Fight Crime in the World: 2015


Premier Kathleen Wynne - Political Corruption

The Key Players

Kathleen Wynne: The magnet of corruption
Glenn Thibeault: The winner of the Sudbury byelection - the puppet to win Liberal power
Andrew Olivier: Independent, running in byelection - Liberals allegedly bribed him to step away 
Joe Cimino: Surprise resignation in November (NDP that won 5 months before his resignation_
Pat Sorbara: Wynne's Deputy Chief of Staff: Being asked to step aside for allegations of corruption in Sudbury byelection

What happened in Sudbury in November?

The first point to wonder is, what is it that Joe Cimino felt was so pressing, that he had to resign only 5 months after winning the election.  How could an NDP'er do this to their party which so desperately needs to build upon any momentum?  We only have questions for this individual, as it clearly makes no sense.  Not only that, but we then have a series of events where the Liberal Party clearly tries to capitalize by ensuring they have the right people in the election, and the right people out of the election.  When will the BS end?  I feel like it will never die down as long as we have Wynne in power.  

Are you not sick of the way you are treated as a voting citizen in the Province of Ontario?  Do you not feel the corruption bursting at the seams of politics?  Premier Kathleen Wynne is the leader of the Liberal Party of Ontario, and she needs to be stopped in her tracks before another wash of information happens, where deception leads the way in investigations.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Promote This

The OPP came out saying that there will be no charges or investigation into the matter, originally.  This allowed the vote to happen unscathed by corruption allegations, and paved the way for the Liberals to win the Sudbury byelection.  There is so much that stinks about this, that we must start to realize how crippling the Liberals truly are to our values in this Province.  The criminal code strictly forbids offering positions in government as a trade-off for other actions.  This is exactly what the Liberal's Sorbara offered in to get Glenn Thibeault MP status in Sudbury.  

Here is the proof that Sorbara is guilty of corruption charges.  This is extract from an audio tape that was recorded between Olivier and Sorbara: “We should have the broader discussion about what it is that you’d be most interested in doing . . . whether it’s a full-time or part-time job in a constit (MPP’s constituency) office, whether it is appointments, supports or commissions, whether it is also going on the exec (party executive), there are lots . . . .”

What is it going to take in order for us to realize that the corruption is against what we stand for.  We are always talking about being law-abiding citizens, but it is hard to imagine following guidelines when the ones that must follow them are stepping outside of the rules.  It is sickening to see what Kathleen Wynne stands for, and I hope that we kick the Liberals to the curb forever.

Shooting at Mcdonald's in Toronto - Coxwell and Danforth

Two people are now dead in Toronto because of their desire to rob a security guard in a Mcdonald's.  It is a shame that we still have cases of people trying to steal in order to get by.  Doesn't anyone ever learn a lesson vicariously?  From the interview with Homicide Detectives, it seems that the two deceased men, 25 and 40 years old, attempted to rob the security guard while waiting in line at Mcdonald's near Coxwell Ave and Danforth Ave.  The security guard has not been charged, and there is tons of video evidence that seems to support the actions of guard, so far.  If the video evidence supported that the guard was outside of the rules of engagement, by discharging his firearm, he would have been locked up immediately.

The Toronto Star Update

UPDATE: One of the victims has been identified as Donny Ouimette, a 25 year old father of a 4 year old boy.  Donny's sister has identified him.  She feels that no matter what, this should never have happened, but she must keep in mind that the video is not released yet.  There could be anything on that video, which shows the totality of the situation as being too much for one man to take.  I am confident that we will notice that there was no need for the fight to have happened, yet it was brought on by the deceased men.  I highly doubt the guard would be allowed to roam free otherwise.  It is too bad that Donny had to pay with his life for being a fool.  If Donny was spreading love around that night, he would still be here.  

Dissecting What Homicide Detectives are Saying

It is obvious that Det. Terry Browne is siding with the security guard.  Near the 1 minute mark of his news update he is asked about the justification of the guard shooting the two men, and he answers by subtly siding with the guard it seems.  A report asks, "was the guard provoked," and Det. Browne responds by saying the words "well certainly" and then hesitates, and then he says "we've had a number of witnesses come forward....from what I can see, there certainly is a physical altercation."  I feel that he is siding with the security guard here, as he mentions the physical altercation in response to the question of if the guard was provoked.  It appears that the guard was sticking up for himself, and that the only question that remains is whether this guy was ganged up on to the point of lawfully discharging his firearm.

Guards Don't Seek Trouble 

The guard was looking for a bite to eat, when the unruly deceased men approached, and seemingly started an altercation with the security guard.  The way the detective spoke, there was a large altercation with the guard in the middle of it, and it seems as though he shot the 2 in self-defense, although the detective was unwilling to state this today.  In the words of Det. Terry Browne, it is a "complex and complicated" case that does not seem exactly as the videos portray.

I think we will see the public rally behind the guard, as the two deceased were causing harm.  I don't think anyone deserves to die, but we do need to protect the rights of people to live in the city, and feel at peace when they are out.  If the video is released and it shows the two men punching the guard, it would be fair to say that the totality of two people punching and kicking you is worthy of discharging a weapon and firing.  The question remains; why would someone try to rob an armed security guard?  It appears that drinking may of had a role in this, and simply because the guard was in uniform, these punks thought they could get away mocking him, and then taking his money.  

I think it is interesting to note that the video tells a story, but the cops now need more witnesses in order to provide the audio and match it to the video.  I think the time has come for audio to be picked up where cameras are located.  The cop even describes the scene as not obvious to what is shown on the video, and the only way they can get the true story is if more people come forward.  

Perhaps this incident will be a reminder for people to treat others with respect.  If the video is released, and it shows the guard at fault, I would be surprised, but be would need to then punish him accordingly.  I strongly believe that this man was scared for his life, and that 3 assailants attempted to inflict demonstrable harm on him, and that he most likely acted justifiably in shooting the suspects.