family has a young man that lives there??

There is an update that is warming!  Michael Stewart has taken a step toward walking again.  His goal is to walk out of the hospital and to then go back to work in September.  We all pray for you to be able to do that.  Have an amazing summer summer of achievement Michael, and I hope your determination rewards you with kindness everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making this effort. I can't believe how many people care to take the time for me! All of the support has blown me away. Thanks for taking the time,
Michael Stewart

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

Thank you for visiting my blog. This story hit me, and motivated me to try and put my two cents in. There is someone out there who can help find the people who did this to you. I cannot believe that these kids can actually live each day knowing what they have done. Your family is in our thoughts, and if there is anything you can write to help find them, please post, as there are people within this blog community that are willing to help you.

Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

I am not sure if you signed up for alerts to this page, but I wanted to check in on you. We are still thinking of you, and wishing you the best. If you could post an update about your well-being, we would appreciate it.

To your family,

To your Christmas,

We wish you the best!

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