Fight Crime in the World: November 2012


Mayor Rob Ford Versus Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler / Paul Magder

Judge Hackland has not served the people with his decision, although he is victim to a law which is clearly irrelevant when it comes to fairness.  I have updated this article to account for Mayor Ford not losing the Mayoral seat.  It is a blessing to all of us that he is able to remain in office.  I agree that he has committed acts which are not of a Mayor's qualities, but his devotions are clear, and not once has he ever tried to personally gain from any of his actions.  He truly has the heart and integrity of no other Mayor we have witnessed.

This is a man who is willing to stand up for the need for our city to take bids from contractors.  Why allow the mafia to rollover us through every infrastructure decision?  Did you ever wonder why large would be setup over a bridge for 5 months, with seemingly little work being done?  I did.  Now I realize it was robbery of the new kind.  Robbery of the taxpayers.  Mr. Ford is committed to helping to end this plight of victimization we were unknowingly so accustom to.

Mayor Rob Ford should not be ousted for his voting on a matter when he was not allowed to vote on it.  Someone should have said that you cannot vote on this one, Rob.  Although he should have known not to vote, in this case, I see it only fair that he does vote.
If you listen to the Councillors and what they are saying today, it seems as if they got what they had hoped for.  They cannot deal with the fact that they will not make as much money under Mayor Ford.  The Councillors are trying to serve their own interests.  This city is a joke when we have the actions of Paul Magder, Clayton Ruby, most City Councillors, and those who feel threatened by Rob Ford's policies, purposefully having him removed from office.  

The punishment does not fit the crime.  This man has done everything he can to help people throughout his life.  There is a war going on out there through the media, and The Toronto Star is to blame.  Christopher Hume, one of the biggest douches known to writing, has been promoting his own agenda over Mayor Rob Ford ever since he was in office.  Because of this, those who only read The Star, only get the negative view of Mayor Ford.  Christopher Hume is not a journalist.  He is an agenda driven scumbag, who only perpetuates the Left to higher prominence.  In his own articles you can smell the hypocrisy, as he attacks Mayor Ford for the very things The Star has done to him.

To show you how this is all BS, you can do some reading about a little man name Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler.  This is the man that researched the laws of Conflict of Interest for Toronto after the fact, in order to try and slap a lawsuit on Mayor Rob Ford.  You are a sick man Adam.  You feel as though because your vote didn't assist in victory that you have to take to pitbull tendencies.  I hope you know that because of you, this city is worse off.  Before you go relishing in your victory by having your photo splashed everywhere, please remember that you are a wimp who had to stay arms length away from the proceedings so not to tarnish your image.  Now that there is victory, you feel as though you should receive acclaim??  Dear Mr. Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler, it is impressive that you would go to such lengths to dethrone a Mayor.  But, you have caused a significant amount of waste for this city by doing so.

Because of you, we have no focus right now.  Because of you, we have wasted millions on proceedings, when we should have allowed our Mayor to run this city.  You are a faceless coward who deserves to be punished for your actions.    

To really gain insight into how this began, you can find it here:


Dear Paul Magder, Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler,

It is a shame that your little friend Adam Freudenthaler got you into such a mess.  I am not sure how you will pay for Rob's court fees, but I am sure there will need to be a fundraiser of some sort.  I hope that Adam is forced to pay, and that you both learn to keep your mouth shut in the name of democracy. Your little games to oust someone over something so menial is pathetic.  Only a rat that has no source of food scours throughout the sewers on a constant quest to seek food.  Your desire to operate in such a cowardly manner is abhorrently characteristic of the child you really are.

You are a coward Adam.  Fight your own fights.  If anyone is guilty of a conflict of interest, with no integrity, it is you.  You wait at the sidelines, find a loophole to try and get your way, and then have the soft fortitude to try and convince a friend to be your voice.  Paul was so smiley in 2012, it was seemingly a great year for him in the papers.  He and Clayton Ruby looked like best buddies.  Thankfully the gavel struck against your cowardly motivations.  Thankfully we all know that your a pathetic weasel who could only win the vote of likeminded individuals, with no ability to transcend political thoughts.

The greatest challenge of all would be for you to actually commend Mayor Ford for something.  If you can find some goodness you will help salvage your desire for hatred.  Find something good about him and then write about it for all of your followers on Twitter to see.  It just might help you get over the fact that we have a right leaning Mayor, and that your political and lifestyle views will not always be represented.

That is my challenge to you.  I challenge you to write something nice about Rob Ford.

Happy 2013!  Good Luck with the Bills